How Digital Marketing Changes Small Businesses

The advent of digital marketing has brought about a change in communication channels. Channels can now be evaluated for various indicators. This assessment is done by marketers, conducting a comprehensive analysis.

The sales funnel has changed small business

This approach allowed the introduction of the concept of a sales funnel. What was previously available to large businesses has now become the norm for any successful small company. And this is the main benefit that small business received. A few years ago it was difficult for small firms to survive in the market because they did not have the privileges that large enterprises had.

Due to the use of efficiency parameters, marketing planning has changed towards pragmatism and consistency. The application of a systematic approach eliminates errors at the stage of the development of design decisions.

Small Bussiness DGW

Marketing budgets have become transparent and focused on the end result. The transparency of spending ensured a competent and rational distribution of finances.

The effectiveness of contextual advertising (paid traffic) has increased in comparison with SEO promotion, whose tasks remained the technical aspects of optimizing Internet representations. Investing in contextual advertising has become more profitable. The cost of it quickly pays for itself.

Instead of gray link building and behavioral techniques, it’s time for content marketing. Communications went beyond the site, social networks became the intersection of business and customers. Now, company representatives can communicate with consumers of their products and services outside the site.

This simplifies and speeds up finding a common language with customers, helps to conquer their location, and form a loyal attitude. A loyal consumer quickly decides to make a purchase, encourages acquaintances to contact an organization to which he has built up trust.   

The improved concept of the sales funnel has helped achieve the following goals: 

  1. Combined various promotion channels.
  2. Strengthened strategic planning functions.
  3. Provided marketers with reliable information (KPI).
  4. Allowed to quickly make changes to the promotion of services (marketing optimization).

With digital marketing in small business, a new era has come.

Improving Small Businesses Through Digital Marketing

Due to the onset of digital reality, businesses had to radically revise their work in enterprises and organizations that specialize in the production of goods, sales and the provision of services. Now in small companies, automation dominates. The business has become more mobile and this is a big plus. Organizations are tired of suffering the costs of the human factor, which were especially significant at the peak of the economic crisis. 

Currently, database analytics, the interests of users of social networks, which are simultaneously the target audience, are being actively conducted. The small business is actively rebuilding the IT landscape. It includes the components that are required for radically new business processes that entail modernization.

Thanks to digital marketing, the speed of decision-making have increased, the processes themselves have become more diverse, their willingness to quickly review them, guided by the needs of the clientele. The time freed up as a result of automation is used to increase the intellectual participation of users in the implementation of important tasks.

Now even small companies are striving for high intellectualizations. This applies to the production of goods and services. Digital technology enables remote management of complex objects.

All of these changes increase productivity and sales. They reduce the time spent on the production of goods and improve the quality of the services provided. 

In the digital era, the attention of the management and marketing department is no longer wholly focused on monitoring the fact that the process has been completed; management is focused mainly on the best practices for organizing it. 

Management has become transparent, and analytics are highly accurate. Automation creates the conditions for virtually error-free management of large enterprises.

Companies are rethinking existing business processes. Enterprises are moving away from traditional approaches to the business organization; the focus is on introducing innovative solutions.

The changed business culture of the company entails a large number of other changes. Employees, including employees of the marketing department, also take part in digital restructuring. New requirements are being put forward to them. Support for digital services makes users and products part of the manufacturing process. The final stage of these transformations is the possibility of a consistent restructuring of new principles of activity.

The concept of digital marketing and its role in small business

The digital transformation that has changed consumer behavior has led to a transformation in marketing. Digital marketing has emerged – a component of the communication strategy of organizations that solve marketing problems for the purpose of fruitful business development. Using digital channels, the target audience is formed. They are used to deliver information. 

The concept of digital marketing includes not only technological information, but it also includes the media and audience. Under the media, the component is meant a set of digital methods of transporting a message from its creator to an addressee or several users.

Rapidly evolving technologies and constant information buzz have caused marketing tools to stop being replicated. In such cases, the ability to quickly adapt to new conditions, constant adaptation, the search for new solutions to solve standard problems, and deepening customer relationships come to the fore. 

The ongoing search and testing of new tools or channels that help to attract consumers, analysis of contextual advertising, and conversion modernization make it possible to get ahead of competitors and take advantage of the market. 

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Digital marketing has changed small business for the better. Positive changes, including the increase in sales and the survival rates of small companies, are clearly visible.

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Co-Founder Interview at Alidropship

This Interview was first published on Alidropship Success Stories

Hi, please, introduce yourself!

Hi, my name is Sagar Baranwal and I’m from Varanasi, a city in North India. I am an Engineer by education and now own a Digital Marketing Training Center in Varanasi & few other Online businesses, including my Dropship website for the Indian subcontinent.

Did you have any experience before you started working with dropshipping websites in India?

Yes, I have been working as a freelance Digital Marketer for the last 3 years along with a full-time job. I have been involved in Affiliate marketing and Blogging for 4 years.

Why did you choose the dropshipping business model, after all? How did it all begin?

After setting up my Digital Marketing business successfully, I had enough time to look for other online businesses. Dropshipping was attractive because of the smaller time commitment necessary to maintain the business. I ended up choosing dropshipping after realizing I could still run my Digital Marketing business and be profitable with dropshipping as a side gig. Plus, dropshipping is fun. I really enjoy choosing the products in a niche I already know a lot about. So it’s more of a hobby that makes me money. Can’t beat that!

What can you say about the tech dropshipping solutions you use for your business?

Choosing a dropshipping solution was not an easy choice, there are many similar services available on the market today. I am using another service for my other dropshipping business but that is expensive as compared to AliDropship. So I was looking for a one time solution to reduce my recurring charges and AliDropship has it. I am using AliDropship Original and have already migrated two other stores to this solution. By using AliDropship I am able to reduce my overall costs and my workload to at least 80%. I’m glad I switched and chose AliDropship.

How many stores do you have now? How are they performing?

I have 4 stores. Two of them are built on AliDropship and are working great. My two stores on AliDropship are new but I’ve had great success with recent promotions and audience building.

I am also thinking of migrating my existing stores to AliDropship by hiring some developers.

How did you choose the niches?

This is the most important part, it’s not just the niche, it’s about your interest. I looked at all the hobbies I have and at the audiences that I know. Once I could see something that interested me I knew I had a market. Think of it this way: if I sell products I want to buy, I know others will want to as well.

How did you choose products and suppliers for your stores?

AliExpress has a wide range of products for the site. Based on the niche I usually like to test products by running a few ads or doing audience research. After getting a few orders I had a conversation with the suppliers who pointed at related products for a better price. I try to add products at big yearly events, like the spring, summer, winter, or national holidays of a target country, like 15th of August for the Independence Day sale. Pricing is difficult, to start I make sure I double the price.

Do you remember the first sale made from your store?

Yes, I still remember my first sale. It took almost 28 hours to get the first order, I knew it was a good start and I increased the marketing budget for it. Here, I will recommend the use of Facebook Plugin offered by AliDropship as an Addon. This plugin is magical and gives you the power to analyze the FB Analytics with ease.

How do you promote your stores?

I am promoting this store via FB Ads. One of my other store on AliDropship is getting sales organically and I have already started attracting my audience to it on social media. You never know which channel will perform better in the beginning so I keep on testing and if any channel is not performing well for business I keep that business away from that channel. On average, I am spending around $250 monthly (minimum) on each of the dropshipping websites I own. 

How much time does it take you every day to manage your stores?

I spend 8-10 hours a week for my dropshipping business. Planning and Strategy to run Ads takes main time since the rest of the things are almost automated. I am blessed with a few good people and luckily they are my partners so if there are any challenges we try to resolve them at the earliest. So, once I have a solid marketing plan for each site I expect my time commitment to drop to about 4 hours a week.

How do you deal with difficult customers (if you have any)?

Customer service is the part where you need to be careful and patient. I usually provide them with some offer on their purchase. I try to reply to their queries/comments asap so they don’t get mad. This way they know that their order is safe and secure.

Did you register your business officially?

Yes, since I work with other Online Ventures apart from running dropshipping websites in India. However, in my country it is not necessary to get a company registered if you want to open a dropshipping store. An individual can open a store using Bank Details, PAN & any Government ID  issued in India.

How has your life changed? What do your friends and family think about your business?

India and Indian’s are a little different when it comes to family. Not everyone has knowledge about online assets. I have my family support but they don’t know much about online business. Starting in dropshipping has given me the confidence and freedom to enjoy my life and be proud of myself. I am excited about having it as a constant part of my life.

What are your plans for the future?

I am expanding this website to other countries and have already started 2 other Stores. Once I have reached my current goal I will get some Inventory and switch to AliDropship Woo Version.

What can you advise our readers – those who already run their stores and those who didn’t start the business yet?

For people who own store but are struggling I would suggest this:

Research ->>> Struggle —->>> Survive ->>>>>>Grow.

To people who haven’t started yet and think about starting soon, I would suggest to pen down the things you can perform and then decide which version of Alidropship Plugin you want to use. If you are not familiar with WordPress I would say get a Custom Store service from AliDropship: their knowledge base is enough to get all the required info to run the website.

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How to make money online from a website from scratch?

Make money online from a website scratch? A question that many have!

Many people wonder how to start your own business? But not everyone has the opportunity to immediately organize it. A profitable way to make money can be a business on the Internet using the site. How to make money online from a website from scratch ? There are many options, the main thing is that the resource actually works, and for this you need to try.

Which site can be considered profitable?

Creating a website, it should be understood that making money on the website from scratch , without putting effort, is almost impossible. You will have to work every day, and only after some time your child will begin to bear the first fruits.

In order for the site to work and have the necessary attendance, it must first of all be interesting to the visitor, have unique, useful content.

Did you know? Blogs That Sold For Millions making money online

How to make money on a website from scratch? Basic methods

Let’s consider with you the main options for making money using your own website. Among the main methods should be noted:

  • sale of goods and services through the site
  • sale of contact information
  • contextual advertising
  • posting articles on the site
  • banner advertising on the site
  • information business.

Sale of goods and services on the site

You can earn money on the site from scratch by selling a variety of goods and services over the Internet. The presented method is simple and proven over the years. You buy goods, launch the site, place ads there. Visitors choose the item they like, place an order. You send it to the customer and get your money. Everything is simple and easy, but, again, the site should attract the attention of the buyer and only then the trade will go well, and you will have a steady income.

We earn on the site from scratch by selling contact details

What does this method mean? For example, you place information on your site that will be useful for a beginning businessman, and you leave contacts of people useful to him there. These can be lawyers or people who make business plans to order. You negotiate with such people about providing them with clients, they pay you a percentage for it.

contextual advertising

Are you interested in the question of how to make money on the site from scratch ? The most prestigious today is the method of placing on its website contextual advertising. This is when the site contains links to other sites that have similar information that may be useful to the user.

Earn by posting articles on the site

With this method, you generally “kill two birds with one stone”: earn money and promote the site. The fact is that by posting articles on your site, you fill it with interesting content and attract the attention of readers.

It is necessary to be careful, as some authors create truly unique texts, while others simply take the ready-made articles to swap words, sentences and paragraphs, thus passing them off as their own. Such texts are hard to read and uninteresting. So be careful and watch what you post on your site.

Banner advertising as a way to make money

We earn on the site from scratch with the help of advertising banners! You have a website, but you have not yet decided how to earn money on it? Sell ​​it space for banners. You will be paid for showing advertising banners.

Information business

If you understand well in some area, you can record video tutorials, develop a whole course and sell them from your site. You can sell your courses or agree with a person who would like to sell your video course.

These are just a few methods by which you can make money online or from a website, You can learn more about making money online and creating sites by visiting our Free 15-day course on creating websites in Varanasi.

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Which is better: Joomla or WordPress? Pros & cons when creating a site

To become the owner of your own site – to do an interesting and even favorite thing, getting a good income. Moreover, today for this you don’t need to know at least the basics of programming, code or HTML markup, because there are ready-made management systems (CMS) that allow you to create websites of various subjects. There are several popular CMS, which are characterized by ease of administration and functionality. Among those are Joomla and WordPress. Therefore, in this article I want to talk to you on the topic: Which is better: Joomla or WordPress?

Note: If you still have not decided on the choice of CMS and do not know where to start creating the site, then I advise you to register for our free 7-day training on creating a site from scratch!

Both the first and second systems became popular due to the following characteristics:

  • simplicity
  • intuitive clarity of the administrative panel
  • quite high functionality
  • the ability to create sites of various subjects.

But which of these systems to choose? And why? Read more about this below!

What is a content management system or CMS?

What is a content management system or CMS?


Before considering what to choose Joomla or WordPress, first read the general background information. CMS in English means Content Manager System. Its main purpose is to manage the site and its content.

Note! In fact, this is a kind of program that is installed on the hosting.

The basis of this engine is a database. That is, a special table in which fields and cells are provided for:

  • article titles
  • directly to the article itself
  • post pictures
  • comments, etc.

The CMS allows you to easily change the database structure as it is convenient for the user.

The main positive characteristic of such systems is that the site owner can easily, at any time, change the design of his resource. At the same time, there will be no problems with existing content – its changes do not apply.

Joomla or WordPress: not an easy choice

Joomla or WordPress not an easy choice

Those who are just thinking about creating their own site are wondering: “Which is better: Joomla or WordPress and why, how to make the right choice and avoid mistakes when choosing.”

Each system has its own positive features and advantages. Therefore, to decide really is not so simple. But let’s order.

What is Joomla and what is its uniqueness

What is Joomla and what is its uniqueness

This engine is the best option when creating:

  • small social network
  • not too large with an average corporate site functionality
  • entertainment project.

Note! If your goal is to create a website that will publish a huge number of photos and video clips, Joomla is suitable for solving the problem almost perfectly.

Joomla has a large number of widgets – a few thousand – that even a novice can easily install. With WordPress, unfortunately, is not so simple. Yes, there are also extensions, but in some situations you can’t do without PHP skills.

The next positive feature of Joomla is the ability to easily manage individual elements of the page.

Yes, and the menu of the administrative panel is convenient and clear. It provides a large number of different categories and sections, the option of adding new categories, editing existing ones is available. In WordPress, there are certain limitations in this area.

SEO for Joomla

SEO for Joomla

SEO is an important stage of site development. As each owner wants to receive profit from the project, it is necessary to devote a sufficient amount of time to the promotion of the resource.

However, Joomla is not as good at promoting as WordPress – the latter is ideally suited for creating websites that will ultimately take leading positions in search engine ranking.

Note! The success of the site also depends on the dedication and efficiency of its owner – you have to work very hard on the content, select the right keywords to achieve the desired result.

What can I say bad about Joomla

What can I say bad about Joomla

Do not think that I specifically sought out some negative features or find fault. No, now it will be a question of quite objective shortcomings of the Joomla engine.

  • Doubtful design of the template, which is not everyone likes. In particular, the creators have installed many elements, in fact, absolutely not necessary. Therefore, to make work more comfortable, you will need to clean them.


  • All work is done only manually, but to effectively do this, you must have knowledge of HTML. And not superficial, but rather deep. Since, if there is no such knowledge, it is very, very difficult to understand the accumulation of elements and sections. But even knowledge of HTML in this case will lead to the fact that you have to spend a lot of time.

Note! In general, the templates of this engine are not too simple. They can hardly be called intuitive. It seems nothing special, but still!


  • Low speed work. Sites created on the Joomla system are loaded for a relatively long time. For example, even sites that are not too full of content and installed on powerful servers can load up to 4 seconds. In modern conditions – it is VERY long! To achieve loading in a couple of seconds, you need to recycle at least 50% of the entire template. The low speed is due to the fact that a large number of different folders are created on the FTP server for Joomla, which leads to low indexing. If the user has a weak GPRS or EDGE channel, then downloading the site will most likely be unrealistic.


Note! WordPress does not suffer from slow loading. Moreover, it does not require expensive hosting. Just its engine is made so that the pages of the site will be loaded in the browser pretty quickly.


With high attendance Joomla can not withstand the influx of users, which would entail a lot of problems.

Although, if you create a regular home page, you are unlikely to encounter this drawback. After all, her attendance will not be so high. Although the future must still take into account this possible problem.

Subtotal: Findings about Joomla

According to the review of the Joomla engine, you should not think that I am already setting you up for a choice solely in favor of WordPress. No, I tried to objectively explain all the positive aspects of the system, but also point out its weaknesses, so that you can navigate in all the features of this CMS.

What is WordPress and how does it attract

What is WordPress and how does it attract

About the WordPress platform heard all who:

  • engaged in the creation of sites
  • familiar with web design
  • engaged in the promotion of sites
  • or at least just wondered how web resources are created.

This CMS is constantly evolving, improving and in recent years is at the peak of popularity. She is the best option for:

  • blogs
  • personal pages
  • sites on several pages.

However, this is not a complete list of sites that can be created on WordPress. For example, you can even find online cinemas on WordPress in the network, although in this case it is better to choose Joomla.

Note! Today there are also commercial sites on CMS WordPress. Among them are many of those who occupy a leading position in the issuance of search engines.

But the best option is to use VorPress for non-commercial resources, and blogs, diaries, personal pages.

And immediately about some of the negative points

And immediately about some of the negative points

Do you know why I almost at the very beginning of the review of this platform decided to focus on the negative characteristics? Yes, because they are few!

  • Immediately I would like to stay at a low level of protection. There are many reviews of site owners who say that WordPress was simply hacked. Therefore, I recommend that you carefully study all the security features of the portal, read about how to achieve its effective enhancement.

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  • To make major changes to the overall structure will have to work hard. Or even involve a third-party specialist who has certain knowledge, if you do not have any!

The main advantages of WordPress

advantages of WordPress

  • A large number of templates – they are easily edited. In fact, even schoolchildren can do this job. There is no need to go deep – everything is on the surface.
  • The official site presents a huge number of themes, templates. The engine itself is a “thing in itself”! It is laconic, functional and outwardly attractive. The system is ready to go!
  • It works fast. Download speed no more than 1.5 seconds. And even then, if the site is really quite heavy. On average, with a good Internet download speed is 0.7 seconds.

Note! If you read the profile forums dedicated to this platform, you can get practical advice on how to increase the speed of the site.

  • Perfect for SEO promotion. There are special extensions installed by one click, allowing to optimize the “promotion” of the site.
  • Above, I said that sites created specifically on the WordPress platform are often hacked. However, the system itself is automatically updated – the developers are constantly making changes to the security system. If you update the engine in time, you will be able to protect yourself from hacker attacks.

Subtotal: Findings About WordPress

The information presented makes it possible to understand that, in general, the WordPress platform is superior to its competitor in several ways.

In particular, this CMS is simple and clear, it has an easy control panel, which has many functions. Even novices who have no skills in programming, layout and administration of sites will understand it without problems.

Therefore, those who are looking for a suitable system for themselves should choose WordPress . Although the individual parameters, he is inferior to Joomla.

Joomla or WordPress: what is better for a blogger and what is better for an entrepreneur?

Continuing a few more comparisons. Of course, the above information is already enough to make a specific conclusion. But, if you are suddenly confused or still can not make a final decision, let’s consider which platform is ideal:

  • for blogs
  • for online business.

After all, these areas are most in demand at the moment. If someone needs a website, then, more often than not, he creates it because of the desire to run his blog or do business online.

Blog: Joomla or WordPress?

Blog Joomla or WordPress

So, initially WordPress was developed specifically for blogs. What is already its advantage over Joomla, if we compare both systems in this section. Only later, the developers decided that it was possible to create a full-fledged CMS and added a whole range of functions and blocks.

Therefore, Joomla loses. To it, the blog features have been added separately. So if you want to become a blogger, I recommend concentrating your attention on WordPress.

Moreover, you can create your own website yourself, even if you do not have programming skills – you do not have to spend money to pay for the work of invited experts.

Online business: Joomla or WordPress?

If you decide to run a business online, for example, through landing pages, you have to spend a lot of time and effort on finding the perfect CMS.

If you are new to such matters, then choosing Joomla will spend a little more time, effort, and even nerves on creating pages and building a business than choosing WordPress.

Although it is necessary to recognize the fact that, in general, Jumla is an ideal resource for creating landing pages, but working with it is a lot of knowledge, skills and abilities. Without them, success will be very difficult.

Therefore, WordPress will also be the best choice for online entrepreneurs!

What else would I like to say: multilingual and localization support

Another important point to talk about. So, the vast majority of sites are created not only in English, but also in other languages. Therefore, it is important to use a CMS that will support many languages. And also, which has support for many languages.

The WordPress platform is an ideal choice if you need to create a website in several languages. Simply install a special plugin that allows you to get what you want.


Pay the whole! At the moment, the platform supports 53 languages ​​and, I am sure, this is not the limit!


At the same time, plug-ins and templates are also created in several languages ​​at once, which simplifies the work of site owners. Developers are trying to make their CMS used by people in different regions of the planet.

In turn, Joomla also allows you to create multilingual resources, but for this you do not need to install special extensions. It is enough to select the language of interest in the control panel. However, the number of languages ​​available is not that big.

Which is better: Joomla or WordPress Final decision

Which is better Joomla or WordPress Final decision


I spoke in detail about all the features of the two platforms for creating websites. Now you can understand for yourself by choosing Joomla or WordPress which one is better. Of course, I immediately recommend taking into account exactly which project you are going to do. If this is a blog, then the answer is obvious – it is given in the article. It will be WordPress!

Now let’s go further. In general, today there is a clear tendency that more and more webmasters and just those who want to make a website for themselves, choose Vodpress. And they do it quite consciously for several reasons:

  • simple installation
  • no complicated settings
  • free themes and templates
  • many free extensions that increase the functionality of sites.

Special mention deserves the so-called “brotherhood” WordPress. At the forum of platform developers you can always find the answer to any question. If not the developers themselves, then the more experienced users who have thoroughly studied this system will give it. Although, of course, it is necessary to know English in order to correctly ask a question and understand what was answered to you.

A constant update for WordPress deserves your attention – the developers are doing everything to make the platform more convenient, functional and secure. Developers pay enough attention to the correction of errors.

In fairness, we should admit that Joomla is also quite functional and convenient, but I personally, like my familiar webmasters, like WordPress.

If you still have not decided on the choice of CMS and do not know where to start creating the site, then I advise you to register for our free 7-day training on creating a site from scratch!

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Basics of Internet Marketing

All Internet marketing tools are subordinate to the solution of any of the two main tasks:

  1. Attracting visitors to the site
  2. Motivating visitors to perform an action on the site (the so-called conversion)

Useful actions for business can be different: your potential client, but for now, the site visitor can subscribe to the newsletter or download useful content (and you will get the lead), buy a product, order a service, sign up for an event, share your article on social networks.

There are several ways to achieve these goals: digital marketing itself, Internet advertising and content marketing. The basics of internet marketing include exploring ways to interact with the user and how to convey the necessary information to him.

Internet advertising brings you to the site traffic – visitors who clicked on your ad banner. Paid Internet advertising is placed in the form of banners on websites, in social networks, as well as contextual ads in search engines.

Paid Internet advertising types:

  • CPV, Cost Per Visitor – payment only when a user moves from a banner to a site, and only unique visitors are considered who have come for the first time.
  • CPA, Cost Per Action – an advertisement is paid when the user performs an action on the customer’s site.
    • And it can be either buying something, then an ad can be called CPS or Cost Per Sale, or a lead is leaving contacts, and the ad subspecies will be called CPL, Cost Per Lead.
  • CPC, Cost Per Click – the most common and intuitive type of ad when paying when you click on an ad. CPC is part of a PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising model.
  • CPV, Cost Per View (Cost Per Impression) – a charge for displaying an advertising banner to a user.
    • CPM, Cost Per Thousand (M – the designation of a thousand in Latin) – pay per thousand impressions, a type of CPV-ads / banners.

Internet Marketing Is The Science & Art Of Increasing The Targeted Audience

Free online advertising or affiliate program – exchange of banners between partner sites for more Internet audience and increase conversion on the site.

Content marketing solves the problem of attracting a visitor by providing useful information for a specific target audience. Content marketing also includes the promotion of content in social networks (SMM), search engines (content SEO), and email newsletters.

Internet marketing as a whole performs important tasks of informing the client about the product or service, motivating them to make a purchase, collecting and analyzing information about the target audience of the product and influencing the behavior of their target audience. Compared to conventional marketing, internet marketing can be called inbound – inbound – marketing, since it basically gathers customers to the site, rather than simply declaring advertising messages.

Web analytics is an important component of Internet marketing, which is responsible for collecting and analyzing data about the behavior of users on the site, gives an idea of the nature of the audience of the site, demonstrates the most effective traffic channels and the way users purchase. Owning Google Analytics tools allows you to get all this data.

Search engine optimization (SEO) also relies on analytics data, is closely related to content promotion and at the same time solves technical problems for better site indexing by search engines. Read more about the need for SEO in Internet marketing in a separate article.

Communication with the target audience is the most important component of promotion, it is included in the basic basics of Internet marketing. Communication channels are, first of all, the social network – Social Media Marketing, in addition, various forms for entering messages on the site, as well as communication with the user by e-mail – email newsletters and answers to customer questions. In addition, as an element of communication, it is worth perceiving buttons with CTA – call to action, a call to action on the site. Responsible for visual communication is the design of the site, which is created by the UI UX designer, based on the typical behavior of the user.

Digital Growth World Internet marketing course give a chance to master the basics of digital marketing, even for those who have very little free time.

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Top 10 Blogs That Sold For Millions Online Money Making

You may come across a number of people who start an online business or make money online, work on it from nowhere making a buck load of money out of it. There are also other kinds of people who get cold feet and make no use of the platform available stating various kinds of excuses. It does vary from person to person.

You would be amazed to see that a lot of very successful business initially started their careers with blogs. When you actually work on a website ideology that you actually believe in and work passionately on it, you will always attract a good number of loyal audience.
This post is dedicated to all those people who are keen on doing something innovative, creative and wish to start a new online business. For all those passionate hard working, this is an eye-opening, awe-inspiring list of sales where people have earned millions from blogs.


  1. Bankaholic.com – bought by Bankrate.com at $15 million. John wu started this as a financial blog so as to provide relevant information on credit card offers, banking terminologies and other personal finance topics. He mainly monetized the blog with affiliate offers. Once his website started earning popularity, revenue came pouring in. Due to high blog ranking, it was eventually bought by Bankrate for 15 million dollar. Such a simple blog on such an obvious simple day to day topic earned him a fortune. Not to forget, the readers gained good knowledge from his blogs.
  2. Techcrunch.com– bought by AOL for $30 million. You must have heard about TechCrunch for sure. It is that famous!  This must be your daily reads besides Entrepreneur .com. It was a blog started by Michael Arrington, as the name implies it is a blog on the latest technologies and businesses.
  3. Mint.com-bought by Intuit for $170 million dollars . Mint.com is a website that had 1.5 million users in just two years. And later it was sold for 170 million dollars. This website had a very good product to offer. In today’s date mint has 10 million users. This is huge! and also gives an excellent example of a business getting big without any sort of traction gain and exposure to viral content. Mint did not even need to market itself through social platforms. It got this successful by its product and credibility.
  4. HuffingtonPost.com-bought by AOL for $ 315million dollar -Huffington was started in 2005, at the time of its sale it had 25 million followers. The Huffington post is the pioneer of digital journalism space and AOL had all the infrastructure and resources to handle the potential of this business in the coming future. This blog was the trendsetter of this practice of big media firms acquiring popular blog posts so as to make huge online business empires.
  5.  Business.com -bought by RH Donnelley for $ 350 million dollars. This blog was purchased by RH Donnelly which is a local search and online business directory company. It did evolve as a leader and the most reliable source of business-related content and had this extra feature of publishing of news content from leading experts on a regular daily basis.
  6. Worldhum.com– bought by Travel Chanel ( amount not verified). Founded by Jim Benning and Micheal Yessis, WorldHum is a travel-related blog which gives you information about travel diaries of different people, interviews, reviews about places, audio, video and much more. The main reason why these two owners wanted to blog was to put forward the best travel stories on the internet for people who adore travelling. This blog was started with an ordinary value of 35 dollars and later gained a net worth of millions of dollar.
  7. Freakonomics.com – bought by the New York Times. This blog was the brainchild of the best selling book Freakonomics written by Stephen J. Dubner and economist Steven D.Levitt. Based on the same concept as the book was on, this blog was on bizarre data and coincidences and day to day random events which are analysed and brought down to the conclusion with sound theories. Thus explaining why certain mysterious things happen. This blog had impressed the New York Times to the extent, it was completely absorbed under it.
  8. Treehugger.com– bought by Discovery communications TLC and Animal Planet for $10 million. Treehugger is an environment blog started by Graham Hill in 2004. This blog was entirely virtual and was operated from all across the world. It gained a high web page ranking and was sold in for millions.
  9. Celebrity-Babies .com -Bought by TIMES and now hosted on a domain by People.com ( people magazine ).Celebrity-babies.com was founded by Danielle Friedland. This blog is about babies of celebrities became a huge hit among people. This site has approximately 720,000 visitors a month and has a value of 6.9 million page views.
  10. PaidContent.org -Bought by Guardian Media group for $ 30 million.PaidContent.org was founded by Rafat Ali. It is a blog about Digital media, how digital content would be shaping the future of media, information and entertainment industry.

So, friends, these were the list of bloggers who made it big. Any blog which is started is done out of interest, to share knowledge and earn income. But what really makes a difference is consistent performance, good and innovate content and ways of enhancing viewership. Getting traffic is way harder than it looks but that doesn’t mean, the task is impossible. I have a list that continues when it comes to people who have sold their blogs and earned million and you can also be the next one.

If you have a passion for writing and want to show the world your skills then don’t wait and Learn how to make money online now in Varanasi. Enrol today to our Professional Digital Marketing Course and start your own passive income generating website.

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How to register the best possible Domain name & Hosting?

Buying domain name is easy and you can easily have the chances of getting any domain name you desire in the market. However getting the right domain name is difficult. A domain name is the identity of your website, it is important that you choose the best out of all available options. A good domain name should be short, catchy and should justify the purpose of your website very well. A right domain name can be an asset to your business.

Although there are so many new domain extensions to choose from, I still think that the .com is the best for business.  A lot of people feel that .com domains are sold out and they are not at all available. However, there are plenty of .com names left to choose from. You just have to look for it.

Finding the right domain name

You can look for the domain name at GoDaddy. There are online marketplaces where you can also buy or sell domain names. Once you finally decide a domain name, there are a few things you can keep in mind. Ask yourself – Is the chosen domain names unique?  The domain name has to stand out if you really want to make your website a big empire.

Does the website completely describe the purpose of your business? It should not be unsettling. It should be your next new name. Also, make sure that your website is a short name because long names are difficult to remember and they take time to be a household name for people. For example, you call noodles Maggie, although it’s a name, a brand, It has its contemporaries in the market. But still, instant noodles is Maggie! Likewise, your domain name has to be like that. It has to become a household name for the brand or the service you are providing through the business.

Find a host for your website

Find a good home for your website by choosing a reliable hosting company. There are so many options for hosting that it is easy to get overwhelmed. Choosing the hosting company is important. You should see the aspect that, the hosting company you are choosing should be established. Especially if it’s a new company, you don’t want to be a part of a hosting company where you are its only customer . This is bad for business; it would not launch you well. What kind of reputation does the company have? Any company can have some negative reviews. That it in itself doesn’t rule out the hosting company, but if you see a lot of complaints, move on to the next.

Research well the hosting company. Also, contact its support group before signing up. Now, this is important. Check how long does the host take to respond, how does it treat you as a customer, how long did you have to wait on hold? Does the company even have phone support? This will determine .how the hosting is going to treat your future traffic. If it treats you well and passes through all of the above-specified checklists. You have chosen the right place for your domain name. Price considerations on hosting are also necessary.  Don’t get into the trap of buying cheap web hosting which later turns out of an expensive deal due to a number of extra charges. Is the admin interface easy to use? Check out the admin area before you sign up to make sure it is intuitive.

Specialization of the web hosting

If you run a Word Press website, see if the host is optimized for the platform. Look for the entire package of the hosting. Like the number of websites in one account, the amount of storage and band with the hosting provides. Well, this is obviously something any domain name owner would do, I Specified it to keep every minute detail clear on the table.

Scalability of the web hosting

Once I signed up with one of the largest hosting companies and a few days later they told me that I needed to pay more now. Bait and switch happen in the hosting world. Needless to say that, I have moved my site. I don’t want to do business with companies like that.

Another aspect that is important is choosing the right website platform. My personal favourite is WordPress, but then your business need might be different so you choose the website platform accordingly. The platform on which you build your site will impact everything from content creation to SEO to reliability. Choosing the best platform for your business model is necessary. Around 23 per cent of the website world uses word press as its platform.

So this article was all about registering your domain name, web hosting and choosing the right platforms. When it comes to choosing platforms, make sure that you use a platform that has a lot of plug-ins that work in favour of your website. Plugins like word fence security, SEO, Woo-commerce etc. If you are a business owner and need help in deciding the domain name and hosting that suits your requirement for Varanasi do not hesitate to email us at FAQ@digitalgrowth.world


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Understand Effective Content Marketing Before You Regret

You must have read at many places marketing your website, product or service through content marketing is one of the best ways to promote your brand. Content marketing is the best and easiest way as it has more advantages than of any other sort.

The multiple benefits include higher domain authority and search engine rankings, more referral and social traffic and increased conversion potential.

I just said content marketing is easy to promote your business but it doesn’t mean everyone is doing it right. There are a few strategies you can make so as to market content properly. Most of the entrepreneurs haphazardly do content marketing and eventually end up in a mess. Half-hearted content floats on the internet, which is again harmful to your business name. The truth is, you need a really good strategy to constantly produce, re-purpose, and promote engaging content.

So here it goes the tips to effective content marketing strategies

  • In-depth knowledge of the topics – You need to have complete knowledge of your domain, about which you intend to write. Besides that, you need to have an idea about your competitions in the market. Most importantly you need to reach out to your customers. Their queries, their problems, their interests. When you have a  significant customer base from a particular section of society, you need to look out for what and how your customer would be interested in your product and the service you intend to provide. The worst kind of content marketing starts with companies focused on showing how great their product or service is, instead of filling a void or addressing a clearly defined pain point.
  • Strong headline – What is going to attract people towards your content? A strong headline. A large percentage of people decide whether they want to read your article or not just by reading your headline/title. There are four possible ways to make your headline worth a catch:
  1. Make the title heading catchy, attractive.
  2. Bring an urge of urgency in the topic.
  3. Make the headline relevant to the matter written in it.
  4. Be very specific about what the article is about.

Make the headline search engine friendly and make the title so interesting that the reader automatically wants to click on it.

  • Effective call for action – This is what is important and tricky as well. You write and post some content online. Your job hasn’t finished yet. You have been successful in your content marketing strategy if your reader, your audience is ready to take the next step. The step can include a free product trial, entertaining video, in-person consultation or enrolling for a webinar. The better the content you deliver, the more the audience will be interested in getting involved with your business. You can offer a sample or some free trial period offer. This entire thing, from writing the article to managing the customer to get involved with your business is effective content marketing.
  • Giving variations in the style of your writings-  When you are posting articles on the internet, you cannot expect your customer base to consistently read and follow your long posted paragraphs. Create variations. You can change the format of the write-ups.
    • Guides- You can have guide articles like how to … , these articles help the readers to solve their problems or clear their confusions.
    • Listicles- People love it when they get a list of things in one single article! It makes their job easy. Listicles give various things priority wise, help people in making more informed decisions. Create a list that fills a need or solves a problem and makes it skimmable since often it is skimmed and not read.
    • Case studies- Give a particular situation, which may or may not be related to your product/service. If it is related to your business, set up the world and how the problem negatively impacts the customer’s life. Confront with various solutions. In the final stage, demonstrate how your company offers a life-changing solution. Talk about both success and failure. Remember, the story is about them while your product is a small part of the journey.
    • Personal story-  people love reading that. Talk about personal stories, your opinions, experiences that are engaging as well as inspiring.
  • Visual content – This is a very creative, attractive way to engage your audience. It helps the audience process, comprehend, and retain more information rapidly. There are many types of visual contents that you can use. You can use slides, infographics, videos etc. In case, of slides, break down complex information into easily digestible slides on SlideShare, which has more than 60 million unique visitors. Or infographics, which gets more likes on social media than any other kind of content. Try to limit the statistics to 10–12 focused on a single topic with the length of the infographic, not more than 8,000 pixels. More than that will result in jumbled facts and figures. In case, of videos, there is a very high scope of creativity and brand promotion you could do. Make videos which are engaging and covers our business agenda and promotion efficiently and effectively.
  • Guest blogging- is a good way to create awareness and improve search rankings. Creating a guest blog makes a great difference as it will attract more clients to your business. Combine guest postings with an on-site content strategy which leads to better SEO, more traffic, and greater conversions in a short time period. Guest blogging builds the reputation of your company, you get to know about your potential competitors and other niche websites. You build better relations with your client and reach out to more audience as well.
  • Promotion of the content- Even the best-written article by the best writer of the world is of no use if the content is not presented or promoted well. Promoting your content actually, means that the users are convinced and impressed enough to use the service or product your business actually provides.

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Start Digital Marketing course in varanasi

We are proud to announce the launching of our website. The first Digital Marketing Training centre of its kind in Nadesar VaranasiDigital Growth World offers multiple courses in digital marketing for your career growth & business requirement. Enrol now and boost your digital marketing skills.

The share of online sales is growing every year by an average of 25%. The development of IT technologies and their applicability will retain IT professionals as some of the most sought after in the labour market.

Internet marketer, one of the most important figures in a niche. His/her main responsibilities are shaping the brand image, promoting it and scaling the sale of goods or services online. The average salary of a qualified internet marketer in India is Rs. 20,000/mo.

An internet marketer must have knowledge of architecture and site design, SEO optimization, SMM, web analytics, be able to work with the main contextual advertising systems, as well as some other skills. Since universities do not train Internet marketing specialists yet, the shortage of them is growing every day.

You will gain the profession of the future, whose popularity is growing along with the popularity of the Internet.

The course of Internet marketing includes a number of cases that allow you to delve into the topics being studied, as well as practical work with real projects, ensuring the consolidation of the material studied. The best students will start receiving job offers immediately upon completion of the course.

Digital marketing essentials


  • Those who plan to launch their business on the Internet.
  • Those who already interact with their target audience on the network using newsletters, social networks, blogs and other tools.
  • Those who want to increase sales of their online store.
  • University graduates, marketers, brand managers and business owners.
  • Those who want to learn, who want to change jobs to a higher paying one.
  • Those who want to use new channels of communication with their audience.


  • Your project on the Internet will turn from the chaotic publication of posts on social networks and posting general information about your products and services into a well-established system filled with effective tools to attract customers.
  • If you are a manager, you can send your employees to training us, to make them qualified specialists.
  • If you are a leader, the course will help you to speak the same language with Internet marketing contractors and monitor their work.
  • Increase your knowledge in marketing by pumping yourself and arming yourself with the latest tools of an internet marketer, which in turn will increase your value as a qualified specialist.

At the end of the course you:

  • Learn how to optimize and promote web projects.
  • Learn how to budget advertising campaigns.
  • Learn SMM – Social media marketing.
  • Master website development as an effective sales tool.
  • Learn how to create advertising campaigns Google Adwords and Facebook Ads.
  • Master email marketing.
  • Learn how to conduct a detailed analysis of online advertising campaigns.

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