Search engine optimization (SEO) for online sales projects plays a very important role. An effective CEO strategy drives customer acquisition and sales. With the right approach to SEO planning, companies achieve their goals by using their available budget as efficiently as possible.

While search engine optimization certainly plays an important role in promoting a business, it takes time and expense to reap the benefits in the long run. Not forgetting the importance of the CEO, many companies are trying to save money on both the first and the second. In fact, they are looking for effective search engine optimization strategies to grow their user base and increase sales with the least amount of time and budget. Below we offer several effective ways to develop such SEO promotion strategies.



In order for your online store to be visible in the search engine to potential buyers, you need to make the right list of keywords for effective SEO promotion. When choosing keywords, start from your goals. As a rule, the main task of key phrases in an SEO strategy is to get your site to the top of the SERP. You probably want to be at the TOP of the search results of Google or another search engine. However, some other aspects of your online project depend on the correct selection of key phrases.

For example, you want links to your site to appear when potential buyers are looking for products that have some similar properties to yours. If a user is looking for leather shoes, it would be nice for the search engine to display links to your leather bag pages.

Also, use so-called “long tail” key phrases. Since they provide direct responses to user queries, these key phrases will generate more traffic. To get long-tail key phrases, follow a few simple steps below.

Identify key phrases related to your products and group them

If you have your own online store, start developing a successful SEO strategy by creating an ordered list of the products you have to offer. It’s probably a good idea to categorize your products for convenience. The next step is to come up with terms related to product categories, write them down somewhere, such as on a piece of paper. You will probably not be able to cope with this task right away. We recommend differentiating the listings according to the different types of products.

For example, if you offer leather wallets, use the following terms:

  • Leather wallet;
  • Handmade wallet;
  • Handmade leather wallet.

Make a similar list based on the type of products you offer. The final list will contain the key phrases you need.


Insert your chosen keywords into Google Keyword Planner

You already have a list of keywords, now you need to find a free tool to optimize them. Google offers such an effective extension – Keyword Planner. It’s a powerful tool that you don’t have to pay to use. Before using it, create an account with AdWords. The registration process will take just a few minutes. It’s completely free to create and set up an AdWords account.

The key advantage of Google Keyword Planner is that it breaks your list of phrases into parts, suggests additional keywords. This will give you even more ideas for creating useful content. Ultimately, you will be able to increase your website traffic. By getting newly interested site visitors, you optimize your conversion rate. Also, use long-tail keywords with wider search terms.

The tool might suggest too many different key phrases. In order not to get confused in choosing the right options, we recommend using additional tools such as Ahrefs and Moz. Connect some other tools of your choice to your promotion strategy. With their help, you will get a complete understanding of the key phrases that can significantly increase your site’s page rank in search results.




Before developing a strategy for promoting your site to increase positions in search results, pay attention to certain technical nuances. Like many other SEO professionals, you probably want to ensure the best possible experience for your users on your site. Therefore, pay attention to the following aspects:

  • The speed of your web project. The speed of loading pages on a site affects not only the effectiveness of attracting new customers but also whether existing users will stay with you. Typical page loading speed ranges from 2.5 to 3 seconds. Lower loading speed indicates poor quality of service in general, negatively affecting user experience, ranking in search results, as Google takes this aspect very seriously.
  • Data encryption (HTTPS protocol). Sites that use SSL certificates create more trust among users and potential buyers. Your customers will feel secure if the site uses a strong encryption algorithm for their identity on the checkout pages. If this feature is not available, the chances of placing an order are significantly reduced. Recently, many companies have paid special attention to the security of the data provided by their users. They partner with developers who are able to create a safe and secure site.
  • Simple URLs. The simpler the URL, the better it is perceived by both the search engine and ordinary users. Pages, whose addresses contain indications of headings and product names, are more likely to end up at the top of the search results list. Avoid dynamic URLs. If you can’t do without them, include keywords in them so that they are visible and legible.
  • Redirects (301). Some pages of the site are removed due to uselessness and for other reasons. Make sure visitors are automatically redirected to another page containing content. Otherwise, the user will see the common “404 Not Found” message. This not only discourages potential buyers but also prevents search robots from indexing your website pages.
  • Sitemap. This component is extremely important for search robots who visit your site from time to time. By listing key elements of your site, such as blog posts, information pages, product categories, and the products themselves, you increase the likelihood that search engine crawlers “figure out” how to navigate your site.


The content contained on the pages of your site plays an important role in search engine rankings. While technical SEO lays the foundation for a website, optimizing individual pages makes it more competitive on the global web. To ensure this, please note the following:

  • Keywords. The practice of keyword overflow in headings and meta tags has long since lost its relevance. You need to include search phrases in product titles and page URLs so that they look as natural as possible. To avoid search engine sanctions, follow their SEO guidelines.
  • Blog. With the help of a blog, you can not only answer the questions of your existing and potential customers but also promote your products or services. A blog allows you to perform these tasks individually or all at once. Use multiple blogs for different purposes, or balance to win the trust of potential buyers.
  • The convenience of use. To keep your website comfortable, work through important aspects such as navigation, detailed product descriptions, high-quality images, and user reviews. Sites that meet high usability criteria are well accepted by search engines because these web services provide users with what they want. User-friendly sites not only keep loyal users coming back again and again, but they also attract new visitors.
  • Internal linking. By adding relevant links to the pages of your website and blog, you will help your visitors quickly jump to the desired pages. Internal linking not only helps attract new users but also directs them into your marketing funnel. Search engines accept sites with internal linking well, as it helps users to make better decisions.
  • Compatible with mobile devices. As the number of smartphone and tablet users continues to grow, mobile pages are essential for online sales projects. Google has long emphasized the importance of mobile site compatibility and takes this aspect into account in its search rankings. As mobile web pages already outnumber their desktop counterparts, mobile page loading speed will soon become a key ranking criterion.


While developing winning promotion strategies, pay special attention to the basics of SEO, but there are a few other nuances to keep in mind. The specialists of the web studio “External code” will help you cope with this task as efficiently as possible. We have a variety of SEO tactics and strategies that lead our clients to the desired results. Want to know more? Contact us right now by phone at 639 315 9155 or through our website.

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Many of us spend about 2 hours a day browsing social media feeds. Instagram alone has about 1 billion monthly active users. You need to take these statistics into account to consider using Instagram to promote your brand on social media. Instagram has several powerful tools to make it easier to complete your brand promotion tasks.

As one of the most popular social media platforms, Instagram offers a wide variety of marketing tools. The effectiveness of your marketing campaigns depends on the correct choice. Since most of Instagram’s marketing tools are free or available for a small fee, their functionality is the main selection criterion.




Instagram is a visual content-driven social network that can drive the growth of your business. The days when people wanted to see in their feed only moments from the lives of their friends, photographs of delicious dishes, and beautiful landscapes are long gone. Today, more than 200 million users use business profiles. Therefore, you should connect Instagram to your strategy for promoting your brand, products, and services.

Using Instagram marketing tools is the best way to manage your business profile. With their help, you can schedule the publication of your marketing messages, promote hashtags and get analytics about your profile. In addition, thanks to Instagram tools, you can expand your user audience, increase the level of subscriber engagement. Overall, with marketing tools, you will be able to automate a multitude of tasks while getting the most out of your profile. Thus, Instagram marketing tools can save you tons of time.




Now that you understand how important Instagram tools are to making your marketing campaigns more effective, it’s time to consider the very best ones.




Direct messages (DM) on Instagram are a great way to reach leads and consumers. With DMpro’s direct messaging automation tool, you can improve your DM marketing on Instagram. It automates all tasks related to sending messages to users. With its help, you can send bulk messages and receive notifications about reading messages by users to your email.

Key features of the DMpro tool:

  • automation of outgoing direct messages;
  • automatic sending of replies to incoming messages;
  • sending bulk messages to users from your contact list;
  • sending and receiving direct messages via email.

2. Realtormate

If your company is in the real estate business, you can’t do without Realtormate in your Instagram marketing campaigns. By using this tool, you will have access to a variety of content templates to speed up your content creation. Realtormate functionality also allows you to create content plans for posting to Instagram. In addition, this tool can be used as a growth manager capable of generating 400-500 new leads and followers monthly.

Key features of Realtormate:

  • ready-made content templates for real estate companies;
  • development of content plans;
  • attracting new subscribers and potential customers.

3. AiSchedul



It is an effective Instagram marketing tool specializing in post scheduling. You can create a post using the functionality of the social media platform, and then set the date and time of its publication using AiSchedul.

Over time, this tool has received several updates and has evolved into more than just a post scheduler. For example, it allows you to add hashtags based on key phrases from your posts. You can also repost content related to your niche. AiSchedul also offers an international calendar showing all the posts that are up to date. This can be your inspiration for creating your own publications. AiSchedul also lets you track your mentions.

Key features of AiSchedul:

  • posting Instagram content at a specific point in time;
  • selection of relevant hashtags;
  • reposting relevant content;
  • ideas for content dedicated to international events;
  • tracking of mentions.

4. AiGrow

Instagram follower growth tools are arguably the most requested. Increasing your follower count is a great way to build your brand’s authority. However, many of the previously used tools stopped working as Instagram banned the use of bots on its platform. However, AiGrow is one of the new subscriber-building tools that organically expand your user base. This means that your user base will be replenished with real people. AiGrow offers several subscription options that differ in cost and available functionality.

Key features of AiGrow:

  • the ability to grow your user base organically.

5. Later

Originally introduced as a scheduling tool for Instagram posts, Later has gained additional functionality over time and is now one of the most effective marketing tools. With Later, you can create great posts and set their posting times. In addition, the tool contains a calendar that allows you to keep track of important international events and create relevant content.

Key features of Later:

  • scheduling Instagram posts;
  • various tariffs that differ in functionality and price;
  • unlimited amount of uploaded data.

6. Hootsuite

Many marketers use Hootsuite as a great scheduling tool for Instagram content posts. You will be able to post any type of content directly through the Hootsuite platform. However, this tool is useful for more than just scheduling and publishing content. It is also effective for dealing with comments posted under your posts.

Key features of Hootsuite:

  • developing content for posts and stories on Instagram;
  • scheduling of publications;
  • search tool for relevant hashtags;
  • analysis of the effectiveness of the Instagram account.

7. Iconsquare

This marketing tool is used to manage a business profile. Its main function is to analyze the performance of the Instagram profile. Based on the data obtained using Iconosquare, you can develop an effective marketing strategy to attract customers and increase their level of engagement. In addition, Iconosquare allows you to schedule the date and time of posting, track activity (mentions, work with comments, etc.).

Key features of Iconosquare:

  • analysis of your work on Instagram;
  • hashtag tracking;
  • Search for influential profiles.

8. Buffer

It is one of the oldest Instagram tools used to schedule your posts. With Buffer, you can create content plans and publish your content at a specific point in time.

Key features of Buffer:

  • scheduling Instagram posts;
  • creating a content plan, publishing based on a calendar.


Instagram is a popular social platform with simple and straightforward functionality. Therefore, it is widely used by representatives of various generations. To improve your business performance with this social network, we recommend using the best Instagram marketing tools listed above.

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10 Trending Content Marketing Trends For 2022

As marketing trends are constantly changing, use only the most effective strategies to ensure high levels of customer satisfaction and outperform your competitors. Content marketing is an extremely important area for any business and brand that wants to ensure its further growth and expand its customer base. Without content marketing, it can be challenging to drive conversions and sales, generate leads, and grow your mailing list.
According to Statista, in 2019, through the use of content marketing strategies, the total profit of companies exceeded $ 42 billion, and this figure continues to grow. Many businesses have identified content marketing as a very promising direction, and if you do not join them, you will be left behind the competition.

If you want to achieve maximum results in your business in 2022, you need to consider all the leading trends in your content marketing strategy. This is especially important as the last fiscal year has been a very eventful one. Therefore, we offer 10 content marketing trends in 2022 that you need to keep a close eye on.

1. Make A Bet On Customer Retention

Quality content marketing plays a critical role in attracting customers, boosting search engine rankings, and increasing conversion rates. However, not everyone is discussing customer retention tactics. To close this gap, we offer a list of content-oriented strategies aimed at maintaining user interest after they have completed the targeted action:

  • Update the content on your site regularly to add value to what you offer and convince users to come back to you again and again.
  • Find out how users interact with your product, even if you are confident in its quality.
  • Include various materials in your emails, such as promotional information, descriptions of the characteristics of your products, news of upcoming changes and updates, notifications of discounts and promotions.

According to experts from Statista, the number of email users worldwide reached 4 billion in 2020, and this number is expected to increase to 4.6 billion by 2025.


2. Use Augmented Reality Technology For Visual Storytelling



The best way to get a person to assimilate information is to present it visually. If you want people to remember your brand and participate in its promotion, you must dilute your content with quality images. With their help, your content will become less boring, it will motivate customers to get something more. Explore the available options for using augmented reality technology to promote your content:

  • Create a sense of real presence by connecting interactive elements and adding something new to your content.
  • Personalize the process of interacting with representatives of your audience.
  • Encourage customers to engage with you before, during, and after using your products or services.

As of 2019, 68.7 million people around the world have used augmented reality technology at least once a month. Taco Bell used it to foster a sense of community by offering live content on social media. They promoted themselves as an innovator in the fast-food market.

3. Implement Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technologies

Many companies at the start of their activities have limited resources, so they have to use them as efficiently as possible. AI technologies enable fast processing and analysis of data, thus facilitating the decision-making process. According to experts, in the near future, closer integration of AI with human resources is expected, which will contribute to the growth of labor productivity and the efficiency of the business as a whole.

Today’s customers want companies to respond to their queries in real-time. Therefore, content marketers continue to implement various AI-powered interactive elements such as chatbots. As AI advances, new data analysis and marketing materials development tools such as optimized blog posts will emerge. With AI optimization, employees can focus on higher priority tasks.





Educational podcasts are in increasing demand, so many companies are already exploring the field. Today there are many podcasts targeted at entrepreneurs and businesses. By offering listeners quality content, podcasts have a high potential for use in content marketing campaigns. According to Podcast Insights, there are about 2 million podcasts available in 2021, with a total of over 48 million episodes.

By creating the right podcasting strategies, content marketers share stories with their audience. They can capture the attention of niche consumers by talking about the positive aspects of the products and services on offer. Well combined with social media, podcasts are used as blog add-ons and are targeted at those who prefer to consume audio content. The key difference between podcasts and text content is that they are more human because by changing the tone, the speaker gives the information an emotional color.

Basecamp has launched their own podcast Distance, where they provide all the information you need to be successful. They also provide funny and inspiring examples from the life of entrepreneurs whose business has been in operation for over a quarter of a century.



When performing SEO optimization and conducting content marketing campaigns, you must be consistent in your actions. For example, new, original, and creative content gets indexed significantly faster than irrelevant and repetitive content. Don’t forget to optimize your content, as 95% of users only view the first page of search results. Most potential customers will not know about your business if your site is on the second and subsequent pages in search results.

Your content should both attract potential customers and be able to solve their problems. To create compelling content, use meaningful keywords and target a specific segment of your audience. Use meaningful keywords and target unique concepts to develop truly engaging and relevant content.

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Don’t think of content marketing and search engine optimization as two separate areas as they complement each other. Content marketing is only effective if it meets SEO criteria. Working in tandem, content marketing, and SEO are powerful forces for promoting a business online.




Many startups and established companies are implementing content marketing strategies without documenting them. According to the Content Marketing Institute, about 41% of marketers do not document their content marketing strategies. As this direction develops, the need for a clear plan will increase. By documenting your strategies, you can deliver more meaningful results in 2022 and beyond. Plus, having a clear content marketing strategy will make it easier for you to introduce new members to your team.


Building brand awareness is one of the biggest challenges startups face. Therefore, you need to optimize your content marketing plan in such a way as to focus it on the aspects and directions in which your company performs best. To achieve this, keep an eye on events and news that are relevant to your niche, as well as the ever-changing demands of consumers, in order to offer them the best solutions. This way you can create really interesting content, stand out from competitors, build a brand, demonstrate your knowledge and expertise.



Given the popularity of Amazon’s Alexa voice assistants, the demand for voice-enabled gadgets continues to grow. Millions of smart speakers have already been sold, of which the Google Home Mini is the most popular. Today, there is a smart gadget with a voice search function in almost every home. According to statistics, about 36 million US residents use voice assistants every day.

As many people prefer the voice search feature, content marketers have started using this technology in their campaigns. Most often, sections with frequently asked questions (FAQ) are created on their basis. By incorporating relevant keywords, FAQ sections are of immense benefit.


Thanks to data-driven content marketing strategies, many startups, and established companies can gain more insight into their customers. The collected data will enable you to create effective content that responds to user requests at every stage of the marketing funnel. Plus, you can easily get all the information you need about your competitors. By studying the key features of the content they publish, as well as the reactions from their users, you can effectively solve your own content marketing problems.




In the past, B2B marketers used the same sales funnel scheme in their campaigns. However, it has undergone significant changes by 2022. In the past, marketers have been bombing the web of generic blog posts in the hopes of catching a few leads. Key customer marketing (ABM) uses the opposite strategy, namely the introduction of highly targeted personalized programs to attract specific business accounts.

ABM stresses the importance of quality service and building customer relationships. Instead of publishing a huge number of blog posts and sending out the same type of e-mails created for a wide audience, ABM marketers develop personalized content and offer personalized services for people behind certain accounts. According to ITSMA, about 85% of marketers who consider ROI consider ABM the most promising direction. In addition, about 41% of B2B marketers plan to increase their ABM marketing spending in the near future.


In this time, when the pandemic has not yet passed, many companies have a good chance of staying afloat, and this is possible thanks to the implementation of an effective content marketing strategy. When planning your content marketing campaigns for 2022, be sure to keep the tips and trends listed above in mind.

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4 Proven Ways To Promote Your Brand On Social Media

If your business connects with customers through social media, you can establish relationships that will help increase your brand awareness. By communicating regularly with your community, you will achieve even more meaningful results. Getting in touch with your audience is no big deal, especially if you have a flexible communication tool at your fingertips.

Even the most successful brands, with large user bases with millions of subscribers, continue to invest in technology that analyzes all social media mentions and posts. This allows you to receive comprehensive answers to critical queries related to brand technology, customer service, and more. So, in order to draw attention to your brand, communication, and interaction with the audience should be included in the priority list. And here we come to the main question:


Bridging the so-called “expectations gap” is one of the most important tasks of modern marketing. This is the difference between what customers expect from the company and what it actually offers them. This gap arises because the brand does not adapt traditional marketing methods to changing market conditions in order to meet the expectations of today’s customers who need personalized messages and a high speed of interaction. However, delivering personalized content in a timely manner is not an easy task. It’s even harder to create content quickly and share it across multiple channels without sacrificing user experience.

Below, we’ve outlined a few techniques to help you improve your social media strategy to meet the needs of today’s users, increase their engagement and grow your brand as a whole.




As a brand whose success depends a lot on the effectiveness of social media marketing strategies, you should ask yourself the questions: Who are your audience members and who are you trying to connect with? Knowing your audience well can make it easier for you to create personalized marketing campaigns to grab the attention of your customers on social media.

Finding the right tone for the content you post requires a deep understanding of your audience. Knowing all the important characteristics of users, you can create personalized campaigns, segment them correctly. So, you will find out which parts of the content resonate with your users and how to improve the quality of the services provided based on this approach.


For example, you can use one social network while most of your potential customers prefer another. If you do not know which social platform your audience prefers and where they are most active, it will be difficult for you to increase the level of engagement of your users on social media. For example, if your audience prefers Facebook, it doesn’t make sense to run campaigns on Twitter or any other social network, as it won’t benefit your brand.

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For this reason, you need to know where your company is mentioned and where your audience members are spending their time. By understanding this, you will be able to create relevant content to entertain your potential customers at the right time and in the right place.

Also, you should know on which platforms your customers mention your company the most. This way you can answer all their questions about your product or service. Moreover, it is the key to maintaining a positive image of your brand. Social media has been and remains a public channel where your loyal and new customers can see your posts and raise their awareness of your brand.


You should not only monitor social platforms in search of your audience but also contact its representatives, respond to their requests. The faster you react, the stronger the feeling that you care about your customers’ opinions. And this is a critical point where many businesses still fall short of their users’ expectations.

The response speed is important not only in relation to queries related to your brand on social media but also to general comments or positive reviews. Companies that interact with the audience on a regular basis are characterized by the minimum average waiting time for a response to a user request. Regular engagement with customers via social media isn’t the only way to retain them.

Understanding what user-generated content is will allow you to expand on this topic in more detail. Every positive social media review left by your client indicates their satisfaction with the quality of the product or service you offer. Share such user-generated content (reviews) with community representatives via social media to attract new customers. In addition to posting user-generated content, follow your audience to form stronger relationships. It works the same as if you subscribed to your friend’s social profile, expecting them to follow you back.


In an effort to increase the level of engagement of representatives of your target audience on social networks, you need to place content so that it is easily accessible to them since such content is much easier to consume. There are two effective ways to make your content more accessible: adding descriptions to your images and captions to videos. Sophisticated image descriptions will provide a better understanding of the product or service you offer. It will also make it easier for your potential customers to understand what you are offering them. Video captions will help your audience get a good idea of ​​what they will see when they watch. Ultimately, picture descriptions and video captions improve the user experience.


In today’s reality, attracting users to social networks is not an easy task, since they are constantly exposed to various content. You need to make every effort to win their attention. However, difficult does not mean impossible. To build strong relationships with your audience and get them to engage with your business, you need to know your potential customers, respond to their inquiries in a timely manner, and educate them about the unique characteristics of your brand.

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7 Unique Ways To Accelerate Your Business Growth

As you improve the performance of your business, you can experiment with new ideas, procedures, and products. This will be a kind of catalyst for the further growth of your company, as well as its adaptation to the changing market conditions. At the same time, you do not need to revise the entire paradigm of your business in an effort to improve the quality of the goods and services offered. Instead, you should make certain changes to your business plan that will foster the creative mind of your team as well as the drive to innovate. Below are some great ways to grow your business.


In today’s highly competitive world, you either stay afloat, making every effort to do this or go to the bottom. That being said, there are many innovative ideas that companies can use in the business environment. These innovations can be associated with both individual products and work processes, entire business models. While innovation may be focused on any of the above, some companies are incorporating it into their products, workflows, and business models to drive growth and adapt to rapidly changing market conditions.




With the sheer amount of learning resources available online and offline, you can always learn something new. You should strive to gain new skills and experience, especially when you are developing new business strategies or starting your company. You should strive for a continuous learning process, as this opens up many opportunities and benefits. Potential business owners often attend business seminars, are members of various clubs, communicate with other business owners, read professional literature in addition to specialized education.


A trusted business mentor will give you the right direction and support, helping you build a variety of personal and professional qualities. With a good business mentor, you will achieve outstanding personal and professional results.



The higher the lifetime value of your customers, the more revenue your business brings. Undoubtedly, you will always have to bear the costs of attracting clients and retaining existing ones, but the costs of the first one are 5 times higher. Once you understand the customer’s lifetime value, you can optimize it.


By paying attention to trade show exhibitors, you can explore some of the key aspects of your business that require special attention. After placing your stand, do not miss the opportunity to communicate with those who approach it, encourage them to give honest answers to the questions asked. In addition, participating in trade shows is a great way to promote new products and services, and get feedback from potential customers.


You must be able to build effective communication channels with your current and potential clients. As a business owner, explain the processes, policies, and other aspects of your company to your customers. If you provide clear information in an effective way, your customers will have a positive impression of your business.



Word of mouth marketing (word of mouth) has been and remains one of the most effective marketing tools. Share your knowledge with other business owners whose customer base is similar to yours (given location and industry), give them advice.

This will help grow your audience of potential customers. Moreover, people tend to buy goods and use the services of those they know and trust. As the internet evolves exponentially, new ways to attract potential customers are constantly emerging. So, if your company was created several decades ago or its founder is familiar with the field in which many other business representatives work, do not miss the opportunity to highlight important information, since people are always in search of reliable sources of knowledge.

Whether you are a small start-up or a large company, striving for continuous improvement is the key to an efficient and flexible approach to doing business. Locally, such approaches will improve the effectiveness of the interaction of your team members. In the long run, they will keep your business competitive. As you know, all successful companies are never satisfied with the current state of affairs, never agree with the status quo. They always strive to make a breakthrough, to move to the next level, as they recognize the importance of striving for continuous improvement in every aspect of their business.

Ultimately, the most successful companies are always developing new ways to improve the quality of their services. Even when a company is doing exceptionally well, the people behind it are always looking for ways to improve their productivity, trying to figure out how to work smarter, not harder.

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How To Developing A Smart Social Media Business Promotion Strategy

Many companies consider social platforms to be the ideal option for promoting their business. And if you do not have a full-fledged team of specialists in the field of promotion using social platforms, you can succeed in this direction by developing a smart strategy that takes into account your goals and available resources.

After reading this article, you can create your own social media promotion strategy, as well as get rid of the exhilarating feeling that arises every time you open Instagram or Twitter.


A social media marketing strategy is your master plan for how you will create, publish, and interact with content. It provides a general course on your social media behavior, as well as aspects such as post frequency, marketing campaigns, creative planning, and audience engagement principles.


Reaching your audience, measuring your ROI, and the ability to meet your business goals are three key challenges marketers face when promoting a business on social media. To solve these problems, an effective promotion strategy is needed. It will allow you to set the right goals, remove all possible obstacles to achieving them, assess the effectiveness, and make timely adjustments. However, without a so-called “starting point“, you will not be able to evaluate the results of your activities aimed at achieving your goals. A social media strategy also allows you to define your expectations, increase the level of participation of each team member, and figure out what they should / should not do during the promotion process.

So let’s figure out how to create a social media strategy from scratch.

1. Define your target audience


If you haven’t yet determined who your average customer is, find out the key demographics of your audience: age, gender, occupation, income, hobbies, and interests. Learn about their problems and the challenges they face on a daily basis. Focus on no more than 4 types of people that represent the majority of your target audience. Do not get hung up on those segments of it that come to you by accident, otherwise, you will never start developing a plan.

2. Blog

Fresh content is the backbone of the success of any social media promotion strategy, so you need to constantly create new quality content. Make a list of common questions asked by representatives of your target audience, try to provide answers to them, do at least one blog post a week.

3. Create educational content


Develop downloadable content that can solve your prospect’s problems: ebooks, checklists, videos, infographics. If you post really useful content, the likelihood that people will share it on social media (thereby helping you promote your business) is significantly higher.

4. Focus on a few key social channels

Most startups and small businesses do not have the resources to manage high-quality profiles on multiple social networks at once. In addition, it is very difficult to learn the principles of correct interaction of profiles in several platforms at the same time. HubSpot Academy has published a video in which they highlighted several promising social channels for publishing content.

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So, you need to start small. First, explore the features of popular social platforms that your target audience uses. Then, do your best to build a loyal community before switching to other social media platforms.

5. Create your own guide to working with social platforms

Since social media is not an exact science, it works differently for every company and industry. To achieve results for your business, schedule posts, and interactions. Develop a guide for your team to follow. Set goals for publications as well as interactions, and strictly follow the rules of the guide you create.

6. Evaluate the results you have achieved

The quality of promotion work in social networks can be assessed by a huge number of criteria. First, find out how much traffic to your website or blog your social media accounts are driving. Review your posts, track audience reactions, and trends related to specific topics and keywords of greatest interest. By gaining insight into post traffic and performance, you can set goals for KPIs and measure your progress.

Choose the metrics that are easiest to track. If you measure indicators that take too long to evaluate, you will not be able to measure the effectiveness of your efforts. Examples of simple metrics to bet on are the number of followers and subscribers, the number of new visits, and interactions with your website from your social media accounts.

7. Change tactics

Your social media accounts won’t work overnight. To build a subscriber base, create your brand, and in order to see the first results, it will take some time. Experiment to bring out the most effective combination of social channels, content, and posts. Over time, you will adjust your social media guide, content, and leads to make your promotion strategy more consistent and effective.



Social media is a multifunctional business asset. They allow you to establish a relationship with representatives of your target audience, promote the promotion of products, services, and your brand. Developing a social media marketing strategy is a different process from the one described above. This is because the metrics you track may be more specific than the metrics you measure for marketing through other channels.

When promoting your business through social platforms, make sure you act consistently and in a positive manner. For example, the images and content you post on social media profiles must match the images and content on your website, blog, or another website. Pay attention to questions and comments left by your audience, try to solve their problems as soon as possible, as this type of interaction can both increase conversion and the opposite effect.

Finally, reconcile the content you post on social media and the content you share through other channels (such as email marketing or advertising).


Content is the backbone of any promotion strategy using social platforms. Without publishing content, you will not be able to interact with your audience, promote products or services, or evaluate the effectiveness of your actions. Due to the somewhat biased attitude towards social media, you will neglect the planning of publications, however, this approach is fundamentally wrong. While social media content is not as static as blog posts or e-mails, it plays an important role in engaging audiences and shaping your brand. Therefore, you need to develop your own content strategy for social media posting, which should include the following:

  • The posting guidelines for the specific social platforms you work for. For example, you can post animations on Twitter but avoid Facebook.
  • Key features of the target audience in each network (for example, the average age of Instagram users is significantly lower than that of LinkedIn users).
  • Reassign plans for publishing longreads and voluminous content from your blog, podcast, or ebook.
  • Distribution of responsibilities between team members: someone is responsible for publications, someone is responsible for attracting new subscribers.
  • Selection of companies, publications, and individuals for reposting (choosing who you can repost and who you cannot).


Still, thinking you can’t be successful on social media? This is due to the fact that social platforms are literally overwhelmed with content. However, you can get rid of your prejudices by using the tips and strategies listed in this article. Remember a few important points: tackle only one social platform at a time, prioritize your target audience, focus on what really works. By following these tips, you will achieve results and increase traffic in the short term.

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No matter how impressive your product is and no matter how popular it is, there is no guarantee that people will be able to find it on their own, especially now, when the market is replete with various goods and services.
If your marketing materials are missing where your ideal client should see them, and they don’t match their needs, all your work will be wasted.

In this article, we’ll look at a few effective e-commerce marketing strategies you can use to grow your business’s customer base and increase the engagement of your existing users.


Your marketing plan is the collection of marketing tactics and strategies that your company uses. Practice shows that really effective marketing plans do not appear by chance. They use both the basic structure of marketing and its general philosophy.

For example, the inbound traffic methodology can be part of an overarching marketing plan. In this case, you should direct all your marketing efforts towards reaching an audience, converting members of that audience into leads, closing deals, and fully meeting their needs in order to motivate them to spread the word about your brand through word of mouth. There are many different strategies that can be taken as a basis for building a marketing plan. Below we propose to familiarize yourself with several of the most effective options.



Blogging is a great way to drive organic traffic. By creating and publishing quality content that is relevant to your industry, you will make your potential customers think of your company as something reliable and legal. By attracting Internet users to your site through content (in addition to the one that is directly related to your product or service), you motivate them to perform targeted actions in the end. Regardless of what products or services you offer, blogging is an economically efficient way to prove that your company is an authority in the industry in which it operates.


Guest posts help you become better known online. They not only help build credibility in your industry, but they also improve the reputation of the domain used by your e-commerce site. As a result, search engines consider your site to be more reliable and deserving of higher rankings in search results.

To post guest posts, you need to select key phrases related to your product or service and use them to find third-party sites. In some cases, you don’t even have to create your own unique content. You can use existing articles by adding relevant materials or infographics to their text with links to your Internet resource.



Referral marketing brings together two fundamental things of any marketing strategy for an online business: word of mouth and initiative. With the help of a referral program, you will be able to send your messages through clients to those who trust their opinion.

According to recent research, word of mouth has an impact on 90% of all sales, with 19% of purchases made directly from referrals sent through this marketing channel. For this reason, a large part of your marketing strategy should focus on word of mouth.

Offer your customers some kind of incentive: a small gift or a discount on your product in exchange for recommending your products or services to other people. This way, you will not only be able to retain current customers, but also expand your user base.



Effective use of social platforms is an essential component of any successful e-commerce marketing strategy. That being said, social media marketing to promote an online business can be significantly different from marketing for a regular business, brand, contractor, or publisher. In addition, not every social platform is ideal for these purposes.

E-commerce is a kind of visual medium. Not every customer is ready to purchase a product based only on textual information. The success of your social media marketing efforts is directly dependent on the quality of the photos you post to capture the attention of potential customers and drive traffic to your product or service pages. So Instagram is the perfect platform to complement your overall marketing strategy.


If possible, you should also include in your marketing strategy so-called shoppable content – interactive content that allows visitors to make a purchase or order a service immediately. Such content can be both advertising elements in the social network feed, and special tags that direct users directly to the page with a shopping cart.


user-generated content acquisition is the practice of finding ways to promote your business with your customers and encouraging this initiative. It is also seen as a great way to promote it using word of mouth. User-generated content drives traffic to your website for online sales, thereby building an audience of interested customers.

There are several ways to attract user-generated content. One of the most effective ones is holding contests – drawing prizes between your customers who advertise your product to one degree or another. In addition, you can use social media advertising hashtags and review platforms where customers can share opinions about your product or service. Using your customers to promote your product builds trust in your business and provides a relatively inexpensive source of the traffic to your website.


As an example, consider the #WhiteCupContest campaign launched by Starbucks in 2014. Customers could paint whatever they wanted on the company’s branded cups. The winning designs have been used in the design of the new limited-edition cups. In just three weeks, Starbucks’ campaigns received 4,000 different designs, generated a lot of publicity, and used them as free advertising for their products.



If your business has anything to do with e-commerce, you will be able to achieve better results by studying and applying various marketing strategies in practice. Many of them are not only able to benefit your business, but also do not require high implementation costs. Regardless of how you build your marketing plan, make sure it is dynamic, covers all the important aspects of your business, and is flexible enough. It will take time and money to implement any of the strategies outlined above, but this investment will pay off with interest in the near future.

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Last year turned out to be very difficult for everyone. Despite the current situation, many of us have invested in researching what can be beneficial in the long term. Some studies show that many people have spent their free time learning new trends and techniques in the field of web design. In the modern world, many people pay attention to website design. Moreover, everyone knows that an effective website is a key to the success of any business.

As time does not stand still, many design elements that were previously considered modern or even innovative are now outdated. This is due to the rapid development of the field of web design. What’s more, site design plays an important role in dealing with customers: if a site looks outdated and ignores major web standards, a company has a 90% chance of dropping conversions.

Design is the most important factor in grabbing the attention of potential customers, as well as the correct perception of your content. Many website owners are constantly thinking about how to improve their design. We decided to discuss several modern trends in web design in 2021, applying which you will improve the appearance of your website and attract more traffic. Below are some tips to help you increase your sales, whether you are a newbie or a seasoned businessman.



The first thing a visitor to your site encounters is the title. Therefore, do not neglect its correct design, as it sets the image of your business. The full-page headline looks attractive and is a continuing trend in 2021. Many web designers place information on the left side of the header, among other tabs and web pages. The main reason they post it on the left is that readers are drawn to this way of posting content. This is why all the most important information is usually placed on the left side of web pages. Place bright and colorful images and information about your company in the header so that users get an unforgettable experience of your site.


This effect has been popular with web designers for several years now. The parallax scrolling effect is a design element that makes the background of a page move more slowly than the foreground when scrolling. This effect adds depth for a more enjoyable experience.

By adding this effect to your site, you will provide a unique experience for your users. However, apply the parallax scrolling effect correctly, otherwise, you will get the opposite result. Improper implementation of this effect can lead to the fact that users will be distracted from the main content. Make sure the effects you add are balanced. In addition, add functionality to enable/disable the parallax scrolling effect for those users who find it uncomfortable.


Along with parallax scrolling, many designers also use the horizontal option. This is a fundamentally new way of displaying content on a site, providing a new experience of interacting with it. At the same time, designers leave the navigation menu in order to avoid possible inconveniences when working with the site.

By introducing horizontal scrolling, designers add visual clues to make it easier to browse the content of the pages. While horizontal scrolling looks unique and appealing, every nuance must be taken into account to achieve a positive result.


Modern technologies provide high-speed data transmission, including through the global network. Therefore, we can easily share multimedia elements. To provide the best possible experience for your site, you can combine elements such as text content, videos, and audio recordings. However, according to recent research, users value simplicity in the way they present information.

Excessive use of various elements can have the opposite effect – distract the audience, repel potential users. Therefore, for maximum ease of presentation of information, you must use the media elements with extreme caution.

For example, video playback on some sites is automatic. Instead, you can provide a button to start and pause the video. Consider all possible factors and nuances when adding media elements for the best results.


Cartoon illustrations aren’t just for kids. In fact, representatives of different age groups are universally passionate about them. Likewise, posted on the site, they look intriguing. Cartoon illustrations have been and remain one of the most important modern trends.

It takes creativity to create a good cartoon illustration. When creating illustrations, you must bring in elements of humor, various aspects that grab the attention of the audience, without forgetting that all of this must relate to your business and brand.

Creators of cartoon illustrations for websites must think carefully about cartoon characters and stories. Their illustrations should tell stories that attract visitors and encourage them to continue browsing the site.


When developing a website, you need to focus on the target audience in the first place. Using this approach, you will create a website that will be interesting and useful to its visitors. This way you can avoid adding unnecessary and irrelevant elements.



It is imperative to ensure that your website pages load quickly. Moreover, you should check and fix all possible errors before launching your website. With that said, also make sure your site is mobile-friendly.

Many developers forget about such an important aspect as the mobile compatibility of their web resources. In the era of mobile technology development, this has a strong impact on the continued success of your website. Paying attention to UI / UX design means thinking through all the elements of the site, thereby ensuring its full compatibility with both desktop and mobile devices.


Many web designers also use the flip-flop effect of a variety of information. These visuals provide a unique look for the site and are one of the current trends in web design. Some experts consider this way of displaying content to be slightly outdated. However, if you make animated cards that contain graphic elements, your site will look even more attractive.


Audio presentations are a new way to present your brand on the internet. Moreover, these elements make your content accessible even for people with vision problems. The incorporation of audio elements into design is an important trend in modern web design, as they provide the ability to interact with your site for those who prefer to interact with information with their ears rather than their eyes. There are already several sites on the global network that have added this functionality to their design. Thus, they ensured their uniqueness in comparison with many other web resources.


The changed mouse cursor is the first thing that a visitor to your site will pay attention to. While this element is one of the most visible, web designers have ignored it over the years. Undoubtedly, this is one of the most important elements of web design that you should pay attention to, even though many users are quite happy with the “old-fashioned” arrow cursor. But what if a web designer can successfully play with this seemingly insignificant but very important part of site design, turning a regular cursor into something unique? This will be a significant achievement that will undoubtedly affect the success of your site.

There are several sites on the Internet when you go to which you will notice that the mouse cursor has begun to look different. They use different cursors, taking into account the color scheme of the site, the elements that the user hovers over. Even such minor changes can affect the overall impression of your site.


New trends in web design appear every year. And web designers try to use the best ones to attract visitors to the site. While trends and designs are constantly changing, the only constant aspect should be the quality of your website.

Modern audiences do not always prefer bright things that catch the eye. On the contrary, today people are in search of something rare, original, corresponding to a business style.

When creating a website with a design that takes into account all modern trends, you should go through all the points listed above and adhere to these recommendations whenever possible. By keeping each of these points in mind, you will be delivering a high-quality user experience. Even if your site was created a few months ago, you still have a chance to make the appropriate design changes to ensure the best possible experience.

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If you want your landing pages, blogs, personal web pages, and other content to appear in Google search results, your site needs to be indexed. Essentially, Index Google is a huge database. When users search on Google, the search engine consults its database to provide relevant content. If a page hasn’t been indexed, it doesn’t exist for Google. In this case, you will not be able to drive organic traffic to this page through the search engine.

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In this guide, we will talk about indexing and its importance. After reading it, you will learn how to check if a particular page has been indexed, how to avoid common problems in technical SEO that prevent indexing, and how to get search robots to index your site for the first time or again.




In simple terms, the Google Index is a list of all web pages that are known to the search engine. If Google doesn’t index your site, it will never appear in search results. Imagine that you have written a book that has not ended up in any library or bookstore. Potential readers will not be able to find it, and may not even know about its existence.



There are no pages in the Google database that have not been indexed by its search robots. So, the search engine will not be able to display them in search results. To index a site, Google’s search robots must “crawl” its pages. Let’s find out what is the difference between crawling and indexing. Search robots use the following work algorithm:

  • Browsing – search robots crawl a site to find out if it should be indexed or not. Google robots (“Googlebot”) are constantly scanning the global web and clicking on links in search of new content;
  • indexing – search engine robots add the site to the database (in the case of Google, this database is called Index);
  • Ranking – a search engine ranks websites based on various metrics such as the relevance of content, its usefulness to users, and others.

Indexing only means that a particular site is stored in the search engine’s database. And this is not a guarantee that it will be at the top of the search results. The indexing process is based on several algorithms, taking into account such elements as a user request, quality control. By influencing how search robots find your content, you also influence the indexing process of your site.



Undoubtedly, you want to index your site, but how do you know if it has already been affected by this process or not? Fortunately, the search giant makes it easy to find out with a site search. Here is the sequence of actions to check:

  • go to the google search page;
  • enter “site: example.com” in the search bar;
  • below the search bar, you will find several categories of results, including “All”, “Pictures”, “News” and others;
  • just below you will see information about the number of indexed pages on your site;
  • if the number of results is zero, then Google has not indexed a single page on your site;

Alternatively, you can use Google Search Console. Create your account on this service – it’s absolutely free. Algorithm of actions for checking the indexing of your site using Google Search Console:

  • log in to your Google Search Console account;
  • select the “Google Index” tab;
  • then select the “Indexing Status” section;
  • in the window you will see the number of indexed pages;
  • if the number of indexed pages is zero, then your site is not indexed by Google.

Google Search Console is useful for checking certain pages to see if they’ve been indexed. To do this, simply specify the URL of a specific page. If the page is indexed, you will see the message “URL is in Google“.


The indexing process on Google takes from several days to several weeks. For example, you just created a new page, but it is not indexed for a long time. Accordingly, users will not be able to find this page in the search engine. Fortunately, you can improve your indexing performance. Below you will find a mini-guide on how to improve your page indexing speed.


The easiest way to get the search engine to index your site is to request this process through the Google Search Console. To do this, use the verification tool via URL, specify the address of the page that you want to index, wait until the verification is complete. If the page is not indexed, click the Request Indexing button.

Notably, Google temporarily disabled the forced indexing tool in October 2020, but it is now available again.

Keep in mind that indexing is not instantaneous. If you’ve created a new site, it is unlikely to get indexed overnight. Moreover, if your site does not meet Google’s criteria, it may not be indexed at all.

Whether you are a simple website owner or internet marketer, the desire to improve indexing efficiency is quite logical. Below we provide tips to help you with this.


Robots.txt is a special file that tells search robots whether a site should be indexed or not. This file is also recognized by the search engines Bing and Yahoo. With Robots.txt, you can also prioritize pages to avoid overloading your site with requests. While it may seem like the job of technical specialists to work with this file, it all comes down to making sure that a particular page is available for crawling. Use the On-Page SEO Checker service to make it easier to work with this file. This service provides all the necessary information on the current settings in the Robots.txt file, including information about whether the page is blocked for viewing by search robots or not.


SEO tags are an additional tool for managing the work of search robots. There are two categories of SEO tags that need optimization:

  • Noindex tags are tags that prohibit search robots from indexing pages. If some pages on your site are not indexed, they may contain no index tags. Check for the following two tags:
    • Meta tags. Look for “noindex page” warnings to find out which pages on your site contain noindex meta tags. Remove the noindex meta tag to allow robots to index the page.
    • X-Robots-Tag. To see which pages contain X-Robots-Tags in their HTML titles, go to Google Search Console. Use the URL validation tool described above. See what will be the answer to the question regarding the availability of permission to index the page. If “No: ‘noindex’ detected in ‘X-Robots-Tag’ HTTP header” is displayed, then there is an X-Robots-Tag on the page that needs to be removed.
  • Canonical tags are tags that indicate to search engine crawlers the preferred version of a web page for indexing. If there is no canonical tag, the search robot will consider that the current version of the page is the only one and is preferred for indexing. If the canonical tag is present, the crawler will decide that there is an alternative version of the current page and will not index it (even if another version of the page does not actually exist). Use Google’s URL Inspection Tool to check for canonical tags on pages. It will display the message “alternative page with a canonical tag” if a canonical tag is present.


Internal linking allows search engines to find your web pages faster. Pages with no links are commonly referred to as “orphans”. They are rarely indexed. The correct architecture described in the sitemap provides correct internal linking. The sitemap XML file contains all the information about the content of your site. With it, you can identify pages that have no links. Use the tips below to improve your linking efficiency:

  1. Eliminate internal links leading to the page with the no-follow tag. If a search robot comes across nofollow tags, it tells Google to exclude the target link from the database (Index). To avoid this, simply remove the nofollow tags.
  2. Add highly rated internal links. As mentioned above, search engine crawlers find new content as they crawl your site. Internal links speed up this process. Improve your indexing speed by using internal links to high-ranking pages.
  3. Generate quality backlinks. Taking into account the new algorithms of the search engine, it determines the importance of pages and the level of trust in them by the presence of links from authoritative resources. Backlinks are a signal to Google that such a page should be indexed.



Content quality affects both the indexing process and the ranking process. To improve the performance of your website content, remove low-quality and low-traffic pages. By doing this, you will force the search engine crawlers to focus on more valuable pages, making more efficient use of the time allotted to you to crawl your site. Each of your pages should have a certain value for your visitors. In addition, it must contain unique content. Duplicate content is a red flag for the search engine.


Whether you are a webmaster administering a corporate website, a JavaScript programmer, or a simple blogger, understanding the basics of SEO is a must. While SEO seems daunting at first, you don’t need to be an expert to understand the key principles of SEO.

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Intent and SEO: a Quick Guide 2021 | DigitalGrowthWorld

Understanding search intent and defining intent can be the secret ingredient that turns a great content strategy into a great website promotion strategy.

What is search intent?

Search intent (intent, user intent) is the main goal that a user pursues when submitting a request to a search engine. In many cases, during the search process, users are looking for a specific answer or resource.

Take pizza for example. The user can search for a pizza recipe, take-out pizza, or a pizza origin story. Although in all these cases the search is centered around the same general theme (pizza), all users actually have different intentions.

Why is search intent so important to SEO?

Satisfying search intent is the main goal of Google, and as a result, the main goal of SEO promotion. When a user searches for certain information and finds irrelevant information, it sends a signal to Google that the intent was most likely different.

For example, if a user is looking for “how to create a website,” and in the search results he sees many pages of products from CMS platforms and hosting providers, he will try to perform another search without clicking on any of the proposed links. This is a signal to Google that the results did not match the user’s intent.

Expand your reach at different stages of the funnel

When it comes to running a business and building a successful content marketing strategy to promote your online store, it’s critical that search intent becomes the driving force behind the pieces of content you create and how you create them.

And why is it so important for a website SEO? The better your content matches different search intent, the more users you can reach and, moreover, at different stages of the funnel. From those who have yet to discover your brand, to those who want to convert into customers.

Improve your rating

The main ranking factors for SEO promotion on Google are relevance, authority, and user satisfaction.

Relevance: This is related to your user’s behavior. If users find the information they are looking for on your site, they are less likely to go back to Google in the next seconds to examine a different result (pogo-sticking). In the event that your content is in line with search intent, you will notice changes in key performance indicators such as click and bounce rates.

Authority: While most of a site’s authority comes from backlinks, it is also important to develop a strong internal linking strategy that signals to Google “I have a lot of content covering all aspects and intent of this topic” in order to rank well. Plus, you can increase your brand authority and visibility by creating valuable content around topics that your brand is well knowledgeable in and that serve a variety of purposes.

User Satisfaction: Is the content you create valuable and relevant to your audience? That’s all.

Search intent types

There is an infinite number of search queries, but there are only four main types of query intents :

  • Informational
  • Preferential / study of commercial offers
  • Transactional
  • Navigational

However, keep in mind that the search is not binary – many queries will fall into more than one category.

1. Informational

As you may have guessed, information-intent searches come from users looking for … information! This could be a search for an instruction manual, a recipe, or a definition. When optimizing your site, use this one of the most common types of intent, as users are looking for answers to an infinite number of questions. However, such a search query will not always take the form of a question. Users looking for simply “Bill Gates” is most likely looking for information about Bill Gates.


  • How to boil an egg
  • What is a crater
  • Ruth Bader Ginsburg
  • How to get to Kennedy airport

2. Preferential/study of commercial offers

Before users are ready to make a purchase, they need to compare commercial offers. In this case, they use search to explore products, brands, or services in more detail. They went through the information stage and narrowed the search to a few options. Users often compare products and brands to find the best solution for them. In the process of your internet site promotion, consider the preferential intent.

Note: These searches often include non-brand localized terms such as “best digital marketing institute nearby” or “best digital marketing institute in Varanasi


  • Comparison of Semrush and Moz
  • Best website hosting
  • Reviews on Squarespace
  • WordPress or Wix for blog

3. Transactional

Transactional intent means users are searching to make a purchase. It can be a product, service, or subscription. In any case, they have a fairly complete idea of ​​what they are looking for. Since users are already in the buying phase, the words they use in their search queries usually include the brand name. Users no longer study the product, they are looking for where to buy it. Optimize your online store website SEO based on the transaction request.

4. Navigational

These users want to go to a specific website and often find it easier to do a quick Google search than to enter a URL. The user may also be unsure of the accuracy of the URL or maybe looking for a specific page, such as the login page for a personal account. As such, search engine promotion and these searches usually include the name of the brand or website and may include additional terms to help users find the exact page.

How to determine search intent

Use keyword modifiers

Keyword modifiers can be useful indicators of search intent when promoting to the top of Yandex or Google. But it is not enough just to know the terms. When it comes to keyword research, you may be wondering how to find these terms in the process of website search engine optimization?

Fortunately, there are a number of reliable keyword research tools that you can use for these purposes. Thanks to the ability to apply filters, you can select terms that include specific modifiers or phrases.

In addition, you can filter keywords by SERP (search results). For example, in the case of content, you can filter for keywords that are ranked for dashboards, related queries, and highlighted descriptions.

Browse the search results pages

Another way to determine search intent in your SEO optimization process is to research SERPs. Enter a keyword in the search bar and see what Google returns. You can probably tell from the results you see what Google considers the most relevant search intent for each term.
Let’s take a closer look at the search results for each type of intent.

SERP for content

As mentioned above, informational keywords tend to lead the SERP results, in the form of concise information. Based on this information, you can analyze the intent. These include knowledge blocks, highlighted descriptions, and related queries. The best results are mostly organic and come in the form of Wikipedia articles, reference books, or informative blog posts.


Search results with preferential intent can include both highlighted descriptions and paid results at the top of the SERP. The results are also more likely to provide information about the brands being requested rather than specific information.

SERP for transactional intent

Transactional search results are the easiest to find. Typically these are paid results and/or results in a shopping cart, carousel, and reviews. Organic results are mostly product pages in the promoted online store and physical stores, and depending on the SEO optimization of the site for search, they may include information about their location.

SERP for navigation intent

Since users with navigational intent already know what website they are looking for, the top results usually show the most relevant page. For example, if a user searches for “digital growth world”, the first result will be the digitalgrowth.world home page.


Take a look at the complete picture

Keep in mind that terms often have more than one search intent behind them. So just looking at keywords or SERPs is unlikely to be enough. Only by using a holistic approach can you get closer to understanding the real intent and be able to put together your SEO site promotion scheme and guidance.

It’s also important to note that SERPs are fluid: a keyword may rank for one intent this month, but it may change as early as next month.

How to optimize your site for search intent

Match metadata and content type to the intent

You’ve done your research and know which keywords you are targeting each of your pages. Now it’s time for optimization. The best place to start is with metadata – update your title tag and H1 and H2 headings to match your keyword targeting. To increase your click-through rate, try using some catchy text in your title tag (without creating a clickbait title).

Study the competition

As with most competitions, it is a good idea to find out who the winners are before starting the competition. Order an SEO audit and find out the cost of promoting the site that you want to promote. Before you move on to creating new pages or reformatting existing content, take a look at the top of the search results and ask yourself the following questions regarding the pages you find there:

  • How are they formatted?
  • What is their tone?
  • What points do they cover?
  • What are they missing?

Use the answers to these questions to create the best, most relevant material on your topic.

Let’s summarize

When building your SEO content around search intent, be sure to keep the following in mind:

You must have a clear understanding of your search intent before starting to optimize your content.

  • When you discover new terms, use special modifiers in keyword research.
  • Use SERPs to determine the best formatting and content options.
  • Deliver valuable, quality content.

Creating SEO-optimized content for specific search intent is easy, but not easy. Follow the recommendations of the experts of  Digitalgrowth.world to provide users with the necessary content in the format they need.


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