The power of digital branding : what is it and why do we need it?

Do you want your site visitors to better understand who you are as a business? Then read this post on digital branding, including the concept of what and how.

When you ask, “What are the goals of your Website?”, The majority replied: “To attract more traffic and conversions, isn’t that a dream?” But do your site visitors really understand what your business is doing or what makes you different? Well, this is where digital branding comes into play. Increasing site traffic is a pointless exercise if your visitors do not know who you are, what you do, or what makes you different from others. This is one of the main reasons why traffic does not turn into a sale.

What is digital branding?

Digital branding is an understanding of your value as a business and the transfer of these values ​​to visitors to your site. But don’t worry, digital branding is not fonts, slogans, characters, images, logos or visual identification; this requires years of branding and user experience (UX) knowledge. Digital branding has powerful elements that any website owner can do.

Understanding your client’s values ​​is called your “value proposition,” and it truly surpassed the old idea of ​​unique retail outlets (USPs). As a definition, a value proposition is “a promise of value that your customers will like.” Digital branding brings this value. Many successful companies are no longer unique – they just do it better. How many websites do you visit that are not necessarily cheaper but have an excellent product offer for customers? This is an example of customer value.

Why is this important?

The importance of digital branding boils down to effectively communicating your value with your customers. Digital branding thinks about your potential customers – this traffic – and how we can tell them who we are, what makes us different and what makes us better. When a site visitor understands our business, the decision to purchase is sharply reduced. See an example below:

Immediately talk about the benefits of your business with short and clear messages. You go to the site and they reflect the benefits for you as a client and the value of the business.

As soon as we receive our “value proposition”, the time has come to tell the world, but digital branding passes by our website – it is rooted in every part of each individual marketing channel and at every point of contact with which the client interacts. On your site, it makes no sense to write that you have the “best service in the business” if this is not indicated in your paid advertisements. You must identify all the common ground of your customers, look at the messages and make sure that they are consistent in everything.

Below are some key placements that you should focus on as they set the tone for all other marketing channels.


A great place to start is the homepage. Every day we see home pages that do not give any directions about the business; not even an idea of ​​what distinguishes them from a competitor. Turn your home page into a message about your valuable offer – make sure that each client leaves, knowing exactly what you are doing and what sets you apart from others, makes them unique and best.

Site pages

We pulled out the pages of the site from the home page because it is important to look at them in isolation. Often the page that spends the most time on it is the home page, but collectively this page does not receive most of the traffic. Imagine that we just clicked on an ad or page directly from a search engine results page (SERP), which is not your home page … will we be given a hint of your value proposition?


Your emails are a great place to reinforce your core values ​​for your customers. If you use marketing automation for visitors who subscribe to your emails, then use the various emails in the program to enhance your messages. It is recommended to create a “welcome letter”, which will be the first letter received by the client after registering with your mail program. Use this letter to strengthen your business.

Paid media advertising

Making a great copy of an ad is very important – it can be the difference between gaining and losing leadership or selling. A great ad will correspond to a copy of the ad on the landing page, and it makes no sense to say one thing in the ad and not repeat it on the landing page. Google AdWords, in particular, has provided marketers with tools to enhance digital branding with things such as call extensions and new enhanced advertisements. Use these tools to enhance your messages.


Often the importance of metadata is overlooked. Sometimes it is simply created to make sure that we mark the “SEO window”. Think of metadata like this – this is the only and only piece of information that the client must choose between you and your competitor in the search results. Ranking in position 1 for your keyword does not make sense if your metadata is not customer-oriented. Treat it like a paid ad, and create posts that add value.

Digital branding and conversion optimization

Digital branding and conversion optimization (CRO) overlap. If you are new to CRO, MOZ describes it as “a systematic process to increase the proportion of site visitors who take the desired action.” How does this relate to digital branding? The goal of digital branding is to increase the likelihood that a visitor will perform the desired action. When a visitor understands your business, the probability of conversion increases.

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CRO is extremely useful for digital branding because it allows you to test messaging through a website through A / B testing. Google has made this process even easier with the release of Google Optimize. Take the time to create A / B tests of the various messaging options for the pages of your website and find out which one is most effective. CRO stops as soon as you browse your website and go to other marketing channels. But this does not mean that the lessons from CRO cannot be applied to your other points of contact.


To summarize, it’s all about consistency. There should always be a consistent and holistic approach to conveying your value to visitors through all marketing channels. Stop looking at different marketing channels in isolation, because it will not only confuse potential customers, but your business will feel disconnected. Each marketing channel is the point to join, and with these tips, you will be on your way to creating a famous brand.

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Content Optimization Keyword Research Tips

Content optimization will never be a children’s game while Google continues to deploy new algorithms. If you want to achieve results in SEO, it’s important to keep an eye on innovation and look at existing opportunities from a new angle. In this post, we will tell you some tips for improving the ranking of your site in search results – without significant or significant effort outside the page (i.e. you won’t need a dozen links to infect your information).

Get your URLs and meta done

First, make the right optimization choice for both URLs (web page addresses) and meta-fields so that the relevant information is shown to both the user and the search engine.

URL Optimization Tips

A friendly URL is a must these days. Moreover, including keywords with exact matching and partial matching (and, to some extent, synonyms of keywords) – the URL of the page is likely to increase the relevance of the URL and, thus, improve the search ranking of the page. It is also believed that this method works well for domains.

For example:

Exact match domain:
Good: mylovelypet.com/cat-nutrition-feeding (optional synonym) 
Not so good: mylovelypet.com/cat-feeding

Partially coincidental domain: Good: cat-world.com/feline-feeding-advice (here we add a synonym) 
Not so good: cat-world.com/cat-feeding-advice (the same term twice)

The first URL provides the search engine with more relevant information about the content of the publication, providing other terms that mean the same thing, increasing search engine optimization.

Tips for optimizing meta tags

Page titles and descriptions can also affect search rankings. For example, placing the target keyword of the page content at the beginning of the page title can improve search ranking:

For example: 
Target keywords:  feeding cats 
Name of the page:  feeding tips for cats: nutritional recommendations

The meta description is a short piece of text that describes what the page is about – and it can plan a large role in the clickthrough rate on the search results page on the web page.

The rules for optimizing content for meta descriptions are simple:

  • Describe the content of the page accurately.
  • Make your description attractive so that it stands out on the search engine results page.
  • Include targeted keywords.
  • Stay within the meta description length limit (up to 320 characters at the time of writing).

Your keyword research

Have you ever heard of the Blue Ocean Strategy? In short, it is a theory that states that success comes to promising new markets, regardless of competition. Using this theory in the context of content optimization can be a reliable way to find new opportunities.

VariousSEOtoolsoffer great keyword research opportunities. A great idea is to use topic clustering and the SEMRush keyword tool.

Let’s go through the four steps to choosing awesome keywords so you can discover new content optimization options that can give you an edge over your competitors.

1. Select a keyword

Let’s choose “cat food.”

Image: SEMRush Keyword Magic Tool

2. Select a subtopic that will result in targeted keywords for the content.

3. Select keywords with the lowest competition.

All selected keywords are ideally suited for the Blue Ocean strategy: they have a low level of competition and they collect a significant part of the potential traffic. These keywords will become the semantic basis of content and are great for use in headings, headings, etc.

4. Distinguish all keywords in the group

Export a list of keywords, including highly competitive ones, so that the content matches both the category and topic of the article.

This sequence of informal steps gives you an accurate list of great keywords that differ from your competitors and gives you the freedom to create awesome content.

Content Optimized Creation

The next step in the journey is the process of creating content. Keywords have two main goals when used in an article. The first role is to determine the structure of the content. The semantic base you have chosen will give an idea of ​​the headings in the post, the content of each paragraph, and where the attention of the reader should be emphasized.

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The second role of keywords is to give the search engine an idea of ​​the relevance of the content (based on the user’s search queries). This is the most interesting and difficult part of content optimization.

Here are some preliminary tips for using targeted keywords to optimize your content:

  • Divide your keywords into several separate terms: cat, food, dry, wet, closed, how many, many, etc.
  • Gather the main keywords with a set of individual terms and evenly distribute them in the article. The result will be an excellent text structure that attracts the reader and, accordingly, highlights the content for the search engine.

Although content can undergo endless changes and improvements before being published, here are three of the most important points you should consider before publishing:


The way your user perceives content is critical: endless paragraphs, complex sentences, and oversaturated descriptions push the reader away. This leads to higher failure rates. Check readability manually or with tools such as 
Readable.io. It also checks keyword density to avoid over-optimization.


Even minor grammatical errors can damage your authority. The reader can simply close the tab and never return to the site. Freelance proofreaders or writing companies can fix minor errors and polish content.


If you outsource your content, it’s wise to check the uniqueness of the post. Google hates duplicate content, and you can be fined for publishing the same content that has already been published elsewhere. Use tools such as  Copyscape or  Grammarly Plagiarism Checker to make sure you are working with original content.

Amazing ways to optimize content without links

Without going into details of technical details, there are functions that do not directly affect the ranking but help your site grow faster. More importantly, with their help, you get an audience that not only reads your content but also admires your site and brand.  Becoming a bit weird, fun, and innovative opens up many new possibilities for use in content strategies.

Here are some amazing examples of how to create truly interactive content that pretty well summarizes what you can do to get your customers ’attention, ranks, and love.

American Association

People like to participate online. That’s why they take all these tests on Facebook. The American Heart Association, for example, conducts tests that help people determine if they are at risk for heart disease.

Of course, tests are useful for people who have health problems, but not the kind of content that will become viral. However, this particular link is ranked first in the search results and is a great example of finding an easy-to-reach keyword.

On the other hand, what if you could create some tests, such as those that gather thousands of participants, who then share them with their friends? So much the better if you can associate them with your product or service.

Philips Razors

Interactive videos have become even more popular. This is what Philips Razors found out when they created their video series, trying to draw more attention to their new electric razor. They created a video, combine storytelling and give visitors the opportunity to choose the type of shave for a young man. When they chose to shave, they got a story about a man who did not remember what he was doing last night.

The company’s goal was to attract a new audience – young people who didn’t necessarily have the “clean-shaven” look of their fathers — and show them that facial hair is cool and they can take care of them with a new electric razor. ,

The results were quite successful. Site visitors who participated in watching the video stayed on average three times longer and followed the offer to share the video through social networks. Over the course of the year, more than a million people watched the video, and the company’s sales goals for the new product were exceeded by 16 percent.

Ready, configured, optimized!

SEO is volatile, and this is what makes every SEO specialist stay fit. It is not necessary to be an innovator; sometimes looking at certain things from a different angle gives rise to new ideas and opens up new possibilities. Structuring a content optimization strategy, finding niche topics, and creating content that works for both users and search engines is the quintessence of content marketing.


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10 Amazing Ways Affiliate Marketing Will Transform your Business into E-commerce

In essence, affiliate marketing is an electronic commercial version of promoting a product through online influences.

Affiliate marketing can be the strategic step you need to increase sales and connect with customers you would never reach.

  • By 2020, affiliate marketing spending in the US is expected to increase to $ 6.8 billion.
  • 81% of brands use affiliate marketing programs.
  • 16% of all online orders are generated through affiliate marketing,

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is one of the only marketing channels, each time offering a 100% return on investment. This is one of the only tactics to pay for marketing expenses after the sale.

The affiliate marketing process involves the seller – it’s you – and the partner. A partner or publisher is a company or individual that promotes your products and brand on their website. Your partner receives a commission when someone visits your site and makes a purchase.

The best partners will have:

  • A reliable website that generates traffic.
  • Updated content.
  • Impact on their audience.
  • Valuable content (blog, product reviews, how-tos).

Since the partner is counting on commissions, you need a game plan to convert your site visitors into product buyers. It’s all about providing partners with the highest return per click (EPC). Even if you work with the best affiliates, they will advertise your products less and switch to other e-commerce sites with a higher conversion rate and EPC, so you need to take a strategic approach.

Since 38% of marketers call affiliate marketing one of their best methods for attracting customers, it’s worth adding your e-commerce strategy.

Here are 10 ways affiliate marketing can transform your business into e-commerce.

1. Indirectly grow your sales team

Your entrepreneurial juices flow, and you are ready to grow your e-commerce business without limits. If you are just one person or a small group, affiliate marketing can instantly expand your indirect sales group by including experts in your niche and beyond.

Partners have experience in driving quality traffic to your site.

Traffic quality = more conversions.

More conversions = higher revenue.

Higher Income = More Opportunities for Your E-Commerce Business.

A highly qualified indirect sales team that does not spend time developing traditional ads, approving them and tracking their progress? We will call it a marketing victory.

2. Increase customer loyalty

Customers who continue to support your brand over time will spend 67 percent more than new customers. Affiliate marketing allows you to take advantage of the trust and experience of your selected partners.

When social authority, affiliate marketing blogger or celebrity sign your product, they bring their audience with them. G-Shock has its fans and customers, but now they benefit from @elorabee and her nearly 183,000 Instagram followers.

3. Several paths to conversion

What does success look like for your e-commerce business? Unlike digital advertising, affiliate marketing allows you to choose what your successful conversion will be like by manually setting incentives. Choose from conversions such as:

  • Selling a specific product.
  • Email capture.
  • Filling in the questionnaire.
  • Download instructions.

You can manually set incentives through affiliate marketing by offering commission fees for the success of your choice. Your e-commerce business is unique, so the way you value success should be equally distinctive.

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In addition, affiliate marketing quickly brings your e-commerce website to the eye, showing your products on the Internet. Instead of working to attract 1,000 new visitors to the product page, you can use an affiliate site with a lot of traffic and thus attract visitors to your site.

Be sure to work with your partners to optimize your conversion path. You should focus on your products with the highest average order and direct traffic to your pages with the highest conversion in order to maximize impact.

4. Better budgeting and return on investment

You don’t need to spend a lot of money hoping that your ads will reach the right audience, or that Facebook and Google algorithms will not change overnight.

It doesn’t matter if there is a couple of commas in your marketing budget or you are shaking your piggy bank, affiliate marketing allows you to more accurately plan your budget for marketing campaigns.

It’s simple:  choose a conversion target. We offer commissions. Earn.

Since you pay only when products are sold, you can use your marketing budget for other sources of income – sponsor publications on social networks, social networks or create unique content optimized using your keywords.

In addition, affiliate marketing in e-commerce has incredible profitability. Since you pay a small percentage for each generated sale (usually 3-10% depending on your vertical), you can see a return on advertising costs of 10: 1 or more. After COGS accounting for your products (cost of goods sold), profit margins and affiliate commissions, you still have room for some solid profit.

Most eCommerce affiliate marketing commissions are paid based on a percentage of the product’s sale value. And you can set different commissions for different partners. For example, you can send a coupon or an IO loyalty site (placement procedure) with a commission of 3%, and to an influential blogger – IO with a commission of 10%. Get creative! Inside your affiliate platform, you can create several offers for your partners. You just want to make sure that you are as competitive as possible – check your competitor’s affiliate programs and compare or beat their commission rates.

5. Build trust

When a partner promotes your service or product, you can use this promotion to increase confidence in your business. Use images, badges, or text to post information about where your brand was used.

6. Develop brand ambassadors

People talk about your brand, and if you don’t have a conversation, you may not know what potential customers are reading. Affiliate marketing puts your brand in the hands of influential people who help create brand ambassadors.

When reputable influential people blog about your products, post their photos or post them in videos, they tell all their fans and followers that your brand is awesome. This is approved, and 82 percent of consumers say that they are likely to follow the recommendations made by an influential person.

According to a survey of more than 4,000 users of social networks from the USA and Europe, one of the influential persons:

  • It has over 10,000 subscribers.
  • Someone whose brands connect to help promote products and services.
  • Shares information about the brands they love and reviews of popular products.
  • Considered an expert in his niche.

Fans of authority become your new brand ambassadors by trying products, publishing product information, and sending even more traffic to your e-commerce site.

7. User-generated content overload

Have you ever sat down at a computer and had nothing? This is a day that cannot be created, something good if the business depends on the business. One of the most obvious ways that affiliate marketing expands your e-commerce business is to use UGC (user-generated content).

Even for Instagrammers who don’t have mass followers, this can make a difference. That’s why:

  • The vast majority of consumers (92 percent) say they turn to familiar people for recommendations above any other source.
  • Twice the amount of sales generated by word of mouth compared to paid ads.
  • Almost three-quarters of all consumers depend on social networks for product information.
  • 84 percent of consumers say they will go with peer recommendations above all other advertising methods.

When your fans and followers take photos, leave feedback, or post videos about your product, use this content as an affiliate marketing force. It’s always better for someone else to say what a killer brand you have than to make yourself known.

8. Individual target audience

Most paid ads have a process to target those who see your content. You can target potential clients from characteristics such as income and geographical location, to hobbies and whether they prefer whole milk or soy in their mocha cafe (maybe not yet, but we are close).

But how do you know if these viewers will actually see your paid ads?

And when you send your marketing money to Google Ads or other similar platforms, go to the referral URLs?

With affiliate marketing, you control where and to whom your brand is advertised. You can manually select the sites and partners that will promote your name. Take control of where your e-commerce brand is being promoted through affiliate marketing.

9. Fast results

Do you know that the results of a traditional digital marketing campaign take from 6 to 9 months? You can build a house (or two), have a child or improve your credit rating during this time.

With affiliate marketing, you rely on an organization or an influential person who already enjoys authority on the Internet, so no education, retargeting or email is required to attract potential customers to your site.

One of the reasons affiliate marketing is so useful is that it’s very easy to attract customers (if you compare it with the 9-month schedule expected from other marketing efforts). Fast customer acquisition means you see immediate results with revenue and online traffic.

You simply register on the affiliate marketing platform and start sending offers to partners. Once they accept, they can begin to promote you on the same day. This is a much faster process than SEO, content marketing, or other digital tactics.

10. Develop your niche

Because understanding your audience is one of the first – and most important – elements of marketing, affiliate marketing is critical to your e-commerce growth. Affiliate results will help you create a niche and place your products right in front of interested, interested prospects.

  • What brands are they following?
  • What factors influence?
  • What type of content do they find attractive?

When you enter into partnerships with partners to promote your brand, you will learn more about your audience. Evaluating your partnership successes (and not very effective), you get an idea of ​​where your audience hangs out on the Internet.


You need an affiliate marketing strategy to improve your customer relationships and strengthen the partnerships with the business and social authorities that you admire. This low-risk marketing style provides insights into customer behavior, helps you develop new growth strategies, and ultimately increases your revenue. Although the method will initially require your time and energy, you will soon find yourself in your own specific niche, and you will have time to focus on what is important to you – doing business.


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How to start a blog on Instagram: 4 steps

Where to start a blog on Instagram is an urgent issue for new users of this social network who want to competently start maintaining their page to attract attention, communication, promotion of their brand, etc. Everything is important here: from the profile name to the design of the point in the publication. So, I want to tell you the desire to work in Instagram and where to start instagraming now⇓. Forward!

Where to start a blog on Instagram. Step # 1

Before you start your blog, even before you register, you should decide a few questions:

  • Are you ready to pay full attention to your subscribers daily? Sitting constantly in the apartment and talking about the onset of autumn is not the best option for a blogger. For successful account management, you will have to visit interesting places, take a long walk, plan ahead – what will you tell the subscribers about, what else can you start a conversation if the selected topic does not gain popularity or quickly become obsolete? A professional blogger on Instagram always creates a content plan for a week, or even a month in advance. Then you will all be in control.
  • Choose a topic that you are familiar with, which will be easy for you to convey to people. Do not choose just popular topics, you yourself should like it. The most popular topics are: beauty, healthy lifestyle, fitness, cooking. If you are good at this, then there is nothing to fear, but remember that there is high competition. About what to do in such a situation, I will tell a little later.
  • What is your target audience? And it’s not just about gender and age. It is also important to decide what problem you solve for them, what you are interested in. From here follows the choice of account format, hashtags are compiled, etc.

Browse the accounts of already popular bloggers on your subject. What are they talking about, how are their pages designed? And I will tell you how they did it.

Instagram from scratch where to start. Step number #2

These items are expected by users of any social networking application. Once upon a time, you could enter the network online through a browser. Now everything is much simpler.

If you have never worked on Instagram and do not know where to start, then:

  • Install the Instagram application (if you have an iPhone, the App Store can serve as a platform for downloading, and Google Play for Android).
  • Go through a simple registration by entering your email address (the same procedure can be done via Facebook, in which case the Instagram application and your fb social network will be synchronized with each other).
  • Next, you come up with a username and password.

And now the fun begins.

Instagram from scratch where to start

Instagram from scratch where to start

How to become a blogger where to start instagram. Step #3

You, as a future blogger, have already decided what you will do on the social network? What exactly do you want to convey to users? Now you need to figure out what your profile will be like. Remember, I wrote about high competitiveness and said that I would tell you how to become the best? So here. Follow my advice, which is not taken from theory. I always advise my subscribers only what I tried myself.

One of the most important for solving the question of where to start earning on Instagram is the design of the header.

The profile header allows you to accommodate text with a length of not more than 150 characters. This is not so much, so information about yourself should be entered clearly, clearly and briefly. Despite this, your guest should immediately understand: on whose page he went and what your blog offers him.

In the profile header you indicate:

  • your name (real or nickname – based on the proposed subject of the account);
  • where are you from? where do you live?
  • your hobbies, work, hobbies;
  • What do you offer your subscribers?
  • possible links to your other social networks.

For readability of information and emphasis on important points, use emoji. But do not overdo it (the same applies to the availability of emoji later in publications).

Blog or store on Instagram where to start and how to continue? We proceed to the design of the profile and fill in all the fields.

  • Photo – your photo should be recognizable and understandable. For example, you can place a high-quality portrait or a picture with the label of your product / service.
  • Nickname – just like a photo, should be recognizable. The best option is your last name, or the brand whose products you offer to users.
  • Highlights (current) – saved stories that will help your subscribers quickly get answers to your questions. Most often, such blocks are made for reviews, promotions, most common questions.
  • History – a short video lasting 15 seconds, which will disappear (without saving to highlights) after 24 hours. The purpose of this message is to quickly and clearly formulate important information. Most often these are polls, links to your publications (for example, NEW POST) or Live broadcasts, which are gaining more and more popularity.

By the way, Live broadcasts have become popular not only for the promotion of goods, but also in order to discuss with the subscribers a walk along the beach in the winter.

Filling out? Make out? Fine. Now let’s talk about the most important thing: the context. It is the context that allows the guest of the account to decide whether to subscribe to you or never return to this profile.

What is the content that is important if you were wondering where to start selling on Instagram:

  • do not write the text with a “canvas”, it is better to break it into semantic paragraphs, make markers from a new line, and much more;
  • preliminary writing in a notebook or notes will help to format the text, and then just insert it into the publication;
  • emoji is the place to be where it is relevant, on what you want to focus (I repeat, you should not insert a lot of emoticons);
  • the text should be simple, even if your topic is serious, readability and presentation will allow subscribers to read the content with interest to the end.

There is also a trick when the text is very large, it is written in editors, and then they take screenshots and simply paste them into publications. Where to start an account on Instagram yet? Of course, pictures, photos, videos.

What can be said about photo and video publications:

  • unique frames will make your profile more interesting than hackneyed pictures from the World Wide Web (in addition, other people’s pictures reduce profile indexing by robot systems);
  • attract new perspectives on the presentation of information, focus on simple things so that the user is no less interested, even if it comes to spoons;
  • if you have a store, you should not fill everything with goods, dilute publications with funny selfies, beautiful snowfall outside the window;
  • choose the same color schemes for the photo, the same frames, type of design, etc.

Great ideas that allow you to expand the reach of users in the application, go beyond existing subscribers, tell about yourself to as many users as possible and are great for asking where to start promoting on Instagram are:

  • contests;
  • social surveys;
  • for product pages, promotions and similar other offers. For example, tell your friends about me and I will open a black box.

Where to start earning on Instagram in addition to registration. Step #4

It’s important to know in advance what you are offering your subscribers. Having decided on the topic of the blog, it will be easier to determine the design of the profile,

Examples of topics for every day, with which a novice blogger on Instagram can attract subscribers:

Day 1 – How did you decide to become a blogger? What do you want to share with subscribers?

Day 2 – Latest news on a topic of interest or in general.

Day 3 – What makes you happy?

Day 4 – Relations with neighbors: how to listen loudly to music?

Day 5 – Tell us about your musical preferences, what do you know about the author of your favorite songs.

Day 6 – The most common phone apps you use.

Day 7 – What games do you like? Strategies, simulations, logical or prefer an active lifestyle.

Day 8 – Your hobbies and hobbies.

Day 9 – The future is not as far as it seems. What do you plan to do in 5-10 years?

Day 10 – On foot to work / study / walk – something interesting often happens on the way.

Day 11 – First work. What did they save money for in childhood?

Day 12 – Go to the cinema / theater. Tell us about it.

Day 13 – Winter is coming. And what is your favorite season for visitors to your page?

Day 14 – How do you feel about tucked up jeans, cross-socks without socks, and in general – to modern clothing styles.

Day 15 – Beauty is a terrible force, but what about Botox in the lips, false eyelashes and nails, maybe an enlarged chest?

Day 16 – A circus with animals arrives. How do you feel about such “performances”? Do your subscribers wear leather and natural fur?

Day 17 – What about vegetarianism? Do you know that vegans and vegetarians are different people?

And then you yourself will figure out what to talk about with subscribers. If all of a sudden ideas are over, contact the guests of your page directly. Go for a walk, turn on the live broadcast, chat practically live with those to whom you have become interested. Make notes of what subscribers are writing, this will help prepare for the next day with a new idea that really interests users.

Remember that not only users make your page recognizable, but also the “robots” of the social network, ranking the profile for many points. Therefore, if we talk about why to post publications daily, then: there are users who go to instagram every 10 minutes, and there are those who visit the page once a week. This suggests that by posting publications daily, you will reach more subscribers. It is also worth calculating the time at which most often your guests are online.

What is blogging

We have already figured out where to start blogging on Instagram, but what does it mean to be a successful blogger, how to manage to not only gain subscribers, but also keep them?

There are only four important rules here:

  • in interacting ones with subscribers – communicate, engage in discussions, responds to directives comments etc .;
  • sincerity – people see when someone is angry, grimacing or simply not in the know about the topics that they are talking about, be honest, and do not be afraid of mistakes, typos, “kinolap” (you are also a person, you also have the right to do this);
  • beautifully and efficiently draw up your profile – it attracts, interests, encourages subscribers to read and read your publications further;

Blogging is a popular trend among young people of our century. Is blogging considered a profession? Let’s figure it out:

  • the presence of education – for information to be interesting to users, it must be able to correctly and correctly convey, and what can an interesting person tell who has not mastered any skills and did not go beyond his yard?
  • income generation – if you think that having shot several videos you will become popular, then blogging is not for you, only by creating interesting and high-quality content and collecting at least 1000 subscribers, you can expect to receive income from advertising that you will order.

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How To Make Money On Affiliate Programs On The Internet

Hello dear readers! Today I’ll tell you how to make money on affiliate programs on the Internet! This is a bit belated article because various affiliate programs have been around for a long time. They continue to work, and partners continue to earn money successfully. I will say right away that to earn money on affiliate programs you will need your public or website that has traffic. But, as I found out recently, many do without it, below I will tell you how. In general, in today’s article, I will share with you the colossal experience I have accumulated over many years of how to make money on affiliate programs on the Internet.

What is an affiliate program and how does it work

For many site owners, affiliates are almost the main source of income, for someone they occupy a decent part of the income, in addition to AdSense and YAN. I was no exception in this system of earnings and also have been using affiliate programs for many years. Next, I’ll tell you what.

What is the essence of affiliate programs

By participating in an affiliate program, you receive money for some actions that a user who clicks on your affiliate link from your site or group (Vkontakte, Facebook) will take. This action may be:

  • Registration on the website.
  • Newsletter subscription.
  • purchase or order of goods or services (information and training courses; services for providing, for example, legal or accounting services, and of course online stores).

Example: You post a bank affiliate program on your website. Your readers follow the link and apply for a loan at this bank. You are dripping, for example, $700  for each person who issued a loan through your website. And if you have a thematic site on loans and high attendance, then you can imagine how much you will earn on this affiliate program. And the most interesting thing is that you do not need to engage in advising clients, or hiccup and purchase popular products. All this is done by your partner, and you only get a percentage of this.

How the buyer/customer who came from you is recorded

For those who are just getting acquainted with affiliate programs, a logical question arises: how does a partner know that a client has come from you? Everything is simple. We live in the 21st century and our computers, or rather browsers, record our movements on the World Wide Web by storing cookies (kookie). The partner will see that the transition to the affiliate program was made from your Internet resource, after which you will receive the agreed reward.

Commission amount

The amount of remuneration for all is different. Someone is ready to give you 100% of the sale, in return for the customer’s return data (contacts, mail). Someone pay 10%, and someone 70%.

But there is a pattern:

  • Information products (training courses, training, video tutorials, etc.) the size of payments – from 50%.
  • Product affiliate programs – no more than 40%.

How to withdraw money from an affiliate program

In some affiliate programs, money is automatically withdrawn upon reaching a certain amount ($ 300, $ 1,000) or after a month. In order for the money to be withdrawn automatically, the service will require you to attach a wallet (for example Yandex Money ) to which it will withdraw the money you earned.

How to choose the affiliate program

There are many affiliate programs. When choosing a program, rely on your audience, the subject of the site or group. On the women’s website or group, you can place an affiliate program for cosmetics, jewelry or clothing. But there is general thematic. For example, games, or dating sites. In general, there is a lot of choices, the main thing is to try and select for your audience.

How to register for an affiliate program

Having decided on an affiliate program, you do not know what to do next. Everything is simple:

  • Register on the seller’s website of the product (service), as well as in its affiliate program. It is important to indicate your real data so that there are no difficulties with the withdrawal of money.
  • Register in electronic payment systems convenient for you (YandexMoney, Qiwi, Webmoney, etc.).
  • Get your unique link and additional materials from your partner (promotional codes, if any).
  • We promote and distribute your link in all ways convenient for you.

Types of Affiliate Programs

  • Disposable – you once sold a product (for example, an information course, training, lesson) and that’s all, that’s where your earnings from this affiliate program are over.
  • Reusable – you get a percentage of the company’s income that it received from the person who clicked on your link. Here your relationship with a partner is longer.
  • Regular – perhaps the most profitable and convenient and stable type of cooperation. Referrals regularly say monthly pay a partner company a certain amount of money for using their service. You get a percentage of this payment also every month.

Types of partnership affiliate

So, one of the first things that interests us in the affiliate program is what makes up earnings. Be careful and pay special attention to this.

  • Pay per click ( pay – per – click , PPC or cost – per – click , CPC ) is one of the lowest payments. It does not exceed more than three cents per transition. The thing is that you only pay for the passage of a potential client by reference. It does not affect whether he bought the product, ordered the service or not.
  • Pay per impressions ( pay – per – impression , PPI ) – the low pay rating continues to pay per impressions. In this case, it does not affect whether someone clicked on the link or not, you are paid only a couple of bucks for about 1000 impressions. Consider how many visitors you need on the site or in public to make a decent profit on this.
  • Payment for committed actions ( cost – per – action , CPA or pay per action , PPA or pay – per – lead , PPL ) is already more interesting. Under these conditions, you will be paid for those actions that the client clicked on the affiliate link: registration on the site, filling out a questionnaire or application for a loan, downloading a file. The remuneration here is already bigger, but you can think about earning.
  • Payment for making a purchase ( pay-per-sale, PPS or c ost-per-sale, CPS ) – people who click on your link must buy a product or service offered by a partner before you receive your reward. In many ways, the reader of your site to buy a particular product or service depends on you, on how you place a call to action. This is all in your interests, as the amounts here are completely different, you can earn much more on this. Here you can already talk about the percentage of profit (from 10% – 100%).
    To say that some of these types of partnerships is more profitable is not right. If you make your own efforts, then on any of the above conditions, you can earn decent money.

For More Infomation How to Make Money Online Enroll Our Course : Advanced Digital marketing Course


Pros and cons of earning affiliate programs


Simple and affordable. In order to earn money on affiliate programs, you do not need special knowledge of the code or anything else. Everyone, not even the most advanced PC user, has the skill of placing affiliate links, and talking about site owners is generally not worth it. I registered with the affiliate program – posted a link – received money. You do the work once and continue to make a profit all the time.
Profit. It’s really possible to earn on an affiliate program. The issue of price. Someone from the first days earns $ 2,000, and someone 300 $ per month. It all depends on you. I repeat, for many in the article “revenues”, affiliate programs take the second and even the first place.
No investment required. This is especially true for owners of their own sites, blocks, publics. You are not wasting anything but your time.

Cons :

Risks. As with any business, there are also risks. So for example, if you stay in a paid public, you will not get the desired result. Or by clicking on your link, payment will occur directly with the seller, and not through payment systems.
Unstable income. Do not forget that in the period from May to September there is low activity on the Internet, and on the contrary, before the New Year, people are more solvent and ready to say goodbye to their money. Do not forget about seasonal goods: heaters are not sold in July.

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Robots.txt file – what is it and why is it needed?

Today we will take a closer look at the robots txt file – what it is, why it is needed and how to work with it. The term robots txt is described on many sites and blogs. However, everywhere articles on this topic differ significantly from each other. But because users are confused in them, like a fish in networks. 

Robots txt file – what a terrible beast?

Robots.txt is a file. This is a standard text document saved using the UTF-8 encoding. It is created specifically for working with protocols such as:

  • https;
  • https;
  • FTP

The file carries an important function – it is needed in order to show the search robot what exactly needs to be scanned and what is closed from scanning.

All the rules, requirements, recommendations that are indicated in robots.txt are relevant only for a specific host, as well as the protocol and port number, where the file described by us is located directly.

By the way, robots.txt itself is located in the root directory and is a standard text document. Its address is https://admin.com /robots.txt., Where admin.com is the name of your site.

In other files, a special mark Byte Order Mark is put or it is also called the abbreviation for PTO. This mark is a Unicode character – it is required in order to establish a clear sequence of read information in bytes. The character code is U + FEFF.

But at the beginning of our robots.txt, sequential readability is neglected.

We note directly the technical characteristics of robots.txt. In particular, the fact that the file is a description in a BNF form deserves mention. And RFC 822 rules apply.

What exactly and how does the file process?

Reading the commands indicated in the file, search engine robots receive from the following commands for execution (one of the following):

  • scanning only individual pages – this is called partial access;
  • scanning the entire site as a whole – full access;
  • ban on scanning.

When processing the site, robots get certain answers, which may be as follows:

  • 2xx – the site was scanned successfully;
  • 3xx – the robot goes on forwarding until it succeeds in receiving another answer. In most cases, this requires five attempts in order to find an answer that will differ from 3xx. If no response is received in five attempts, a 404 error will be recorded;
  • 4xx – the robot is sure that it should scan the entire site;
  • 5xx – such an answer is regarded as a temporary server error, and scanning is prohibited. A search robot will “knock” on a file for so long until it receives an answer. At the same time, a robot from Google evaluates the correctness or incorrectness of answers. In this case, it should be said that if instead of the traditional error 404, a 5xx response is received, then in this situation the robot will process the page with the answer 404.

Robots txt file directives – for what purpose are they needed?

For example, there are situations when it is necessary to limit visits to robots:

  • pages containing personal information of the owner;
  • pages on which these or those forms for information transfer are placed;
  • site mirrors;
  • pages that display search results, etc.

How to create a robots txt file: detailed instructions

You can use virtually any text editor to create such a file, for example:

  • Notepad;
  • Notebook;
  • Sublime et al.

This “document” describes the User-agent instruction and also indicates the Disallow rule, but there are other, not so important, but necessary rules / instructions for search robots.

User-agent: to whom it is possible and to whom not

The most important part of the “document” is the User-agent. It indicates exactly which search robots should “look” at the instructions described in the file itself.

There are currently 302 robots. In order not to register each individual robot in a document personally, you must specify the entry in the file:

User-agent: *

This mark indicates that the rules in the file are oriented to all search robots.

Google has the main Googlebot search engine. In order for the rules to be designed only for it, it is necessary to write in the file:

User-agent: Googlebot_

If there is such an entry in the file, other search robots will evaluate the site materials according to their main directives, which provide for the processing of empty robots.txt.

Yandex has the main Yandex search robot and for it, the entry in the file will look like this:

User-agent: Yandex

If there is such an entry in the file, other search robots will evaluate the site materials according to their main directives, which provide for the processing of empty robots.txt.

Other special search robots

  • Googlebot-News – used to scan news posts;
  • Mediapartners-Google – specially designed for the Google AdSense service;
  • AdsBot-Google – Evaluates the overall quality of a specific landing page;
  • YandexImages – indexes Yandex pictures;
  • Googlebot-Image – for scanning images;
  • YandexMetrika – Yandex Metrik service robot;
  • YandexMedia – a robot that indexes multimedia;
  • YaDirectFetcher – Yandex.Direct robot;
  • Googlebot-Video – for indexing videos;
  • Googlebot-Mobile – created specifically for the mobile version of sites;
  • YandexDirectDyn – a robot for generating dynamic banners;
  • YandexBlogs is a blog search robot; it scans not only posts, but even comments;
  • YandexDirect – designed to analyze the content of affiliate sites of the Advertising Network. This allows you to determine the theme of each site and more efficiently select relevant ads;
  • YandexPagechecker is a micro-marking validator.

We will not list other robots, but, we repeat, there are more than 300 tons in total. Each of them is focused on certain parameters.

What is Disallow?

Disallow – indicates that it is not subject to scanning on the site. In order for the entire site to be open for scanning by search robots, you must insert an entry:

User-agent: *


And if you want the entire site to be closed for scanning by search robots, enter the following “command” in the file:

User-agent: *

Disallow: /

Such a “record” in the file will be relevant if the site is not yet completely ready, you plan to make changes to it, but so that in its current state it does not appear in the search results.

And a few more examples of how to register this or that command in the robots.txt file.

To prevent robots from viewing a specific folder on the site:

User-agent: *

Disallow: / papka /


To block a specific URL from crawling:

User-agent: *

Disallow: /private-info.html

To close a specific file from scanning:

User-agent: *

Disallow: / image / file name and its extension

To close all files of a specific resolution from scanning:

User-agent: *

Disallow: /*. extension name and $ icon (no space)

Allow – a team for guiding robots

Allow – this command gives permission to scan certain data:

  • file;
  • directives;
  • pages etc.

As an example, consider a situation where it is important that robots can only view pages that start with / catalog, and all other content on the site must be closed. The command in the robots.txt file will look like this:

User-agent: *

Allow: / catalog

Disallow: /

Host + to robots txt file or how to choose a mirror for your site

Adding the host + command to the robots txt file is one of several required tasks that you must do first. It is provided so that the search robot understands which mirror of the site is subject to indexing, and which should not be taken into account when scanning pages of the site.

Such a command will allow the robot to avoid confusion in case of detection of a mirror, and also to understand what is the main mirror of a resource – it is indicated in the robots.txt file.

At the same time, the site address is indicated without “https: //”, however, if your resource runs on HTTPS, in this case the corresponding prefix must be indicated.

This rule is written as follows:

User-agent: * (name of the search robot)

Allow: / catalog

Disallow: /

Host: site name

If the site is using HTTPS, the command will be written as follows:

User-agent: * (name of the search robot)

Allow: / catalog

Disallow: /

Host: https: // site name

Sitemap – what is it and how to work with it?

A sitemap is necessary in order to transmit information to search bots that all site URLs that are open for crawling and indexing are located at https://site.ua/sitemap.xml.

During each visit and crawl of the site, the search robot will study exactly what changes have been made to this file, thereby updating the information about the site in its database.

Here’s how to spell these “commands” in the robots.txt file:

User-agent: *

Allow: / catalog

Disallow: /

Sitemap: https://site.ua/sitemap.xml.

Crawl-delay – if the server is weak

Crawl-delay is a necessary parameter for those sites that are located on weak servers. With it, you have the opportunity to set a specific period through which pages of your resource will be loaded.

Indeed, weak servers provoke the formation of delays during access to them by search robots. Such delays are recorded in seconds.

Here is an example of how this command is written:

User-agent: *

Allow: / catalog

Disallow: /

Crawl-delay: 3

Clean-param – if it has duplicate content

Clean-param – designed to “fight” with get-parameters. This is necessary in order to exclude the possible duplication of content, which will eventually be available to search robots at various dynamic addresses. Similar addresses appear if the resource has different sortings or the like.

For example, a specific page may be available at the following addresses:

  • www.vip-site.com/foto/tele.ua?ref=page_1&tele_id=1
  • www.vip-site.com/foto/tele.ua?ref=page_2&tele_id=1
  • www.vip-site.com/foto/tele.ua?ref=page_3&tele_id=1

In a similar situation, the following command will be present in the robots.txt file:

User-agent: Yandex


Clean-param: ref / foto / tele.ua

In this case, the ref parameter shows where the link goes from, and therefore it is written directly at the very beginning, and only after that the rest of the address is written.

What characters are used in robots.txt

In order not to be mistaken when writing a file, you should know all the characters that are used, and also understand their meaning.

Here are the main characters:

/ – it is necessary to close something from scanning by search robots. For example, if you put / catalog / – at the beginning and at the end of a separate directory of the site, then this folder will be completely closed from scanning. If the command looks like / catalog, then all links on the site, the beginning of which is written as / catalog, will be closed on the site.

* – indicates any sequence of characters in the file and is set at the end of each rule.

For example, the entry:

User-agent: *

Disallow: /catalog/*.gif$

Such an entry says that all robots are prohibited from scanning and indexing files with the .gif extension, which are placed in the catalog site folder.

“$” – is used to introduce restrictions on the actions of the * sign. For example, you need to prohibit everything that is in the catalog folder, but you can also not prohibit URLs in which / catalog is present, you must make the following entry:

User-agent: *

Disallow: / catalog?

– “#” – this icon is intended for comments, notes that the webmaster creates for himself or other webmasters who will also work with the site. This icon prevents scanning of these comments.

The record will look like this (for example):

User-agent: *

Allow: / catalog

Disallow: /

Sitemap: https://site.ua/sitemap.xml.


Perfect robots.txt file: what is it?

Here is an example of a virtually perfect robots.txt file, which is suitable, if not for everyone, then for many sites.

User-agent: *


 User-agent: GoogleBot


Host: https: // site name

Sitemap: https: // site name / sitemap.xml.

Let’s analyze what this robots.txt file is. So, it allows you to index all the pages of the site and all the content that is posted there. It also indicates the host and site map, so search engines will see all addresses open for indexing.

In addition, recommendations for Googlebots are separately indicated.

However, you should not just copy this file for your site. Firstly, for each resource, separate rules and recommendations should be provided. They directly depend on the platform on which you created the site. Therefore, remember all the rules for filling out the file.

Other errors

  1. Errors in the file name. The name is only robots.txt, but not Robots.txt, not ROBOTS.TXT and in no other way!
  2. The User-agent rule must be filled in – you must specify either which particular robot should take it into account, or in general.
  3. The presence of extra characters.
  4. Present in the file of pages that should not be indexed.

What we learned about the robots txt file

Robots txt file – plays an important role for each individual site. In particular, it is necessary to establish certain rules for search robots, as well as promote your site, company.

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How to create a video blog on Youtube and make money on it

Greetings to all fans of the videos. You probably adore watching other people’s videos and have already thought about how to create a video blog more than once. This article contains all the proven tips and actionable recommendations. Using them, you will definitely understand where to start and how to develop your new business. The level of earnings depends on your aspiration, desire, performance and the correct choice of topic.

How to create a video blog on YouTube: step-by-step instructions

A blog with video recordings is called a vlog, a word that appeared relatively recently but quickly became popular. Youtube video hosting is best suited for posting video recordings. It is popular, convenient, has special tools for channel promotion. With the right approach, it is quite possible to achieve a high permanent income. Earnings depend on the number of views, the popularity of the video. Therefore, it is so important to make high-quality videos, and not to “fill” everything in a row.

1. Choose a topic


How to blog? First you need to decide on the topic. It is recommended to focus on topics that are interesting not only to potential viewers, but also to the author.

After all, to make a high-quality video about what does not cause interest in the author himself is almost impossible. Therefore, you should not focus only on trends. Be sure to consider your preferences.

If we talk about the most trending areas of vlogs, I will highlight the following topics:

  • features of the vision of online business and different earning options;
  • car repair and review of new brands;
  • gastronomic direction – cooking, original recipes, etc .;
  • movie reviews are not necessarily new, although it is the novelties that bring the most views;
  • playing sports and a healthy lifestyle;
  • overview of tourist places, rules for the selection of equipment, etc .;
  • unpacking of goods, especially if these are products from China;
  • any master classes.

It is recommended that the vlog is thematic, but it is possible to create a versatile channel.

2. Registration and registration

I continue to talk about how to make a video blog and go directly to the creation of the channel, its registration. To do this, you need:

  • Register Gmail
  • using it, log in to Youtube;
  • create a channel.

After creating, start filling out the channel:

  • select an avatar;
  • pick up a cover;
  • Provide a small but informative description.

For the avatar and cover, you need to select only unique pictures that are better made independently. They must be relevant to the channel theme.

Additionally, they recommend registering in WebMoney and be sure to get a formal certificate (for starters). The system withdraws earned funds to the system wallet. You can also pay advertising costs from him.

3. Preparation of the studio

When thinking about how to start a video blog, be sure to consider creating a studio. Gone are the days when a poor camera was enough. Today, the viewer has become more demanding – he needs:

  • sharp image;
  • Nice picture;
  • good sound.

By the way, it is not necessary to design a studio. If the theme of the video allows, you can see the recording directly on the city streets.

You already understood how to create a video blog, and now a little about what equipment will be needed:

  • even if it’s a small camera that shoots in high resolution (at least 1280 by 720, if the format is 16: 9 and not less than 640 by 480, if the format is 4 to 3);
  • light – not less than two sources (lateral and direct);
  • microphone – the viewer should hear you well. At the initial stage, even a small buttonhole is enough, the price of which is only a few dollars;
  • a tripod – a camera is placed on it, it allows you to avoid image jitter.

Do not neglect the equipment. The quality of the rollers depends on it. Accordingly, the number of your viewers.

4. How to conduct a video blog: Scenario

Before recording a movie, you should prepare a script. It helps to make the video logically built, understandable. Give viewers clearly structured information.

The script also provides for how additional material is needed – to shoot some video inserts, select images, etc.

5. Features of the feed

I continue to talk about how to conduct a video blog. We turn to the features of the filing of video materials. There are several proven and successful formats.

Direct appeal to the viewer. The author is shot in close-up, waist-high. Recording is on the same background. Such shootings are recommended for vlogs of serious subjects.

Voiceover. A video is shown on the screen, the author himself is not visible, but his voice is heard. Suitable for topics such as cooking, repairs, reviews of various subjects, etc.

Overall plan. In this version, the author is fully visible, in full growth. The surrounding background is clearly visible. A great option for training, overview of tourist attractions, etc.

6. Installation

One of the important points on how to conduct a video blog implies the mandatory installation of the shot video. It is almost impossible to do without it. Even an experienced blogger is not able to remove everything so as to exclude editing.

There are many programs for installation. Both professional and amateur:

  • Movavi Video Suite;
  • Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Sony Vegas
  • and others.

Try to work in several programs. So you will understand which is suitable for you, is the most convenient.

After installation, it is necessary to convert the video clip to a format that provides a high-quality picture:

  • Broadcast (image quality – 1080p, HD);
  • MPEG-2 (with the extension .MPG or MPEG-4).

Do you know how to make a video blog popular? It is imperative to provide an initial and final splash screen (do not make them long, a few seconds are enough), captions (for example, sign yourself as an author) and at least minimal special effects.

As a screensaver, even a simple static picture with the name of the vlog is suitable. And for special effects, special software is suitable. I will single out two programs:

  • Magic Particles 3D;
  • Particle Illusion.

If the home environment does not allow you to make a beautiful background, take advantage of the technology of chromakey. Its essence is that the author of the blog records video on a green background. Then you can substitute any picture in the program for editing.

7. Promotion, promotion

PromotionYou already understood how to create a video blog. But one of the important points is the mandatory subsequent promotion of the channel. That is, attracting viewers and subscribers to the channel. There are several possible options for promotion.

  1. Social networks. The video recorded and uploaded to Youtube is published on social networks. Not necessarily only on a personal page. Look for groups, communities thematically related to your channel and post a video there.
  2. Advertising as recommendations. That is, you find popular bloggers and negotiate advertising with them – they recommend your channel, your videos.
  3. Publish links to other resources. It can be forums, directories, blogs, etc.
  4. Viral video. Its essence is to record a video that will cause a “wow effect”. Users will quickly drag it through their pages on social networks, which will cause a huge number of views.

Contributes to the description and design. In particular, when creating a title for a video, filling in the appropriate fields when publishing it, you should definitely use keywords. So on the video will come users looking for something similar for a specific request.


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How to write content for a sales funnel

A sales funnel is a concept of involving a consumer in a transaction and starts from the moment you draw attention to a product until it is acquired. It aims to create such favorable conditions that will contribute to sales growth. Unobtrusively, subtly and competently building this entire path, taking into account the needs of the client, his capabilities.

Just adding keywords to content is no longer enough. A thoughtful and faithful approach is needed to solve the consumer’s problem and get the maximum benefit from the purchase. The variability of the record-keeping environment, the customer base dictates new directions. One of them is to create the right sales funnel, which will allow you to extract maximum profit for the business.

Proper content for every stage of the sales funnel

The answer to the question of how to write content for a sales funnel is in an important place for many. It is he who will be the global solution to the problems of attracting clients.

Correct spelling of content for a sales funnel will allow:

  1. meet stated business goals;
  2. achieve increased conversions and sales;
  3. determine the value of regular customers.

But this requires a generator of ideas and opportunities that will create a solid foundation for the development of your marketing strategy. Its distribution to all stages of the sales funnel will optimize and maintain conversions at each stage of the marketing sales funnel .

Our prerogative is the creation of attractive brands and reliable working content that can attract and retain the attention of potential consumers. Selling such assets to reputable sites allows you to reach a new level, to reach the declared heights.

It is important not only to correctly dispose of the available information but to correctly present it to customers, successfully outplaying situations and drawing the greatest benefit out of them. Formed mutual trust is the key to the success of each side.

The meaning of applying the right content creation for each stage of the sales funnel is the ability to determine the main stages of making a purchase decision, building proper communication with the client, taking into account not only needs , but also mood, desire and opportunities at each stage of this client’s journey.

The need to understand the sales funnel in action

A sales funnel is a tool that, in the right hands, can bring profit and success to any undertaking. Guided by the motives for making a purchase, understanding every step in the direction of the transaction, you can not just control the client, but lead him in the right direction. Unobtrusively and discreetly stimulate interest, awakening to make a purchase.

The chosen name “sales funnel” describes and conveys the whole point in the best possible way. It is as if a person by cone performs quite logical and understandable, but unconscious actions, moving from the base to the top of the spiral, starting from the awareness of the problem, which gives rise to interest in ways to solve it and, as a result, forming the desire to make a purchase.

For a more complete and global application of this tool, the whole mass of customers is divided into segments with similar interests, needs, behavior, prerequisites and management capabilities. This gives a chance to effectively use the sales funnel with maximum benefit.

Stages of target actions in the sales funnel

The correct understanding of the correct use of the sales funnel is actually described in several stages:

  1. Awareness, the origin of interest.

Awareness, the origin of interest

Awareness, the origin of interest

This stage is very important and decides the outcome of the case. This is the moment when a person is interested in a product. This hobby is characterized by the collection of information about the product, which will describe it from all sides, from advantages to disadvantages, taking into account the feedback from consumers. Therefore, it is necessary to do everything so that this information is the most complete, interesting, reliable and maximally profitably represents both the product and the company as a whole. This stage is a start on the way to the next degree.

  1. Test of interest.

The information received by man is the basis of his choice. Guided by the data obtained, a person begins to experience interest and desire to acquire. This leads to the next step.

  1. Decision making acquisition.

Decision making acquisition

Decision making acquisition

Studying the information, maintaining the comparative characteristics of the product, assessing selection priorities, ease of maintenance and other nuances lead the potential buyer to purchase.

  1. Purchase.

The very peak of the sales funnel is the stage of making a purchase when an undefined person becomes a specific buyer. His satisfaction with the purchase will lead him back to the place where he can repeat his feelings of an effective buyer, but at the same time acquiring something new. This will be possible only with the correct construction of the sales funnel.

The promotion of goods and services is possible thanks to many communication channels, the ability to convey information to the target audience remains an important point. This includes social networks, webinars, publications, the right keywords in contextual advertising, search engine optimization of web resources and more.

The ability to create a sales funnel is the key to success!

It would seem that there is nothing easier than to make a purchase. But this is far from the case, in particular, trading companies understand this. It is necessary not only to receive goods, but also to sell them. In addition to advertising, there are other methods of sales promotion .

Content marketing, built into the sales funnel, not only helps to promote services to the market but also effectively sells them. Knowledgeable people use this important argument and work in several directions at once. They advertise their services and create an image for themselves that will subsequently work for the business for many years.


The approach to the client is very important. Given the characteristics of each person, his purchasing opportunities, playing with desires, you can manage the system as a whole. Proper construction of all stages of the sales funnel gives a positive response in the form of reviews and recommendations from satisfied customers, which later becomes permanent. And this is a very good development trend.

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How to Start Your Career in digital marketing

If you don’t agree with the phrase “which digital, goes to the factory!”, Then read the Digital Growth World’s blog for knowledge related to digital marketing and its trends, To find out who is digital marketer & what he does, how to get the right skills and where to look for the first customers, Read this article on how to start a digital marketing career

Who is a digital marketer and what does he do?

The field of activity of a digital marketer covers almost all elements of the company’s presence in the Internet space. He selects and evaluates sites, studies the target audience, creates promotion strategies, uses advertising tools, plans and creates content.

As a rule, a digital marketing specialist manages the activities of narrower specialists (SEOs, copywriters, designers, Brand Management, Affiliate Marketer) sets the tasks and tracks the result. If we are talking about a small company or brand that is only discovering the benefits of promotion on the Web, then an Internet marketer can immediately do all the tasks on his own and alone if he/she is a business owner and wants to take the business online.

In both cases, for successful work, the marketer must know the basics of each direction and have certain skills.

Specialties of digital marketing and the tasks that they include

1. SMM – social media marketing

  • Lead communities in social networks, create, design and post content.
  • Launch advertising campaigns in social networks – targeted advertising, cooperation with bloggers.
  • Create and maintain a community, community around the brand. Various activities – contests, sweepstakes, etc.

2. SEO – optimization of sites for promotion in search engines

  •  Select the semantic core for the site – the main keywords for which optimization will go.
  • Attract traffic from search engines.
  • Optimize the site.
  • Analyze the results – identify successful and problem areas, adjust their activity.
  • Strive to ensure that the site takes the intended position in the search engine or rises as a whole as high as possible.

3. Email marketing

  • Collects and segments the base for mailing.
  • Create a distribution plan, generate ideas, write or control the writing of texts.
  • Test various ways of presenting information and design – from the subject title to the design of the letter.
  • Analyze the results, make changes.

4. Targeted advertising

  • Collect and segment the advertising base on social networks.
  • Create advertising teasers – ad text and photo or video illustration.
  • Plan a budget.
  • Set up an advertising campaign and evaluate its effectiveness.

5. Contextual advertising

  • Collect and filter the base of keywords by which ads will be launched.
  • Work with advertising tools Google Ads.
  • Plan your advertising budget and strive to reduce the cost per click.
  • Create advertising banners according to the requirements of the platform on which the advertisement is launched, test various ad variations.

6. Web analytics

  • Analyze site metrics using Yandex. Metrica and Google Analytics.
  • Draw conclusions based on data and think through actions to improve.

What skills should an online marketer have

The tasks of the marketer depend on the specifics of the business, the size of the company and whether he manages the team or performs most of the functions himself.

Let’s dwell on the basic skills that will be needed:

1. Creating a marketing strategy: You need to be able to think over the USP, prepare the product for launch on the market, calculate the risks, identify goals and objectives, write down actions to achieve them.

2. Market research: The marketer studies the target audience and segments it, analyzes competitors.

3. Promotion in the Internet space: It is necessary to have the basic skills of advertising and native promotion: to find and test various platforms, understand targeted advertising, plan and not “merge” the advertising budget, be able to work with influencers and find a common language with information partners.

4. Planning and creating content: A digital marketer should be able to create content plans and content matrices, analyze the demand for topics and formats, create illustrations and video content (or put the right technical specifications for other employees).

5. Resource management, organization of work of the Internet marketing department. An important skill is to properly manage available resources, to be able to organize several specialists on a staff or in a remote location, to ensure the adequate functioning of systems.

6. Analysis of the results of marketing efforts: Of course, without analytics anywhere. A required skill is to track the results of actions, note progress, pay attention to the jambs, and adjust the work based on the data received.

In addition to skills directly related to the profession, you will also need general skills (soft-skills):

  • To be able to defend their point of view, listen to the interlocutor, conduct a productive dialogue with him.
  • Properly plan work processes and organize your time.
  • To understand people – to be able to choose a reliable person and a good specialist.
  • Quickly search and process large amounts of information.
  • Be flexible and ready to learn, change and improve in the profession.

How to get the profession of an Internet marketer: training options

In order to become a digital marketer, higher education is not required, you can get the necessary skills both by studying independently and by taking special professional courses.

1. Learn everything yourself

Learning without teachers – an option for those who are good at self-education – can organize themselves, do not lose their motivation to study regularly, can structure and search for large amounts of information, highlight the main thing and cut off the excess. The above-mentioned skills themselves are very useful for an Internet marketer, so if you have them, then this is great.

2. Take professional courses

Signing up for courses is a more traditional and intuitive option. You can take full training in the Internet marketing program, or you can separately study specialties. Digital Growth World a.k.a DGW provides a 2 months certified training on Digital Marketing.

Advantages of professional courses and training programs:

  • You get knowledge in a systematic way, you do not need to collect everything yourself in pieces.
  • An expert sharing experience with you helps you look at work from a different angle.
  • Practical exercises help to consolidate the material, immediately practice what you have just learned.
  • Feedback from a professional is something that is very important for a beginner. It’s better to go through all the weaknesses in the training than to get negative feedback from customers later.

It is logical that if you want to get professional knowledge in an area in which you still have little understanding, you should contact an expert. But, unfortunately, in digital marketing, not every expert who calls himself that. Here are some tips to help you avoid getting into a grief-info businessman:

1. Do not buy the prospect of quick and easy money. Bypass the proposals in which they promise to tell you how to earn from Rs 10,000 a month, working for two hours under a palm tree. Such teachers are designed to ensure that you, blinded by the prospects of free income, attend one course after another. As a rule, programs consist of stages, at the end of each you are hinted that you are about to receive sacred knowledge, but there is still not enough of some key elements that will be given in the next stage.

2. Choose practitioners. Look at the teachers, who they are, where they work, what experience they have. Give preference to practices – if a person successfully works in his specialty, has made a career, can share practical knowledge – he has a lot to learn. Internet marketing is for practitioners, theorists will not give you anything. At DGW trainers are not just regular teachers but are also people who have implemented norms of digital marketing in their daily life and have scaled multiple online businesses with time.

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It is also important to understand that no professional training eliminates the need for constant self-education and monitoring of new chips.

How to search for first customers

After you have received the initial knowledge and are ready to take on real projects and earn money, it’s time to look for customers. Search features will depend on which of the two paths you decide to go to – become a freelancer / remote employee or work in the office.


If you want to work from home and look for projects on your own, you will need to learn how to organize a working day. Freelance gives you the desired freedom but imposes additional obligations – you yourself build your workflow, “pay” yourself sick leave and give leave.

Another blessing and at the same time the curse of freelance – you will have to independently search for customers and projects, agree on working conditions and payment. To do this, you need to establish an iron system to attract customers. The cheapest way is word of mouth. We already talked about how to launch this mechanism on Facebook earlier. In general, the principles are the same everywhere – get to know your potential target audience and colleagues, keep a page showing your professional look, give tips, offer your services, ask friends to recommend, collect feedback and share them on the page.

If you are scared by the prospect of catching orders with your bare hands in the turbulent rivers of social networks, but you still want to work at home under a rug, then choose a compromise option – a remote site. Many confuse it with freelance, believing that it is one and the same. However, in remote work, you have all the same responsibilities and often even the schedule that the employees in the office just shut down tasks from home.

Few Website to find freelancing projects:

  1. Freelancer
  2. Upwork

Office work

Want to choose a more traditional way and get an office? In this case, your main task is to find a company that will hire a person without experience. Immediately getting a job as an Internet marketer will not be easy. First, try yourself in one of the specializations: recruiters often look for copywriters, copywriters, content managers, etc. If the financial situation allows, you can apply for a free internship in a large company – look at the processes from the inside and gain good experience.

You can try yourself as an Internet marketer in a small company or just a startup that starts. Most likely, there is no well-established marketing department there and they will let you “take it easy”. They won’t pay much, but this is a good option for gaining experience. Try to squeeze the maximum – to collect a portfolio, to make case-by-case cases. This will be your ticket to move to the next level, where you are no longer just a green beginner, but a person with experience in implementing projects and solving problems.

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TOP 10 Trends of SMM Promotion

Many companies have been practicing promotions on various social sites for more than one year. Thanks to their activities, SMM – marketing has already accumulated enough knowledge and practical experience. By analyzing their activities, you can determine the most successful techniques and the latest trends that will help in the promotion and promotion of your brand in 2019. However, we have already done it! Bookmark this article if you plan to take your business to the next level. It will definitely come in handy for you!

1. SMM in several social networks at once.

If you thought to limit yourself to working with one social network – it’s better not to start. This is the last day. To reach the maximum potential customers, you will have to do SMM in several social networks at once. After all, ignoring some of them, you are depriving yourself of the opportunity to establish high-quality feedback with the audience of these sites. By the way, active communication with subscribers is another trend of content marketing in 2019.

Before starting an SMM promotion in social networks, you should consider a competent content strategy for all sites. Just duplicate articles and videos from one social network to another will not work. The audience at different sites is different, respectively, and the content should be different, adapted for subscribers. Of course, in this case, the work will take more time, and will require more effort from the SMM specialist. But it’s worth it.

2. Old promotion models are no longer relevant.

Everything flows, everything changes, including the algorithms that helped to promote the business on social networks yesterday. For effective work on attracting customers at different sites, do not forget to keep abreast, and study all the innovations of social networks popular in Ukraine. Well, or entrust SMM promotion to specialists who are aware of the most popular strategies for promoting a business on the Internet. And do not save. Creative and experienced SMM marketers will require a more substantial amount, but there will be much more benefit from their work.

3. Advertising on social networks.

Business is increasingly rapidly migrating to social networks, creating their representative offices at different sites. Therefore, advertising in social networks is becoming more effective and in demand. Accordingly, and more expensive. But what to do – such expenses are necessary if you want the business promotion business to progress successfully.

However, do not be sad – this tool quickly pays for itself, and leads a lot of new subscribers, which eventually become regular customers. In addition, the payment of an SMM marketer directly depends on the results of his work. Namely, from the number of clicks from an advertising post and further subscriptions. So the advertising budget will not be wasted.

4. More video content.

This trend, by the way, is not new at all. Videos began to gain popularity at the beginning of last year, and today this is one of the most important areas in content management and SMM.

Laconic, high-quality captured video is an excellent tool for promoting a business, completely replacing long texts. With the help of videos, it is easy to convey the necessary information to subscribers. An important detail – the videos should be interesting.

Separately, it is worth mentioning about streaming. Live broadcasts, which are conducted in real-time, have a great response from the target audience, inspire confidence among potential customers and contribute to the formation of a positive image of the company, open to customers. But this is only provided that the streams:

  • informative and useful.
  • Discover something new for people.
  • Show your company from different (of course, good) sides.

By the way, in order to shoot videos, you don’t need to invest serious money in video equipment or special lighting – in recent times this can be done literally “on the knee” using a mobile phone. The main thing is to think through interesting content that will catch the attention of viewers.

5. Mobile applications of social networks.

Mobile Internet in Ukraine is becoming faster and more affordable, and the diagonal of smartphones is wider. Not surprisingly, to view news feeds on social networks, users are increasingly using a mobile phone. Especially often they “sit” on social networks during a transfer from home to work, and vice versa. This should be taken into account when filing your page with content. There is a tendency towards a more fluent familiarization with information and a decrease in the concentration of attention of users. Therefore, the content you want to convey should be easy to read even on the run and while traveling on the subway or on the escalator. But at the same time, do not forget about the long reads (we will talk about them later).

6. Expansion of the functionality of social networks and the capabilities of mobile devices.

SMM marketers constantly have to adapt to the innovations that appear on social platforms. And they appear with enviable regularity because developers adapt to the interests of users. For example, today’s fashionable stories that recently appeared on Facebook and Instagram are not just a whim of developers. This feature met the need of users to download temporary content and expanded their capabilities. As well as the capabilities of SMM specialists, by the way.

7. Interaction with potential customers.

For communication with subscribers, social networks provide many tools. But today we especially want to once again note the streaming. This is not only video content that is already cramping broadcasts (according to Media Today, 85% of users will choose streams on Instagram and Facebook, rather than broadcasts on TV ). This is an opportunity in real time to comment on what has been seen, to communicate with event organizers and other subscribers, to participate in promotions or sweepstakes. By the way, according to statistics, the form in the record is less readily commented on.

A striking example of the effective interaction of the company and the audience through the stream is the enchanting sale of tickets for the Coachella 2012 festival during the live broadcast of the festival, which was conducted by the organizing committee in 2011. It took only three hours to sell all the tickets for the event that will take place next year!

What to show in streams? Anything that can interest your target audience. For example, the manufacturer of sportswear and goods Nike shows its subscribers live broadcasts from sports matches.

8. Longrid – the trend of 2019.

Yes, yes, we do not contradict ourselves. Longreads are as demanded as laconic posts. Here again, “tried” advanced technologies and affordable mobile Internet. Thanks to them, users have a need for informative content, which will brighten up their leisure time while traveling in public transport. Therefore, alternate useful articles and short informational messages on your page, and you will be happy.

9. Disappearing content.

The Instagram trend was especially liked by Instagram users. What is the “trick” of disappearing content? The knowledge that the information will disappear after 24 hours encourages users to familiarize themselves with it. Thanks to statistics, you will know how many subscribers your message saw.

10. Native advertising.

Good advertising in modern realities is one that is perceived as useful information or recommendation, and not as an advertising message. How to create such an advertisement? Share useful tips or professional secrets related to your field of activity on the page. Selling shoes? Tell us how to properly care for her. Do you sew clothes? Share information on what things are in fashion today, or how to choose a dress according to your figure.

11. Promotions, sweepstakes, like-times.

These methods of promotion in social networks are already familiar and “run-in” by many SMM specialists, but from this, they do not become less relevant. The most popular and effective method is to give a gift for “likes” or repost. Not new, but it always works if you want to attract new subscribers and increase the loyalty of old ones. It can also be used to present new products or services of a company.

To summarize.

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The coming year, as you see, continues the trends of past years. The Internet space is gradually evolving, and the main trend of 2019 can be safely called the “humanization” of brands, and, accordingly, the content published for their promotion. Yes, and the SMM methods themselves today are aimed at establishing contact with potential customers. Aggressive advertising, direct calls to purchase – all this does not work today. Today, users of social networks value their time too much and are ready to give their money only to manufacturers who are fully trusted. And we dare to assure – this trend will continue to develop.

That will allow you to succeed, and create a positive image with potential customers:

  • Interesting content.
  • useful articles.
  • High-quality streams and videos.
  • promotions and quizzes.

The right web development companies and SMM professionals will help you with this.

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