What You Need to Know About The Facebook Algorithm in 2020

Ever wondered how FB Works? It’s Algorithm today we will discuss the Facebook Algorithm in 2020. At the end of 2019, the average coverage of Facebook posts fell by 2.2%, which means that brands can rightly expect that only 5.5% of subscribers will see their posts. Large brands with a large audience can have even less performance.

Of course, the algorithm for generating a Facebook news feed is not the only thing that affects coverage (for example, the constant growth of the social network audience), but, nevertheless, this is one of the main factors.

Since 2018, the algorithm has been constantly updated, and Facebook is trying hard to increase the value and meaningfulness of the time that users spend on the network.

But in 2020, Facebook decided to focus on making its platform more open to users and giving people more direct control over what they see in the news feed. For example, Facebook conducted numerous polls, collecting data and opinions directly from users – what they are interested in and whatnot. And he even added a button to publications, clicking on which you can find out why the post is shown in your stream.

So, Facebook decided to focus on users. What should brands do? Spend money on paid promotion of absolutely every post? No worries, the Hootsuite team has put together strategic tips for working effectively with Facebook in 2020.

How Facebook Algorithm Changed

First, a little history:

  • In 2009, Facebook introduced the first semblance of an algorithm: a news feed began to take shape depending on the popularity of each post.
  • In 2015, Facebook introduced the “See First” feature, which enabled users to select the pages that should appear at the top of the feed. The platform also began to lower in the feed pages that posted too many publications with advertising subtext.
  • In 2016, Facebook began to give priority to posts from friends and family, as well as informative and entertaining content. The algorithm also began to measure the value of a post based on the number of times users spent watching it, even if they did not share or like. Live video broadcasts were also a priority, as they received three times as much viewing time as regular videos.
  • In 2017, the algorithm began to evaluate user reactions to the post (angry face, etc.) above ordinary likes. Also, the rating of video viewing to the end was added to the video rating.
  • In 2018, Mark Zuckerberg announced that now the news feed algorithm will give priority to posts that trigger discussions and meaningful interactions. The purpose of the innovation is to bring to the forefront quality, not the amount of time that users spend online, and also take more responsibility for how the platform affects its users. At the same time, brands had well-founded fears that their organic content would no longer be rated as highly as content from family, friends, and groups.
  • Since the algorithm prioritized posts that collected high-quality interactions (comments, reactions, responses to comments, sharing in the messenger), it turned out that companies had to have this involvement at a high level in order to get coverage to increase user engagement.
  • In March 2019, a study from NewsWhip showed that while Facebook engagement is increasing by 50% from year to year, changes in the algorithm also increase contention and insults on social networks, as they promote posts that excite people. At the same time, the algorithm began to track low-quality content and fake news from unreliable sources who knew how to trick the system in order to get the maximum attention of users.

The Facebook algorithm will probably always be in the process of improvement. So let’s look at what’s important for brands that want to improve organic reach.

How The Facebook Algorithm in 2020 Will Work?

Now the algorithm shows posts in the news feed in such a way that each user sees them in the order in which he will like the most and will be interesting. And for this, the system uses certain ranking factors.

Ranking factors are data on the past behavior of a particular user and the behavior in the principle of all users of the platform. For example, do people share this post with friends? How often does a user like his boss’s posts? What about mom? How often does he watch live events? What is his favorite band? How many posts are technically available to him now? How fresh are they?

Those. The algorithm weighs many factors before deciding whether to show you the same video with a little puma.

Facebook mentions three large categories of ranking factors:

  • Who the user usually interacts with
  • The type of media in the post (video, link, photo, etc.),
  • The popularity of the post.

In March 2019, Facebook announced a tool aimed at giving users more transparency and control over what is shown in the news feed. Button “Why do I see this post?” does exactly what it promises: it helps the user understand why the algorithm shows this particular post in the news feed.

It also allows people to “tell” the algorithm directly what is important to them and what is annoying. Those. Users can tell Facebook that they want to see fewer posts from a specific person or see more posts from a specific business page.

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In May 2019, Facebook conducts user polls to find out directly to their audience what content is important to them. The polls were as follows:

  • Who are their close friends
  • What posts (links, photos, videos) do they consider valuable,
  • How important is the particular group in which they belong,
  • How interested are they in the context of certain business pages to which they are subscribed.

During the processing of responses, the social network highlighted certain patterns, which were then added to the algorithm. For example, the pages and groups that users designated as the most important often were those they had long subscribed to, often interact, and those who had many posts and activities.

9 tips for working with the Facebook algorithm in 2020

What brands can do to be sure that their Facebook strategy matches the priorities of the social network algorithm:

Start conversations that will stimulate communication

According to Facebook, one of the key signals of the ranking algorithm is whether the user has previously interacted with this page.

 And since no one is going to interact with your page, as would be the case with the friend’s page, the likes and shares received during the lively conversation under the post will play an important role in increasing the reach of your future publications.

Therefore, you need to work hard before the algorithm begins to understand and pay tribute to the value of your page. At the same time, you don’t need to slip into low-quality ways of attracting likes and comments (the algorithm recognizes them and can lower the post and page in the feed), try to appeal to the feelings of users (even a video with kittens is useful here).

Post when your audience is online

Freshness is another ranking factor that is important when the algorithm chooses which post to show users. The newer the better. Published just now – perfect. To find out when your audience is online, it’s better not to rely on average data from general research, but to use special analytical tools.

Do not post content for which you may be lowered in the stream

There are several categories of posts for which, according to Facebook, the algorithm will immediately lower the page in the feed:

  • Links to sites that use copied content without any value,
  • Content that may be offensive, but not prohibited, as they say, “balances on the edge”,
  • Fake news,
  • Misleading health or treatment information,
  • Video with inaccurate information created to manipulate user reactions.

Post-high-quality videos lasting more than three minutes

In May 2019, Facebook announced that the news feed would show more quality and original videos. The following factors were strengthened in the algorithm:

  • Loyalty and intention: a video that users search and watch several times,
  • Video length and viewing duration: videos that users watch for more than one minute, and videos that last more than three minutes,
  • Original: videos that are not republished from other sources and which have their own value.

Also, do not forget about live video broadcasts on Facebook, which receive six times more engagement than regular videos.

Fast often

According to Facebook, pages that regularly post posts are more likely to be more useful to their audience. Therefore, the frequency of publications is a ranking factor that can affect how high your posts are in the news feed. So don’t drop the content calendar: a well-thought-out publication plan will help maintain audience engagement and attention.

Use groups that are important to your audience.

At the FB conference in 2019, it was announced that groups continue to be one of the most valuable parts of Facebook, according to user behavior. The key point here is the phrase Facebook, that people “can see more content from groups in the news feeds.”

What can brands do? Create your own group based on a page where you can conduct discussions, post educational content, solve user problems, and do not forget about entertaining publications.

Support Organic Posts with Paid Ads

While organic content can help strengthen relationships with your audience, Facebook ads remain the best way to increase brand awareness among your millionth social network audience.

Tell users how to prioritize content in the news feed.

As Facebook moves toward greater transparency in ranking news feed content, the audience has more control over what it sees. Therefore, tell your subscribers that they can put posts on your page in priority display in the stream. However, for this, you have to post just such content that subscribers will never want to miss.

Facebook Algorithm in 2020 -2

Use your employees as influencers

It’s great if employees love to talk about their company and brand. After all, they have friends and followers who might be interested in your page. 


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How to create a brand: 5 steps for beginners

The market sets the pace. Companies compete daily, businesses push each other off the playing field, partners, on the contrary, are looking for each other and all this in the hope of occupying their niche, falling in love with potential customers and increasing revenue.

Of course, the quality of goods or services is very important in this race, but today I want to talk about something else.

About the brand, image, which convey the values ​​and idea of ​​the company. Agree, if the company and its product impress you emotionally, then, most likely, in your personal TOP 10 it will occupy the first positions. And thereby gaining a client in your face.

What does it take to build a powerful brand that you want to buy and want to follow? We will try to understand this article.

Brand as a competitive advantage of a business

How does a brand affect a company’s future?

As I said above, the brand’s goal is to help businesses positively influence financial results. However, a good brand is aimed at the prospect of development. And for this very development to take place, a strategy is needed.

The outcome depends on how seriously you approach the matter. Let’s understand: how to create a brand, strategy and work for the result.

Having the idea of ​​creating a brand, you need to analyze and understand how the brand will meet the characteristics of your product (of course, you should have one).

It is no secret that the quality of the manufacturer does not always coincide with the opinion of the consumer.

Think about how the brand can influence the perception of people and positively imprint on the image of the company. A brand should help people not to think, but to buy.

5 Top Steps When Creating a Brand

Define your target audience

Who will you sell to? What does this person or group of people look like? What is he interested in and interested in? What is his marital status and hobby?

There can be many questions and the more detailed they are, the better the portrait will turn out.

Large companies do not just describe the image of their client, but also select a photograph of this person or people. And every time they think about something new, they turn to it, you can just say “look in the eye.”

People help us determine who and what we should be for them. Decide what your brand will be.

What is your main feature?

If you can’t give a definite answer, the brand may not shoot.

Your task is to tell about yourself so that people can distinguish you from thousands of others. This does not mean that you need to invent a spaceship, it is enough to be yourself and not like everyone else.

Openness, humor, decency, honesty in front of people should be reflected in the brand. Think about what you want to be in the eyes of the client. Trust is the key to future success.

Will the new brand have a face?

Some businesses attract celebrities to look attractive from the start in the eyes of customers. This way of launching gives considerable coverage and helps to “become overwhelmed”. And, if about 5 years ago, it was mainly used by foreign brands, today All people have learned to use it!

Already popular brands use the same trick to maintain their image and remain in the public eye.

Think about the visual component.

What color is your brand? What kind of graphic elements are typical of him?

Each element separately and all together must emphasize the identity of your company. People should be able to distinguish you from competitors.

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An important step in creating a brand is choosing a corporate identity. It’s like a man’s handwriting or signature – there shouldn’t be another.

Graphics, colors paint the overall picture and you can’t do without it. Decide if you will have a character. It can help to clearly distinguish you in the market and cause positive emotions for the audience.

How will you tell your audience about yourself?

Decide how you will communicate with your customers, where you will talk about yourself, answer questions, and whether at all.

This item is already more about brand marketing: you need to decide which channels you will use to attract customers for promotion. There are many channels, both online and offline.

Competitor analysis of the company

In order to stand out, you need to know among whom. A competently compiled analysis of competitors will help you to make competent UTP, highlight a unique advantage and thereby attract customers to yourself. Here is a list of criteria by which to analyze competitors:

  • Direct or indirect
  • Website (convenience, design, reporting of meanings, strengths)
  • Offer
  • Mission (is there, if so, how competently broadcast)
  • Social networks/blog, whether the content is posted
  • How are they progressing, which channels are using
  • What are their strengths/weaknesses

It is enough to analyze the 3-4 main competitors.


  1. If you had an idea to create a brand – create it!
  2. If you don’t know where to start your journey, read our little guide: 5 steps to create a brand.
  3. Drop doubts – act!
  4. The idea should not remain unrealized – translate!
  5. A small step is the foundation of great achievements.

And what would you recommend to beginners who are trying to cling to their idea and implement it?


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10 best ways to make money on Instagram for 2020

For those who are looking for the opportunity to earn money, the Internet offers interesting options for developing your business. Instagram is no exception, and if you take it seriously, success will not keep you waiting. We will tell you what the peculiarity of a social network is, how to make money on Instagram in 2020, how to do business, what to sell.
The advantage of the network is its popularity, accessibility (the Instagram application is always at hand ) and minimal investments in doing business on Instagram.

Ranking the best ideas for business on Instagram without investments

Entrepreneurs have learned to use a social networking site to promote their services and goods. This allows them to get potential customers. Consider the 4 best ways to make money on Instagram, the rating is based on real experience.

Idea 1. Earnings on likes and subscriptions

Making money on likes and subscriptions is the easiest job on Instagram. There are exchanges on which customers pay a fee for clicking on the “heart” (like), subscribing, or write a comment. This work on Instagram is suitable for beginners, even elementary school students will cope with it.

Idea 2. Sale of goods

promotion of their services Instagram is a great service for selling goods and services. You can sell everything on Instagram from a business account: clothes, leather goods, products of own production, shoes. Sell bedding, kitchen utensils, cosmetics, seedlings, hand-made products, and other products.

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What services do entrepreneurs on Instagram offer: cosmetic procedures, nail services, interior design, landscape design, furniture production, photo, and video filming. Nutritionists, business trainers, designers, lawyers offer their services.

Idea 3. Advertising posts on Instagram

You can earn revenue from advertising posts if you have created an account for 10 thousand subscribers.

The scheme is simple:

  • in your publications or comments,
  • you enter a company hashtag;
  • Your audience follows the link;
  • You get the money.

We can not say about some of the nuances. Advertising posts should not be abused, a large number of links and hashtags hinder the perception of content, this repels subscribers.

An account with 30 thousand active subscribers can count on the income of 25-30 thousand Rupees. per month.

Idea 4. Selling a photo

The business of Instagram selling photos can bring income. What can I sell through social networks, what photos? If you took unique photos at a suburban area, at work, at a flower show, metro, airplane, clinic, all these pictures can be sold.

What you need to do to sell photos:

  • Register your account on the service.
  • Post and specify the pictures you want to sell.
  • Find a buyer, agree on the cost.
  • Get money.

A couple of tips for making this business profitable:

  • try to make exclusive “live” photos;
  • write a few keywords under each picture, this will help you find exactly your photos.

You can put your photos on photo stocks, but you can get more for them if you sell directly to owners of other sites. We ’ll clarify that even the sold photos will belong to you, you can publish them yourself and put up for sale, the higher the income.


Idea 5. Income from affiliate programs

Another simple business on Instagram is earning from affiliate programs, the income from which can amount to 50 thousand rupees. per month.

The revenue plan is similar to network marketing. How does it work:

  • Register on the website of your chosen company.
  • By registering, you become a partner of this company, get an affiliate link.
  • In Instagram, when communicating with the audience, talk about the product you have chosen, in the post specify the link to the product.
  • If your subscribers follow the link and purchase this product or service, you will be paid a reward.

Some companies even pay for registration on the site. You can also purchase all products at this link. The cost will be partially refunded to you in this case.


Idea 6. Blogging

If you have something to share with others, this is the job for you. How to make money on Instagram by blogging?

The first step is to choose an interesting topic. You must be good at it. A blogger at Instagram can make a decent profit, but there must be a large number of a live audience, from 10,000 subscribers. Visitors should be active, like, participate in discussions, click on advertising links.

The artificially wound audience will not be interested in advertising. This means that in advertising, you will not earn anything. Advertisers study click statistics on sponsored links.

How to make money on a blog using advertising:

  • an advertising post is created, or, already ready advertising content from the advertiser, it is preferable to use unobtrusive text rather than overt advertising;
  • the producer is mentioned in the content and its hashtag, the link is inserted;
  • the text is published;
  • the blogger gets paid.

Advertisers can be searched independently; services such as Sociate, Pibber, Epicstars have been created to help. Also, advertisers themselves can reach you if on your blog you periodically mention products of this brand. However, you should not impose products on your subscribers too much, annoying advertising will scare away the audience.


Idea 7. Account Administrator

Unfortunately, such work on Instagram is not suitable for beginners, here you must have the experience of administrator and moderator of accounts on social networks. You can find an administrator job on freelance exchanges.

What does the administrator do:

  • Searches for new topics prepares and edits publications;
  • selects, processes, publish photos, video content;
  • conducts a dialogue with profile subscribers;
  • looking for new ideas to attract new subscribers;
  • Searches for new advertising platforms collaborate with advertisers;
  • analyzes profile statistics;
  • Search for new directions and strategies for the development and expansion of the audience.

Where can I find an account administrator job? You can place your offers on freelance exchanges, where customers place vacancies. You can associate with a blogger personally if you understand the subject matter, you can offer good content, you have sensible suggestions.


Idea 8. Printing photos

The next option, how to make money on Instagram, is to print photos from Instagram. Today, everyone stores photos in the cloud or on a memory card. This is convenient enough, but most people never review them again. Few people find time to make a selection of pictures, print them and compose them in one album.
Therefore, the creation of photo books is a fairly demanded service. The product looks like a hardcover book that contains interesting photographs.

Photo books are ordered as a gift for an anniversary, wedding anniversaries and dating, for the New Year, Valentine’s Day. Conduct an advertising campaign on the eve of the holiday, and you will secure yourself with orders.
It is advisable to create a personal website designer where your customers will upload their photos for the book. You just have to print the pictures and place them in the book.

Idea 9. Selling a digital product

If you have your own sufficiently promoted account, you have experience in any field, you can create a unique digital product containing useful information. In other words, this is a book, a textbook in electronic form.

How to do it:

  • You have your own hyped account and a trusting relationship with the audience.
  • You offer your digital product.
  • The buyer purchases and pays for the goods in any way.

In order to prepare a digital product for consumers, it is necessary to study the needs of people. Information can be found in social networks, as well as the most common requests. Do not do without advertising your product.

Take an interest and get new ideas from competitors on Instagram, subscribe to them. You cannot completely copy texts published by competitors.

Idea 10. Promotion of Instagram accounts

This earning option is popular. Store owners often create social media accounts to promote their products. They need specialists who will deal with texts, photographs, and advertising. To get this job, you must have experience in promotion in social networks.
If you have never done such a job, you need to thoroughly study this work and its nuances.
The scope of the activities of specialists in the promotion of accounts includes such work:

  •  increased activity of subscribers;
  • Seo account optimization;
  • content creation, filling business pages with the necessary information;
  • registration of a business profile;
  • targeted advertising;
  • buying ads on sites of similar subjects.

If the company is large enough, several specialists can work with accounts on social networks. Small enterprises invite one, but a sensible, specialist to work.

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Top 20 Social Media Marketing Take Off Tips

Want to take your Social Media Marketing strategy to the next level?

Review your strategy and approach to attracting an audience. To increase the effectiveness of SMM strategies and gain a competitive advantage amid a huge amount of content, follow these top 20 tips:

Top 20 Social Media Marketing Tips

Use special software to publish and monitor the effectiveness of your posts. Choose a tool that complements your marketing efforts and is easy to use.

When was the last time you did an audience study? According to the Buyer Persona Institute, you should create a person based on a survey of recent buyers (who made a purchase in the last 30-60 days but no later than last year). Be sure to update your data every year.

Consider additional channels such as Instagram or Pinterest. Choose the platforms that your customers use. Go beyond the main platforms – Facebook and VKontakte.

Include social media in your overall publishing plan. Social media content should be a priority part of your marketing plan, not a secondary issue.

Keep the unity of your voice and message, follow the recommendations for writing marketing content and posts for social networks.

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Share not only the content of industry authorities but also the records of your customers and employees. So you motivate them to actively interact with your publications. Also, contact the best authorities and ask them to share your blog entry or create unique content on a topic you propose.

People like to do business with other people, not with companies. Publish posts about your organization’s participation in charity events, important business meetings, and recent holiday parties.

You can use the icons of social networks on the site, or in the email signature. But do not limit yourself to just icons and add links to thematic posts on social networks. Invite users to interact with a specific post.

Do you want employees to interact with your content and share it in their social circle? Offer a reward to those of them whose reposts will be most popular.


Hire a professional with outstanding SMM experience to be in charge of profile management. Give him access to analytics and let him make changes to the SMM strategy.

Your social media posts should not be the same for all channels. Each platform engages users differently. Optimize your messages so that they match the selected social network.

Use different content formats: videos, photos, quotes, animations, and live posts. Prefer quality over quantity. There is a huge amount of content online, use the most interesting formats to stand out.

How to find out which ones to use? Determine which hashtags are popular in your industry.

Do not limit yourself to links to the home page, redirect users to useful and relevant posts.

Interact with other people’s content with the same audience that you have and from the same industry as much time as you allocate to publish your own posts.

Follow the posts of competitors and subscribe to their accounts. So you can understand how to get a competitive advantage.

Set goals for your strategy using the SMART principle. Goals must be specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound.

People may stop interacting with your content if you constantly try to sell them something. Instead, you can simply add a link to the price list or stock information.
If you send out too many messages, you will begin to annoy the audience. Give preference to quality over quantity.

Put your soul into your posts and publish only interesting and relevant content. Your readers will appreciate it.

Follow these simple tips and your SMM will be even more effective.


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10 Ways To Increase The Number Of Subscribers On Your Youtube Channel

Creating a YouTube video can be fun and interesting. But when it brings neither views nor subscribers, the idea of ​​becoming a famous “YouTuber” may seem impossible.

Increasing the number of views and subscribers is the first step to becoming a famous blogger. Not many people know, but in order for people to find your channel and subscribe to it, you will have to spend as much time on its promotion as on creating it.

In this article, we will talk about some tricks that will help you get new subscribers and increase the number of views.

1. Post at least one video per week

YouTube users who publish content more often get an SEO advantage, since a large number of their videos are ranked by more keywords. Behind this is a fairly simple logic: more videos ⇒ more keywords ⇒ more reach for a new audience ⇒ more new views and subscribers

Another obvious advantage of frequent publications is that people who stumble upon your channel should see that it is being updated, and not just lying “dead weight” on video hosting.

2. Add a subscription channel watermark to the video

Did you know that YouTube allows you to add watermarks to all your videos? You can create your own watermark when clicked on, viewers will subscribe to your channel. This elegant and simple way can work wonders because users will always remember that they need to subscribe to the channel. At the same time, you will finally be able to say the less and less hackneyed phrase “Subscribe to my channel!”. For your convenience, we have found a free program that allows you to overlay these watermarks.

3. Think about keywords when creating a video.

According to the study, information queries that answer questions from the “How?” Series have grown by 70% over the past year. In Russia, over the month the question “How” is asked more than 3.9 million times.

Always try to stay up to date with the latest trends and create keyword-targeted videos that will help you in the long run.

To search for keywords on YouTube, it is better to use the TubeBuddy service, which allows you to see the competition for keywords, the number of requests for certain phrases, the difficulty of getting into the top 1 results, and much more. Competent optimization of key phrases in the text, description and in the video itself will allow you to get into the tops of search results.

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Interesting fact! YouTube’s algorithms have long ago learned to recognize the speech of bloggers in a video, which means if you repeat the keywords you want with your voice, it will be easier for the algorithm to understand what topic you’re talking about, which will also positively affect the search results of your video.

4. Create playlists on your channel

Channel playlists can be a very useful tool for viewers who are interested in your content. By categorizing the video, you’ll make it easier to navigate the channel, and you’ll decide for yourself what users should watch next.

Example playlists:

5. Respond to all comments on the video

For YouTube, as for all other social media platforms, engagement is one of the most important. And if your viewers leave comments, you must respond to each of them in order to increase account activity in this way. By responding to comments, you will rise faster in search results.

6. Add an active channel subscription link in the video description

n the description for each video, you can add text in which users will be asked to subscribe to your YouTube channel. This is a fairly simple but effective way to increase the conversion from viewing videos to subscriptions.

7. Translate popular videos into other languages

If you have a video that is gaining a lot of views and is in the top SERPs, then this will be a very good decision to translate it into other languages. You can see which country you have the most views from and adapt the translation to a specific audience.

Adding translations to other languages ​​will allow you to get more subscribers and views from other countries, thereby removing the geographic restriction from your video.

8. Use End Screensavers

By linking videos to each other, you can keep viewers on your channel much longer, increasing their interest in the content. The more videos a user watches, the higher the chance that they will subscribe to the channel.

9. Shoot videos with other Youtube

For some reason, a lot of novice bloggers are afraid to get in touch with each other. But it’s precise with small channels, the most loyal audience that responds very well to integration. At the initial stage, a joint collaboration with another blogger can be the most profitable way to attract a new, hot audience.

10. Chat with bloggers from other platforms

You can shoot collaborations not only with YouTube but also with bloggers from other platforms. Approach the development of your channel comprehensively, because by and large it doesn’t matter where people follow you from. If you shoot videos on some professional topic, then send the video to various media, they will be happy to post your video, because for them it is free content.

Wherever your target audience is, you must find people with whom you can shoot some kind of joint project. Do not be afraid to send 50 or even 100 proposals for collaboration, because even if only 3 people agree, it will still be another step towards success.


You need to use several promotion strategies to increase the number of subscribers on the channel. Try each of the tips listed above and you can figure out which method works best for you. Launching your YouTube channel is quite a difficult and time-consuming task, but if you systematically do this, the results will not belong in coming.

If you have any questions about promoting your videos on YouTube and increasing the number of subscribers, you can ask them in the comments below, I will be happy to answer them!

Thank you for reading to the end, and good luck!)


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Google first page How to get there?

Learn how to get your website’s search results on the first page of Google.

Why is the first page of Google so important?

Google is omnipotent. It scans the Internet, determining which pages are most useful and relevant for its users on virtually any topic. We do not just trust Google results, we rely on them – to make decisions throughout the day for every aspect of our lives. With such tremendous power and influence, bringing small business to the front page of Google may seem unrealistic. However, it is this power that Google has that makes it possible to get on the first page of Google results higher than ever.

Why the top of Google is even more important

Google search results are becoming more reliable – with knowledge panels, answer fields, extensible related questions, local results, and more. With many ways to stand out, working for a top rating is worth the effort.

Top ratings mean significantly higher clickthrough rates.

It’s a well-known fact that the first page of Google captures most of the traffic, but did you know that there are significant differences in clickthrough rates for better and lower results? The SmartInsights study shows the following click-through rates for a Google position:

• First result: clickthrough rate of 36.4%.
• Second result: clickthrough rate 12.5%.
• Third result: clickthrough rate of 9.5%.

The clickthrough rate continues to decline, down to 2.2% for the 10th result (usually on the page there are no more than 10 regular results, and now even less with local results, advertising, answer windows and other new features. If you are not in the Top parts of Google search results you miss a lot of clicks

Get immediate exposure

Remember that the best Google search results now also populate the Position Zero answer fields, as shown below:

Getting the first place on Google can lead to you getting into one of these fragments on the first page, which will give your business an immediate idea and increase your credibility.

Share at the top of the traffic

A study found that Google’s best results capture 33% of search traffic. The closer to the start you can place your site on Google, the better your presence in the search and brand authority will be.

How does top-page ranking benefit your business?

This is the first page of GOOGLE. What else do you need to know? In fact, much needs to be known. It is important to understand the various goals that a top-ranking can help your business achieve.
1. Improve your visibility
Let’s say you have a brick and mortar location. If you had a choice between placing your business on the main road passing through the city, or on a quiet side street, which one would you choose? The main road, of course.

With 167 billion search queries per month, getting to the first page of Google is like placing your business on the busiest road in the city. The more people see your site, the higher your brand awareness. The more consumers familiar with your brand, the more they will be susceptible to conversion activities.

2. Does your Google list appear first?
But what if you had to choose between the main street of a diverse city or the city of ideal customers? There are as many first Google pages as there are search queries. Your goal is to get to the first page with the requests that your ideal customers fulfill. Thus, you find consumers who are searching the Internet with the intention of buying or attracting. These people are likely to turn into potential customers and clients for your business.

3. Increased interaction
According to Adweek, 81% of buyers do online research before buying, and Google is what it takes. With answer fields, the People also ask section and local results showing contact information, maps, reviews, ratings and descriptions, only the Google search results page allows consumers to recognize, compare and interact with your company without even having to click a button. to your result.

4. Drive traffic to the site
Fragments and response fields can provide only so much information. Although the search engine results page itself can sometimes provide all the information that a person needs, there are still a number of queries where people inevitably go to the website. Do not forget that often it takes several interactions with the business before a person turns into a client, so interaction with your site is important.

Not only that, on the first page of Google, traffic to your site increases dramatically; The absence on the first page of Google has a huge flaw. In fact, the first page of Google captures at least 71% of web traffic (some sources say up to 92%), and the second page is far from the nearest second: it drops to 6% of website clicks. This sharp drop in web traffic is an indication of how important Google’s front page is.

5. Increase your credibility in the industry.
Getting on the first page of Google requires the regular creation of high-quality content, which, as Google recognizes, satisfies the needs of its searchers. It takes time, but the increased traffic and trust that results will be worth the investment.

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In addition, regular updates on your industry and business will require you to keep abreast of what your target audience wants to know, as well as the latest updates in your industry. Appearing on the front page of Google is very important because it facilitates the development and maintenance of a reliable knowledge base on which your business can stand firm.

6. Build trust
The Google algorithm is designed to detect spam, suspicious and low-quality content. If you constantly appear on the first page of Google, it means that Google recognizes you as a reliable source of information, and consumers trust those companies that Google trusts.

7. Build your audience
As mentioned above, to get to the first page of Google, you need to create high-quality, evergreen content. This type of content is a gift that continues to give; it can be redistributed and redistributed through various marketing channels, including social networks, email, and paid advertising.

Your promotion efforts on the first page of Google will provide you with more material and more opportunities to interact with your target audience, attract potential customers and maintain faith in the head.

How many different ways can you get on top of Google?

Getting on the first page of Google is not only a common goal for small business owners but also quite achievable. Google focuses not on quantity, but on quality. As a result, a larger company or a larger budget does not equate to the highest level. Google’s algorithm is driven by several factors, and because the Google results page contains many different components, there are also various types of media that can achieve the status of the first page.

How to use your site to get to the first page of Google

The practice of aligning your site with ranking factors in search engines is called search engine optimization (SEO). You do not necessarily optimize the search engine of your entire site at once, but rather each individual page on your site. Here’s how to do it:
1. Define your keywords
First, determine which search queries you want Google to respond to on your site’s pages. They are known as keywords, which, incidentally, can be single words or phrases.

Examples of keywords include:

• “Laws of the MA tenant”
• “The salon is next to me”
• “Repair of the air conditioner”
• “How to damp the leaking roof”
• “How to get to the first page of Google”

Each page on your website should target a different set of keywords so that the pages do not compete with each other.

The right keywords for your business are the ones that your ideal customers recruit to get the products and services they need.

2. Tell Google your keywords

Google works by scanning the web, inventorying millions of existing pages and storing them in an index. When a user searches, Google can crawl its more ordered index (rather than the entire Internet) to quickly get relevant results.

Thus, another important step to display on the first page of Google is to make it easy for Google to crawl, index, and retrieve your site. Do this by placing keywords in the following places on your web pages:

• Headline
Each blog post and page on your site has a headline. This title appears at the top of your page, but also as the title of the list of this page in search results.

• Meta description
A meta description is a small ad that appears under the heading in Google search results. In addition to telling Google what your page is about, the meta description quickly tells the search engine what it can expect if it clicks on your page, increasing the corresponding clicks on that page. Therefore, the meta description helps Google put your company on the right front page for the right searches and helps Google search engines keep it there.

• URL-
address of the URL- address – this is basically a fancy name ‘link. ” It consists of your domain name (for example, thrivehive.com), followed by a slash, followed by text separated by dashes. For example, the URL of this page: thrivehive.com/get-on-the-first-page-of-google/

Including keywords in your URL will help Google quickly determine what your page is about. In addition, the URL appears between the title and the meta description in the search results. A clean URL that matches the page title is more attractive and trustworthy for users and is better suited to appear on the first page.

• Alt Tags
Google can see images only if the image has a text alternative (aka alt tag). If your alt tag contains keywords, Google can determine the further relevance of this page and feel more comfortable by placing you on the first page of search results.

3. Write to people

Of course, the body of your page’s content is the most important place to include keywords for which you are trying to rank. However, it is imperative that these keywords are not entered systematically and excessively, but are included naturally. In fact, Google can now detect keyword populations, and if it does, then you will be far from the first page of your results.

4. Highlight the location

Another way to get your site’s pages on the first page of Google is to focus on location requests. Make sure your city and/or geographic region is clearly indicated on your website, through the contact page and possibly also through blog posts and service pages. Thus, when people search for “your industry” + “your city”, Google will pick up this information and show your business as a search result “next to me”.

5. Optimization for mobile

You will not find a site at the top of a Google search that is not responding. Consumers now use phones and tablets more than computers and laptops, and most local searches are performed on mobile devices. As a result, Google favors mobile websites. Adaptability is ideal as your website will adapt to a screen of any size and maintain functionality. However, if you do not have a responsive website, you can make changes to your website to provide the most convenient work for a mobile user.

How to use your listing to go to the first page of Google

In addition to the pages on your website, listings of your business directories may also appear on the first page of Google search. Here is what you need to do:

1. Create Google My Business Listing

Google My Business is turning into one of the most powerful (not to mention free) tools for local business owners. Google Maps and Search use Google My Business listings to display local results. Creating a Google My Business profile is a quick and easy way to get your company to the front page for a location search. Make sure that you fulfill your applications and verify your data so that you can track, maintain and optimize your data.

2. Optimize Your Google My Business Listing

Do not just create a list and hope that it appears for one or two searches. Optimize your data in Google My Business for maximum visibility. Here’s how:

• Complete each section of your profile.
The more information you include in your Google My Business list, the more queries will appear on the first page. In fact, complete Google My Business listings receive an average of 7 times more clicks than incomplete.
• Do not change your name. Always
use the same name for your business. Google does not like inconsistencies – even such minor ones as Co. or Company.
• Update your information.
It is impossible to find your business, show it closed or get an operator when you try to call not only to retain customers but also force them to distrust your business or write a negative review. Stay on top of your Google list and make the necessary updates and changes so that you can trust it enough to be at the top of the list.
• Get
Google reviews. Google search users love to see what other people think of business, so it’s not surprising that companies with more positive Google reviews appear on the front page. Ask customers in person and create a review link so you can easily promote reviews on your online channels.
• Upload photos to your lists.
Google My Business is committed to providing consumers with as much information as possible about the company, even before they encounter it. This includes how it feels to be in this business, so be sure to upload photos that show not only the products and services your business offers but also the atmosphere and people who visit it often.

8. List your business in other directories
Google My Business is very effective, but you should still create and optimize listings in other popular directories such as Yelp. Firstly, since Yelp has high traffic and is widely trusted by Google, your company’s Yelp page can appear very well on the first page of Google for relevant searches. Secondly, because a solid list with positive reviews improves your online presence in general. An online review and links from other trusted sites send signals to Google that appear in the ranking algorithm.

As with your Google My Business listing, make sure that the rest of the listings of your online directories are complete and accurate, consistent across platforms, updated, and that you collect feedback and respond to feedback. Remember to add photos to your online listings.

To get into the top Google or even just improve your ranking is very doable even for small businesses. It takes work and time, but it is one of the most important things you can do for your business. Knowing where and how to make adjustments, you can make your business what it deserves.


Know-How Digital Marketing Can Help You

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Mobile Marketing Trends 2020: 5 Key Points

Go mobile or go home – this statement became the main one for most marketers in 2020, and trend watchers were in search of something new and interesting. Introducing 2020 mobile marketing trends you should definitely pay attention to it.
Today we find ourselves under the “bombing” of email, push notifications, videos, text messages, and they all go through our smartphones, which is always and everywhere with us. In 2020, the mobile sphere plays an even more important role in our lives. Markets have become more mature and leading players are fighting for dominance.

1. The struggle for dominance in mobile video

Smartphones are becoming the dominant channel for watching online video. The mobile phone is projected to account for a 72% increase in online video advertising spending. As the video continues to evolve, in 2020 we are likely to see major players in the market and their struggle for dominance.
Big brands continue to invest significant budgets in mobile video and can drive competition in production, quality, and budgets. The path to success always requires constant experimentation.

2. Mobile marketing trends: the growing role of digital assistant

2020 is the year of brands proving the value of their voice technology. Digital assistants are increasingly contributing to a closer relationship between people and machines. Alexa from Amazon, Google Home, Siri from Apple enters the main market. This technology will only develop if it is convenient for consumers to communicate with assistants.

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Voice technology will have a huge impact on the future of marketing. Brands can create deeper connections, recommend the best possible follow-up and suggestions to users, and create contextually controlled interactions with these devices. Organizations need to understand the place of digital assistance and make sure these devices are productive.

3. Social commerce

Social media has become a trend in mobile marketing and has become a sales channel for savvy marketers. The new Instagram Check-out feature allows you to buy a product from messages without leaving the application.

First of all, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Pinterest increase awareness, generate leads and advertising products. This year, the industry is going to focus on user actions, not advertising. The goal is to attract attention and attract consumers to the online store, and more channels will open their travel platforms.

Marketers need to adapt to how people interact with social media. Stories redefined how brands communicate with their customers on these platforms. Creative marketers are now learning how to reach their customers directly: from awareness to direct purchase.

4. Marketing influence is growing

Brands and social media platforms embrace impact marketing. Brands realized that it’s easier to sell their products and services through an influential person. With an extensive network of opinion leaders, the reach will be much easier and more effective than traditional marketing.

The key to successful influencer marketing is the partnership between the brand and the influencer. Brands can get their reach and increase the popularity of the product for the target audience, but you need to measure their main indicators of business and profit and see if the idea was successful or not.

5. Augmented reality leaves the application

AR has become an element for both mobile ads and shopping on platforms. Platforms such as Google, Apple, and Facebook will continue to dominate the market.

One of the key events is likely to be the transition of AR to mobile marketing.

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How much can you earn on freelance

Being a freelance translator is not easy, especially when it comes to setting up and charging your own tariffs. Let’s try to calculate how much you can earn on freelance. While you need to set bids at a level that suits you, you should also set them at the price at which it is comfortable to pay in the market.

On the one hand, you want to earn a decent life, but on the other hand, you do not know what indicator per word will allow you to do this.

We understand this, and even if calculating your bet may seem a little complicated, you will soon become comfortable with this useful guide.

Determine how much you want to earn on freelance

The first thing you need to do is determine how much you want to earn. Keep in mind that factors such as cost per word and the speed of your translation are important when calculating your fees.

For example, if you take $ 0.1 per word, and a 2000-word translation takes five hours, then you will earn $ 200 a day (unless, of course, you work longer than hours). However, if you speed up your translation work (and maintain quality) and translate 3,000 words in five hours, then you will increase your income by $ 100 at the same time.

A good way to determine your earnings is to work in the opposite direction from how much you need to earn per week or month. We can break up the weekly example:

Suppose you want to earn $ 1,000 a week (excluding weekends), and you can comfortably translate 200 words per hour. If you charge $ 0.1 per word, you will need to translate 10,000 words per week and spend 50 hours translating to achieve this.

This can be crucial when you are planning to work with a very large project that can take three months of full-time work (for example, a technical website). When you set your bids for these types of projects, make sure that you consider how much you need to earn in three months, and whether you can take on other projects.

Factors to consider when deciding on a bid

Setting a minimum bid can be a very reasonable strategy, as you can use it as an influence tool, taking into account factors such as your experience, your language pair, your potential customers, as well as the subject and duration of the project, to finally accept the decision regarding assessment.


Your experience

If you recently graduated or are looking for your first job in the translation industry, then you may be tempted to charge less than with more experienced colleagues. This is a common misconception. Your years of study and your knowledge are valuable, and you should not offer them cheaply, as customers will continue to demand refined and professional translations from you. If you lower the minimum bid, then you are working hard to make high-quality translations almost for free.

For your first assignments, if you are not sure about the quality of your translations, it is better to ask the client about an acceptable minimum rate and check the text with a trusted experienced reviewer. Thus, the client will receive a quality translation, and you will earn enough to pay the reviewer and get useful tips to improve your skills.

Your experience

If you recently graduated or are looking for your first job in the translation industry, then you may be tempted to charge less than with more experienced colleagues. This is a common misconception. Your years of study and your knowledge are valuable, and you should not offer them cheaply, as customers will continue to demand refined and professional translations from you. If you lower the minimum bid, then you are working hard to make high-quality translations almost for free.

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For your first assignments, if you are not sure about the quality of your translations, it is better to ask the client about an acceptable minimum rate and check the text with a trusted experienced reviewer. Thus, the client will receive a quality translation, and you will earn enough to pay the reviewer and get useful tips to improve your skills.

Your language pair

Simply put, high demand (a popular language combination) and high supply (a large number of translators) mean lower translation rates, while high demand and low supply mean higher translation rates.

For example, English> French or English> Spanish – these are language pairs with high demand and large supply. This means that they will have more competition, and therefore, they do not have much room for negotiations before the client chooses a cheaper option. In contrast, rare language pairs, such as Hungarian> English or Norwegian> English, can lead to higher rates because the competition is lower.

The Proz translator average betting table is a good starting point for setting a minimum bid.


When you quote a company located in a low-income country, it is best to offer a lower limit to your tariff range in order to get a better chance at work (you can also always refuse to work). On the other hand, if you are quoting your old customer, it’s always useful to show them that you value their loyalty by lowering your bid slightly (never dropping below the minimum).


Will this project make you work out of work to meet deadlines? If so, feel free to include an extra charge. A 20% -25% increase in your bets is good for reflecting this. Obviously, you will need to indicate your day-to-day translation capabilities and how this deadline will affect your work routine as soon as possible before embarking on a project.


Translators can usually work on different subjects and areas, but specialization in one or two areas can bring many benefits.

You can increase your rating if you prove yourself as a translation expert in a specific field. At the expert level, you can translate faster, because you will be familiar with this topic and will spend less time learning technical terms, which will eventually turn into time savings, which will allow you to take on more projects and get more income.

However, you decide to calculate your rates, it is very important that you work diligently and responsibly to get regular customers. Remember that translators who are confident in their skills and abilities will always find great customers willing to pay as much as their work costs.

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10 WordPress Plugins that Streamline your Editorial Work

Blogging is like creating a puzzle in which every little piece of work should fit perfectly into the big picture.

Blogging is not just about creating better content and publishing it for your audience. It’s about making all the necessary adjustments and editing your content until it becomes perfect in every sense.

Luckily for you, there are WordPress editor plugins designed to make your work easier, faster and more efficient. There is a plugin for each piece of the puzzle that helps you get the final results in a more optimized way.

Take a look at these 10 fresh WordPress plugins that streamline your editorial workflow and help you maintain your blog effortlessly.

Page builders

According to Adobe, 59% of people will read or browse something beautifully designed, rather than something simple and boring.

Let’s start with some of the best WordPress page builders. Find out what they are and how to use them to optimize your work.

1. Divi Builder Plugin

Div Builder PluginThe visual effect of your blog and each post you write is of great importance. Divi Builder is a visual editor plugin for WordPress that allows you to control the appearance of your blog and allows you to pull out all the lines.

Here is what it is:

  • Customize Your Design
  • Drag items
  • No need to code
  • Applicable to any topic.

Divi Builder makes it easy for you to create your blog. , customize its features, buttons, sidebars and make it according to your preferences.

It is simple and convenient to use, so it is ideal for both beginners and experienced bloggers. Try it and see where it takes you.

2. Element Plugin

Elemantor pluginElementor is another extremely popular WordPress page builder with powerful features that can make your editing work enjoyable and easy.

Here is what makes it so wonderful:

  • Preview your design. See what your visitors will see when you edit the design.
  • Drag items. Select what you need, add it and edit.
  • Free widgets. Select a widget from the list and add it to your design.
  • Free templates. Either select an existing template and edit it or combine the various sections to create your own template.

Elementor will make your editing work simple, clean and stress-free.

3. Plugin Architect

Another great WordPress page builder you’ll be more than happy with is Thrive Architect.

It is based on the principle of drag and drop, and no programming skills are required to use it.

It comes with the following features:

  • Font setting
  • Images and text combinations
  • Detailed modeling
  • Custom Content Fields
  • Content Tabs
  • Marker Lists

There is much more going on with this editable WordPress plugin, so be sure to check it out and see for yourself.

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Image editing

Image editing is crucial and with the right plugins, it is also simple and easy.

4. Final image filters

Image editing is an integral part of the entire WordPress experience, and there is a plugin that can make this process a lot easier.

The plugin is designed to help you edit images without having to open a separate window with image editors.

Here’s how it works:

  • Integrates with your media manager
  • Adds over 40 filters
  • You select a filter and see a preview
  • Save the photo and use it with your content
    It is very simple and gives you a lot of opportunities to make your web page more attractive and attractive.

It is very simple and gives you a lot of opportunities to make your web page more attractive and attractive.

5. Enable Media Replace

Enable media replace pluginUploading images to WordPress is not that difficult if you don’t want to replace them often.

First, you need to:

  • Upload it
  • Size is
  • Optimize Metadata

However, replacing an image can be such a drag and drop if you don’t have the right tools.

If you want to update it and change the image, you first need to delete the old one and start the process again.

Well, if you have the Enable Media Replace plugin, all you have to do is upload the file of the same type as the one you are replacing. It is so simple.

Plus, it comes with a new image preview!

Text editors

Your content is an integral part of your web page, and you must ensure that it is properly edited. The following plugins are a great helper for optimizing text editing.

6. TinyMCE Advanced Plugin

This WordPress plugin is designed for those who are focused on the details and want to create the perfect content for their visitors.

TinyMCE Advanced allows you to create your own, personalized visual editor panel by adding, organizing, and deleting available buttons.

You can create up to 4 rows of buttons, such as:

  • Font Size and Family
  • Background color
  • Source
  • smileys

This plugin definitely makes the text editing process easier and more enjoyable

7. WP Smart Editor Plugin

WP Smart Editor is another very useful text editor plugin that helps you edit according to your preferences.

Here is what he offers:

  • Filter available tools
  • Custom style editor
  • Table, Column, Button, and Marker Manager

8. Plugin Edithus

Edituscomes with an excellent formatting toolbar and lets you track changes with real-time preview.

Here are some of the best features he offers:

  • Editing links, images, and text
  • Intuitive drag and drop editing
  • Simple interface
  • No coding

This WordPress editorial plugin will ease your writing process and help you achieve all your editing goals.

To make sure your content is spelled correctly, you can use a tool like Grammarly or a service like getting Good Grade. You can also check Canadian writers to see what they have to offer.

Graphics and table plugin

Infographics can improve web traffic by 12%. Adding a visual aid to your content is always a good idea, but it is not so easy to do if you do not have suitable plugins. Look at this.

9. Visualizer

Visualizer plugin

In order for your visitors to better understand the information that you provide, you should always include some kind of chart or table.

Visualizer is a plugin that allows you to create and manage charts and tables, as well as add them to your WordPress pages.

By creating a chart or table, you can:

  • Customize it
  • Choose colors and fonts
  • Make them fit the rest of your content

This is the best way to include tables and charts in your content and give your readers an additional reason to rate your content.

10. wpData table plugin

Wpdatatable plugin

WpData tables make it easy to embed data in tables and charts.

This will allow you to create over 35 different types of charts, tables, and graphs.

  • Works with MySQL Databases
  • It has an adaptive design for all devices.
  • It has built-in editing tools similar to Excel
  • You can associate a chart with a table.

This is the perfect way to enrich your content and raise the bar for your competitors.

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Digital Marketing Jobs & Career Opportunities For Fresher In Varanasi

Successful people around the world have a common feature: they have chosen a serious hobby or hobby as a matter of life. Today, many people cannot imagine life without the Internet, and therefore work in Digital media and advertising is becoming increasingly attractive. Digital Marketing is one of the most promising areas where today there is work and salaries are growing. This is the promotion of a product or service through various digital channels: social media, email, search engines, sites, applications, etc. For young professionals In Varanasi who want to work in marketing, but are still determined by the specific specialization of their activities, Join Digital Growth World #1 Digital Marketing Institute In Varanasi.

To begin with, working in Digital Marketing has several advantages.

  • Digital Marketing is a young industry – young professionals.
  • You can be yourself!
    The informal atmosphere of Digital – agencies, and departments will allow you to immediately feel at ease. Formalities should only be followed by Account managers and the business development department, as they are in continuous contact with customers.
  • The most simplified communications within the organization.
    You can always talk with your manager, discuss the latest trends with a friend from a neighboring department, and with the CEO a successful deal.
  • Missing dress code.
  • You turn a hobby into a profession!
    Remember how your parents told you to turn off the computer and do something useful for some time? Well, the time has come for a reckoning. Get ready to live in a virtual world where all the resources and opportunities at Digital Marketing are located!
  • Do it!
    Do you have a good ear? Can you draw? Do you write well? Does your melodious voice captivate your colleagues? Urgently run to the production team, record a viral video, create infographics with a designer or share unique content with SMM specialists.

Key areas of Digital Marketing

Search engine optimization

There is no movie that we would watch or a restaurant that we would visit without first consulting with Google or Yandex. Search engines have become an indispensable part of our daily lives. SEO – the process of promoting a website, blog or portal through optimization, increasing visibility in the results of a search engine. When you google something, the first search results are most likely the work of good SEO.

Mobile Marketing ( Mobile Marketing )

The product or service is promoted through mobile channels: SMS, MMS, applications, etc. Over the past 5 years, the number of smartphone users has grown phenomenally. If you are one of them, open the “store” or Google market and see examples of mobile marketing.


Social Media Marketing or Social Media Marketing is a process of relationships with an audience on social networks to enhance the brand image, attract the necessary traffic, determine the needs of the target audience and motivate it using content. If it’s easy for you to get a lot of likes and reposts, you should definitely try yourself in SMM.

Pay Per Click (Engl. “Pay Per Click”) Marketing

The ads you see on your phone, tablet or computer are the result of Pay Per Click marketing strategy, also known as SEM (Search Engine Marketing). In this model, advertisers pay the site owner for every click on their ad product.

Game Marketing (Digital Games Marketing)

Who does not like to kill time, overtaking enemies and fighting the dragon? The craziness around games is a noticeable trend and has not only an entertaining background. Companies invest in the development of games and gaming applications tons of “gold coins”. If you like games and everything is in order with creativity, then you too can discover a new level of marketing, full of success and pleasure.

Who can work at Digital Marketing?

Whatever your specialization, you can always make yourself known in the industry. The main thing is to be able to convert your talents and strengths into profit. Below is a brief summary of the key job openings in the digital marketing world.

Digital Strategy ( Digital Strategist )

The role of the Digital strategist is in the conceptualization, development, and application of effective marketing programs and promising business areas for existing customers. This position requires in-depth knowledge of all digital platforms and solutions, coupled with the ability to develop, shape and present strategies. Responsibilities of Digital Strategist:

  • Planning and implementing compelling digital marketing strategies.
  • Identification of user trends and ideas, their application to achieve customer goals and the development of new directions.
  • Understanding the goals, prospects, and competitiveness of the brand.
  • Work in conjunction with the production / technical department and with customer service managers.
  • Development of individual performance indicators and recommendations for further improvement of the campaign.

Web developer

Web developers are of particular importance in any Digital Agency. The technical and external parts of any application or site are their direct concerns. Web Developer Tasks:

  • Writing program code to create or adapt existing services and interface to the tasks of the project.
  • Testing and identifying technical problems, fixing bugs.
  • The introduction of the site into “operation” and registration on various search engines.

Graphic Designer

Designers are the creative support of the agency. Their business is the development of a design that will be most acceptable and will resonate with the audience. Graphic designers work with websites, applications, e-books, screens, banners, advertising, media products, and any other tools that require a creative approach. Among the duties of a designer:

  • Creation and implementation of design solutions for various Internet channels.
  • Interaction with various departments to maintain the quality and accuracy of the design.

Director of Business Development

Business development directors are responsible for the emergence of new customers and the formation of a plan for promising areas. Their main tasks:

  • Analysis of existing and potential customers in different market segments.
  • Search for opportunities for projects through research and personal contacts.
  • Active work with clients.
  • Presentation of ideas and strategies.
  • Managing your client portfolio and maintaining good relationships.
  • Ensuring quick completion of tasks stipulated by current projects.
  • Brainstorm.
  • Organization of processes related to hiring strategies, training of new company employees, etc.

SEO Executive

When a client needs to see his site in the first lines of search engines, the first people he turns to are SEO specialists. These employees are responsible for optimizing the site as part of an overall promotion strategy. They must understand the specifics and objectives of the business. Their duties:

  • High search results
  • Working with online elements: search queries, creating meta tags, headers.
  • Planning, implementing and evaluating link building strategies.
  • Data processing and reporting on information obtained using analytical programs (Google Analytics)
  • Making the necessary adjustments in the presence of gaps or regression in the results of the work.

Copywriter / Content Manager

These are employees who are responsible for the entire concept and implementation of the idea, whether it be a small post on the networks or a full-fledged media campaign. With special care, they have the opportunity to become the head of a department, or even a creative director. Their business:

  • Prepare content for various channels, including banners, email programs, websites, social media, applications, mobile assets, games, viral videos, etc.
  • Identify key campaign topics and create buzz around them online with effective content.
  • Recognize the trends of the online world, follow them, use them to create and develop your own content.
  • To help out a business development team: create innovative solutions to attract new opportunities.

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Account manager

Account Manager serves as a bridge between the company and the client. As a customer-oriented specialist in the field of Digital, the account manager is engaged in planning and “delivering” marketing solutions to customers. These specialists work closely with the business development department and creative producers. Their tasks:

  • Building strong, trusting relationships with customer representatives.
  • Understanding the characteristics of the client’s business, the market in which he works and his target consumer.
  • Coordination of internal departments and resources for all tasks.
  • Responsibility for the correct performance of all temporary and financial obligations by the company.

Social media manager

The work of the Social Media Marketing Manager ( social media manager) is to successfully conduct the client’s SMM campaign. Responsibilities can range from creating and supervising company accounts on social networks, to a full analytical report. This position is for Internet enthusiasts who are ready to act and work hard in the virtual space. Among the responsibilities:

  • Creation and launch of client accounts on all social platforms.
  • Work on interesting and entertaining content for all groups and platforms.
  • Development of an advertising company plan and its further launch.
  • Responsibility for the company’s reputation. Work with comments, negative reviews, and complaints.
  • Creating a company development strategy in social Internet space.
  • Analytics, reporting to customer representatives.

Expert Advice

For success in working at Digital Marketing, good luggage of knowledge and diligence is enough. These tips will help you better understand the world of Digital Marketing.

  • Boost Your Social Activity
    In the digital marketing industry, recruiters check your online activity! So if you dream of a successful career, activate all your resources. Try to keep abreast of all events and expand your circle of contacts. Sometimes, the initial salary depends on the number of your subscribers.
  • Track interesting bloggers
    Use your search engine skills and find the biggest and most inspiring Digital Marketing blogs. So you will not only be aware of all the trends, but you will also be able to make useful contacts on occasion.
  • E-books and articles
    You have the opportunity to contact the authors and discuss your questions.
  • Attend seminars and workshops
    On average, about three Digital Marketing events take place every week. These workshops are conducted by industry experts. There is little to compare the information and experience that they will share there.
  • LinkedIn
    Maybe this is not your favorite social network, but when it comes to career, it is a powerful tool. Make your profile as attractive and open as possible. Make business acquaintances, ask for recommendations and confirmations of your skills. Recruiters look with interest at full and active profiles.

Choosing a job and a profession is not an easy task. Only after a serious study of the market, industry, weighing all the strengths and weaknesses, you can choose your future path. Digital Marketing is a young, rapidly growing industry in which much can be achieved. If you have the will and are ready to do everything possible to make a hobby your profession, the industry is waiting for you!

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