How to register the best possible Domain name & Hosting?

Buying domain name is easy and you can easily have the chances of getting any domain name you desire in the market. However getting the right domain name is difficult. A domain name is the identity of your website, it is important that you choose the best out of all available options. A good domain name should be short, catchy and should justify the purpose of your website very well. A right domain name can be an asset to your business.

Although there are so many new domain extensions to choose from, I still think that the .com is the best for business.  A lot of people feel that .com domains are sold out and they are not at all available. However, there are plenty of .com names left to choose from. You just have to look for it.

Finding the right domain name

You can look for the domain name at GoDaddy. There are online marketplaces where you can also buy or sell domain names. Once you finally decide a domain name, there are a few things you can keep in mind. Ask yourself – Is the chosen domain names unique?  The domain name has to stand out if you really want to make your website a big empire.

Does the website completely describe the purpose of your business? It should not be unsettling. It should be your next new name. Also, make sure that your website is a short name because long names are difficult to remember and they take time to be a household name for people. For example, you call noodles Maggie, although it’s a name, a brand, It has its contemporaries in the market. But still, instant noodles is Maggie! Likewise, your domain name has to be like that. It has to become a household name for the brand or the service you are providing through the business.

Find a host for your website

Find a good home for your website by choosing a reliable hosting company. There are so many options for hosting that it is easy to get overwhelmed. Choosing the hosting company is important. You should see the aspect that, the hosting company you are choosing should be established. Especially if it’s a new company, you don’t want to be a part of a hosting company where you are its only customer . This is bad for business; it would not launch you well. What kind of reputation does the company have? Any company can have some negative reviews. That it in itself doesn’t rule out the hosting company, but if you see a lot of complaints, move on to the next.

Research well the hosting company. Also, contact its support group before signing up. Now, this is important. Check how long does the host take to respond, how does it treat you as a customer, how long did you have to wait on hold? Does the company even have phone support? This will determine .how the hosting is going to treat your future traffic. If it treats you well and passes through all of the above-specified checklists. You have chosen the right place for your domain name. Price considerations on hosting are also necessary.  Don’t get into the trap of buying cheap web hosting which later turns out of an expensive deal due to a number of extra charges. Is the admin interface easy to use? Check out the admin area before you sign up to make sure it is intuitive.

Specialization of the web hosting

If you run a Word Press website, see if the host is optimized for the platform. Look for the entire package of the hosting. Like the number of websites in one account, the amount of storage and band with the hosting provides. Well, this is obviously something any domain name owner would do, I Specified it to keep every minute detail clear on the table.

Scalability of the web hosting

Once I signed up with one of the largest hosting companies and a few days later they told me that I needed to pay more now. Bait and switch happen in the hosting world. Needless to say that, I have moved my site. I don’t want to do business with companies like that.

Another aspect that is important is choosing the right website platform. My personal favourite is WordPress, but then your business need might be different so you choose the website platform accordingly. The platform on which you build your site will impact everything from content creation to SEO to reliability. Choosing the best platform for your business model is necessary. Around 23 per cent of the website world uses word press as its platform.

So this article was all about registering your domain name, web hosting and choosing the right platforms. When it comes to choosing platforms, make sure that you use a platform that has a lot of plug-ins that work in favour of your website. Plugins like word fence security, SEO, Woo-commerce etc. If you are a business owner and need help in deciding the domain name and hosting that suits your requirement for Varanasi do not hesitate to email us at FAQ@digitalgrowth.world


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Understand Effective Content Marketing Before You Regret

You must have read at many places marketing your website, product or service through content marketing is one of the best ways to promote your brand. Content marketing is the best and easiest way as it has more advantages than of any other sort.

The multiple benefits include higher domain authority and search engine rankings, more referral and social traffic and increased conversion potential.

I just said content marketing is easy to promote your business but it doesn’t mean everyone is doing it right. There are a few strategies you can make so as to market content properly. Most of the entrepreneurs haphazardly do content marketing and eventually end up in a mess. Half-hearted content floats on the internet, which is again harmful to your business name. The truth is, you need a really good strategy to constantly produce, re-purpose, and promote engaging content.

So here it goes the tips to effective content marketing strategies

  • In-depth knowledge of the topics – You need to have complete knowledge of your domain, about which you intend to write. Besides that, you need to have an idea about your competitions in the market. Most importantly you need to reach out to your customers. Their queries, their problems, their interests. When you have a  significant customer base from a particular section of society, you need to look out for what and how your customer would be interested in your product and the service you intend to provide. The worst kind of content marketing starts with companies focused on showing how great their product or service is, instead of filling a void or addressing a clearly defined pain point.
  • Strong headline – What is going to attract people towards your content? A strong headline. A large percentage of people decide whether they want to read your article or not just by reading your headline/title. There are four possible ways to make your headline worth a catch:
  1. Make the title heading catchy, attractive.
  2. Bring an urge of urgency in the topic.
  3. Make the headline relevant to the matter written in it.
  4. Be very specific about what the article is about.

Make the headline search engine friendly and make the title so interesting that the reader automatically wants to click on it.

  • Effective call for action – This is what is important and tricky as well. You write and post some content online. Your job hasn’t finished yet. You have been successful in your content marketing strategy if your reader, your audience is ready to take the next step. The step can include a free product trial, entertaining video, in-person consultation or enrolling for a webinar. The better the content you deliver, the more the audience will be interested in getting involved with your business. You can offer a sample or some free trial period offer. This entire thing, from writing the article to managing the customer to get involved with your business is effective content marketing.
  • Giving variations in the style of your writings-  When you are posting articles on the internet, you cannot expect your customer base to consistently read and follow your long posted paragraphs. Create variations. You can change the format of the write-ups.
    • Guides- You can have guide articles like how to … , these articles help the readers to solve their problems or clear their confusions.
    • Listicles- People love it when they get a list of things in one single article! It makes their job easy. Listicles give various things priority wise, help people in making more informed decisions. Create a list that fills a need or solves a problem and makes it skimmable since often it is skimmed and not read.
    • Case studies- Give a particular situation, which may or may not be related to your product/service. If it is related to your business, set up the world and how the problem negatively impacts the customer’s life. Confront with various solutions. In the final stage, demonstrate how your company offers a life-changing solution. Talk about both success and failure. Remember, the story is about them while your product is a small part of the journey.
    • Personal story-  people love reading that. Talk about personal stories, your opinions, experiences that are engaging as well as inspiring.
  • Visual content – This is a very creative, attractive way to engage your audience. It helps the audience process, comprehend, and retain more information rapidly. There are many types of visual contents that you can use. You can use slides, infographics, videos etc. In case, of slides, break down complex information into easily digestible slides on SlideShare, which has more than 60 million unique visitors. Or infographics, which gets more likes on social media than any other kind of content. Try to limit the statistics to 10–12 focused on a single topic with the length of the infographic, not more than 8,000 pixels. More than that will result in jumbled facts and figures. In case, of videos, there is a very high scope of creativity and brand promotion you could do. Make videos which are engaging and covers our business agenda and promotion efficiently and effectively.
  • Guest blogging- is a good way to create awareness and improve search rankings. Creating a guest blog makes a great difference as it will attract more clients to your business. Combine guest postings with an on-site content strategy which leads to better SEO, more traffic, and greater conversions in a short time period. Guest blogging builds the reputation of your company, you get to know about your potential competitors and other niche websites. You build better relations with your client and reach out to more audience as well.
  • Promotion of the content- Even the best-written article by the best writer of the world is of no use if the content is not presented or promoted well. Promoting your content actually, means that the users are convinced and impressed enough to use the service or product your business actually provides.

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Start Digital Marketing course in varanasi

We are proud to announce the launching of our website. The first Digital Marketing Training centre of its kind in Nadesar VaranasiDigital Growth World offers multiple courses in digital marketing for your career growth & business requirement. Enrol now and boost your digital marketing skills.

The share of online sales is growing every year by an average of 25%. The development of IT technologies and their applicability will retain IT professionals as some of the most sought after in the labour market.

Internet marketer, one of the most important figures in a niche. His/her main responsibilities are shaping the brand image, promoting it and scaling the sale of goods or services online. The average salary of a qualified internet marketer in India is Rs. 20,000/mo.

An internet marketer must have knowledge of architecture and site design, SEO optimization, SMM, web analytics, be able to work with the main contextual advertising systems, as well as some other skills. Since universities do not train Internet marketing specialists yet, the shortage of them is growing every day.

You will gain the profession of the future, whose popularity is growing along with the popularity of the Internet.

The course of Internet marketing includes a number of cases that allow you to delve into the topics being studied, as well as practical work with real projects, ensuring the consolidation of the material studied. The best students will start receiving job offers immediately upon completion of the course.

Digital marketing essentials


  • Those who plan to launch their business on the Internet.
  • Those who already interact with their target audience on the network using newsletters, social networks, blogs and other tools.
  • Those who want to increase sales of their online store.
  • University graduates, marketers, brand managers and business owners.
  • Those who want to learn, who want to change jobs to a higher paying one.
  • Those who want to use new channels of communication with their audience.


  • Your project on the Internet will turn from the chaotic publication of posts on social networks and posting general information about your products and services into a well-established system filled with effective tools to attract customers.
  • If you are a manager, you can send your employees to training us, to make them qualified specialists.
  • If you are a leader, the course will help you to speak the same language with Internet marketing contractors and monitor their work.
  • Increase your knowledge in marketing by pumping yourself and arming yourself with the latest tools of an internet marketer, which in turn will increase your value as a qualified specialist.

At the end of the course you:

  • Learn how to optimize and promote web projects.
  • Learn how to budget advertising campaigns.
  • Learn SMM – Social media marketing.
  • Master website development as an effective sales tool.
  • Learn how to create advertising campaigns Google Adwords and Facebook Ads.
  • Master email marketing.
  • Learn how to conduct a detailed analysis of online advertising campaigns.

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