10 best ways to make money on Instagram for 2020

For those who are looking for the opportunity to earn money, the Internet offers interesting options for developing your business. Instagram is no exception, and if you take it seriously, success will not keep you waiting. We will tell you what the peculiarity of a social network is, how to make money on Instagram in 2020, how to do business, what to sell.
The advantage of the network is its popularity, accessibility (the Instagram application is always at hand ) and minimal investments in doing business on Instagram.

Ranking the best ideas for business on Instagram without investments

Entrepreneurs have learned to use a social networking site to promote their services and goods. This allows them to get potential customers. Consider the 4 best ways to make money on Instagram, the rating is based on real experience.

Idea 1. Earnings on likes and subscriptions

Making money on likes and subscriptions is the easiest job on Instagram. There are exchanges on which customers pay a fee for clicking on the “heart” (like), subscribing, or write a comment. This work on Instagram is suitable for beginners, even elementary school students will cope with it.

Idea 2. Sale of goods

promotion of their services Instagram is a great service for selling goods and services. You can sell everything on Instagram from a business account: clothes, leather goods, products of own production, shoes. Sell bedding, kitchen utensils, cosmetics, seedlings, hand-made products, and other products.

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What services do entrepreneurs on Instagram offer: cosmetic procedures, nail services, interior design, landscape design, furniture production, photo, and video filming. Nutritionists, business trainers, designers, lawyers offer their services.

Idea 3. Advertising posts on Instagram

You can earn revenue from advertising posts if you have created an account for 10 thousand subscribers.

The scheme is simple:

  • in your publications or comments,
  • you enter a company hashtag;
  • Your audience follows the link;
  • You get the money.

We can not say about some of the nuances. Advertising posts should not be abused, a large number of links and hashtags hinder the perception of content, this repels subscribers.

An account with 30 thousand active subscribers can count on the income of 25-30 thousand Rupees. per month.

Idea 4. Selling a photo

The business of Instagram selling photos can bring income. What can I sell through social networks, what photos? If you took unique photos at a suburban area, at work, at a flower show, metro, airplane, clinic, all these pictures can be sold.

What you need to do to sell photos:

  • Register your account on the service.
  • Post and specify the pictures you want to sell.
  • Find a buyer, agree on the cost.
  • Get money.

A couple of tips for making this business profitable:

  • try to make exclusive “live” photos;
  • write a few keywords under each picture, this will help you find exactly your photos.

You can put your photos on photo stocks, but you can get more for them if you sell directly to owners of other sites. We ’ll clarify that even the sold photos will belong to you, you can publish them yourself and put up for sale, the higher the income.


Idea 5. Income from affiliate programs

Another simple business on Instagram is earning from affiliate programs, the income from which can amount to 50 thousand rupees. per month.

The revenue plan is similar to network marketing. How does it work:

  • Register on the website of your chosen company.
  • By registering, you become a partner of this company, get an affiliate link.
  • In Instagram, when communicating with the audience, talk about the product you have chosen, in the post specify the link to the product.
  • If your subscribers follow the link and purchase this product or service, you will be paid a reward.

Some companies even pay for registration on the site. You can also purchase all products at this link. The cost will be partially refunded to you in this case.


Idea 6. Blogging

If you have something to share with others, this is the job for you. How to make money on Instagram by blogging?

The first step is to choose an interesting topic. You must be good at it. A blogger at Instagram can make a decent profit, but there must be a large number of a live audience, from 10,000 subscribers. Visitors should be active, like, participate in discussions, click on advertising links.

The artificially wound audience will not be interested in advertising. This means that in advertising, you will not earn anything. Advertisers study click statistics on sponsored links.

How to make money on a blog using advertising:

  • an advertising post is created, or, already ready advertising content from the advertiser, it is preferable to use unobtrusive text rather than overt advertising;
  • the producer is mentioned in the content and its hashtag, the link is inserted;
  • the text is published;
  • the blogger gets paid.

Advertisers can be searched independently; services such as Sociate, Pibber, Epicstars have been created to help. Also, advertisers themselves can reach you if on your blog you periodically mention products of this brand. However, you should not impose products on your subscribers too much, annoying advertising will scare away the audience.


Idea 7. Account Administrator

Unfortunately, such work on Instagram is not suitable for beginners, here you must have the experience of administrator and moderator of accounts on social networks. You can find an administrator job on freelance exchanges.

What does the administrator do:

  • Searches for new topics prepares and edits publications;
  • selects, processes, publish photos, video content;
  • conducts a dialogue with profile subscribers;
  • looking for new ideas to attract new subscribers;
  • Searches for new advertising platforms collaborate with advertisers;
  • analyzes profile statistics;
  • Search for new directions and strategies for the development and expansion of the audience.

Where can I find an account administrator job? You can place your offers on freelance exchanges, where customers place vacancies. You can associate with a blogger personally if you understand the subject matter, you can offer good content, you have sensible suggestions.


Idea 8. Printing photos

The next option, how to make money on Instagram, is to print photos from Instagram. Today, everyone stores photos in the cloud or on a memory card. This is convenient enough, but most people never review them again. Few people find time to make a selection of pictures, print them and compose them in one album.
Therefore, the creation of photo books is a fairly demanded service. The product looks like a hardcover book that contains interesting photographs.

Photo books are ordered as a gift for an anniversary, wedding anniversaries and dating, for the New Year, Valentine’s Day. Conduct an advertising campaign on the eve of the holiday, and you will secure yourself with orders.
It is advisable to create a personal website designer where your customers will upload their photos for the book. You just have to print the pictures and place them in the book.

Idea 9. Selling a digital product

If you have your own sufficiently promoted account, you have experience in any field, you can create a unique digital product containing useful information. In other words, this is a book, a textbook in electronic form.

How to do it:

  • You have your own hyped account and a trusting relationship with the audience.
  • You offer your digital product.
  • The buyer purchases and pays for the goods in any way.

In order to prepare a digital product for consumers, it is necessary to study the needs of people. Information can be found in social networks, as well as the most common requests. Do not do without advertising your product.

Take an interest and get new ideas from competitors on Instagram, subscribe to them. You cannot completely copy texts published by competitors.

Idea 10. Promotion of Instagram accounts

This earning option is popular. Store owners often create social media accounts to promote their products. They need specialists who will deal with texts, photographs, and advertising. To get this job, you must have experience in promotion in social networks.
If you have never done such a job, you need to thoroughly study this work and its nuances.
The scope of the activities of specialists in the promotion of accounts includes such work:

  •  increased activity of subscribers;
  • Seo account optimization;
  • content creation, filling business pages with the necessary information;
  • registration of a business profile;
  • targeted advertising;
  • buying ads on sites of similar subjects.

If the company is large enough, several specialists can work with accounts on social networks. Small enterprises invite one, but a sensible, specialist to work.

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