10 Ways To Increase The Number Of Subscribers On Your Youtube Channel

Creating a YouTube video can be fun and interesting. But when it brings neither views nor subscribers, the idea of ​​becoming a famous “YouTuber” may seem impossible.

Increasing the number of views and subscribers is the first step to becoming a famous blogger. Not many people know, but in order for people to find your channel and subscribe to it, you will have to spend as much time on its promotion as on creating it.

In this article, we will talk about some tricks that will help you get new subscribers and increase the number of views.

1. Post at least one video per week

YouTube users who publish content more often get an SEO advantage, since a large number of their videos are ranked by more keywords. Behind this is a fairly simple logic: more videos ⇒ more keywords ⇒ more reach for a new audience ⇒ more new views and subscribers

Another obvious advantage of frequent publications is that people who stumble upon your channel should see that it is being updated, and not just lying “dead weight” on video hosting.

2. Add a subscription channel watermark to the video

Did you know that YouTube allows you to add watermarks to all your videos? You can create your own watermark when clicked on, viewers will subscribe to your channel. This elegant and simple way can work wonders because users will always remember that they need to subscribe to the channel. At the same time, you will finally be able to say the less and less hackneyed phrase “Subscribe to my channel!”. For your convenience, we have found a free program that allows you to overlay these watermarks.

3. Think about keywords when creating a video.

According to the study, information queries that answer questions from the “How?” Series have grown by 70% over the past year. In Russia, over the month the question “How” is asked more than 3.9 million times.

Always try to stay up to date with the latest trends and create keyword-targeted videos that will help you in the long run.

To search for keywords on YouTube, it is better to use the TubeBuddy service, which allows you to see the competition for keywords, the number of requests for certain phrases, the difficulty of getting into the top 1 results, and much more. Competent optimization of key phrases in the text, description and in the video itself will allow you to get into the tops of search results.

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Interesting fact! YouTube’s algorithms have long ago learned to recognize the speech of bloggers in a video, which means if you repeat the keywords you want with your voice, it will be easier for the algorithm to understand what topic you’re talking about, which will also positively affect the search results of your video.

4. Create playlists on your channel

Channel playlists can be a very useful tool for viewers who are interested in your content. By categorizing the video, you’ll make it easier to navigate the channel, and you’ll decide for yourself what users should watch next.

Example playlists:

5. Respond to all comments on the video

For YouTube, as for all other social media platforms, engagement is one of the most important. And if your viewers leave comments, you must respond to each of them in order to increase account activity in this way. By responding to comments, you will rise faster in search results.

6. Add an active channel subscription link in the video description

n the description for each video, you can add text in which users will be asked to subscribe to your YouTube channel. This is a fairly simple but effective way to increase the conversion from viewing videos to subscriptions.

7. Translate popular videos into other languages

If you have a video that is gaining a lot of views and is in the top SERPs, then this will be a very good decision to translate it into other languages. You can see which country you have the most views from and adapt the translation to a specific audience.

Adding translations to other languages ​​will allow you to get more subscribers and views from other countries, thereby removing the geographic restriction from your video.

8. Use End Screensavers

By linking videos to each other, you can keep viewers on your channel much longer, increasing their interest in the content. The more videos a user watches, the higher the chance that they will subscribe to the channel.

9. Shoot videos with other Youtube

For some reason, a lot of novice bloggers are afraid to get in touch with each other. But it’s precise with small channels, the most loyal audience that responds very well to integration. At the initial stage, a joint collaboration with another blogger can be the most profitable way to attract a new, hot audience.

10. Chat with bloggers from other platforms

You can shoot collaborations not only with YouTube but also with bloggers from other platforms. Approach the development of your channel comprehensively, because by and large it doesn’t matter where people follow you from. If you shoot videos on some professional topic, then send the video to various media, they will be happy to post your video, because for them it is free content.

Wherever your target audience is, you must find people with whom you can shoot some kind of joint project. Do not be afraid to send 50 or even 100 proposals for collaboration, because even if only 3 people agree, it will still be another step towards success.


You need to use several promotion strategies to increase the number of subscribers on the channel. Try each of the tips listed above and you can figure out which method works best for you. Launching your YouTube channel is quite a difficult and time-consuming task, but if you systematically do this, the results will not belong in coming.

If you have any questions about promoting your videos on YouTube and increasing the number of subscribers, you can ask them in the comments below, I will be happy to answer them!

Thank you for reading to the end, and good luck!)


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