Google Analytics
What is
Google Analytics?
Google analytics is an excellent tool to track your online business growth. Though it can be tricky, once understood fully, it can immensely improve your marketing strategies.
  • With us, you can learn how to understand how to read your website statistics provided by Google Analytics.
  • From organic reach to weekly views, we provide you programs that help you understand how Google Analytics tracks audience activity on your website.
  • This can be useful in achieving targets and increasing revenue.
How DGW can help in Google Analytics

Keep a track of your business and your day-to-day performing by learning how to use the Google Analytics tool.

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Our Program Covers

For businesses which sell products online and and improve their product listings in the search results.

Google Analytics

Tracking website traffic and performance

Google Analytics

Setting targets and recording growth

Google Analytics

Keeping track of audience activity

Google Analytics

Reading and evaluating custom reports
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